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  1. happened to catch his 20pt first quarter the other night. it just looks so effortless. behind the back, weaving between two guys, fading to the side, just effortlessly splashes a 3 that barely rips the net. he looks so fluid, doesn't need any time, space or perfect setup to knock em down. he almost looks like a 1-man video game.
  2. lol, just poking the bear a little. lots of people seem to like their teams but aren't really speaking up about them. i'm only a casual Bucks fan and don't really get to watch them much or i'd have a few thousand more posts in here
  3. as an expansion franchise i understand it may take some time for them to get off the ground, but i'm on board with it. let's go TImbers!
  4. hey everybody, i'm new here and just learning about the NBA. are there really only two teams in the entire league? the Celtics and the Sixers? do these other teams just barnstorm between the two cities like the Washington Generals and they don't have any real fans to talk about their games? i'll hang up and listen
  5. watching this one knowing how it would likely end didn't make that ending any easier. sheesh
  6. just wrapped this series. if you had told me he barely got a GED and someone else was doing his college work i would have been less surprised. a 2.2 seems way out of his grasp, but maybe that's because he seemed so child-like and naive
  7. yeah, i'm in this boat. i've said to my wife in the past "if i make plans, then you tell me i'm controlling you. if i don't make plans, then you get upset that i'm not making plans because i know you can't." and her response is "yeah "
  8. 17 years in between dating and marriage and i'm still struggling with this discussion i'm of the mind that there's only so much control one can have over a situation. you can plan, but at some point you've got to let go. make a preferred plan A and have a plan B, but C, D, E, F, G, etc. is just introducing unnecessary stress. my wife likes to think through ALL the possible outcomes. and spirals out from those possible outcomes. it paralyzes her. she likes to say she's just thinking out loud, but she can't act until she games out all the eventualities. so she never acts &a
  9. this is what i need. solid price on this stuff - https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-4-Panel-Wall-Pack-80236HWPK/303712294?source=shoppingads&locale=en-US&mtc=Shopping-B-F_D59-G-D59-23_16_GARAGE_GENERAL_ORGANIZE-Multi-NA-Feed-SMART-NA-NA-NE_SMART_GarageWallShelving&cm_mmc=Shopping-B-F_D59-G-D59-23_16_GARAGE_GENERAL_ORGANIZE-Multi-NA-Feed-SMART-NA-NA-NE_SMART_GarageWallShelving-71700000069657513-58700006150034512-92700060737628251&gclid=Cj0KCQjw38-DBhDpARIsADJ3kjkVKthCrLCLJ5u8yguGBFf9bIcDp1STfZmTBOI9e3ii8UBiHk9cGfcaArAAEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. garage guys> tell me about sheds DO YOU USE ONE? getting the full court press to buy one, but everyone i know who has a shed hasn't been inside theirs in years.
  11. pretty wild and as much as i want to see my favorite team win every single game, NBA teams know that sometimes when you let off the gas a little things can fall apart fast but you don't waste the energy trying to pull it together again because 1 game against a non-conference opponent in the middle of the season is just completely meaningless.
  12. buck naked, foot up on a stool, standing in front of the hand dryer just chatting away at a stranger
  13. Venn diagram damn near a perfect circle
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