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  1. Charlotte got more than doubled up last night while scoring 59 points in a full 4 quarter game. anyone watch? did they just miss a lot or were they workshopping an all under-6ft lineup or something?
  2. he definitely seems like the type of guy to say something ridiculous that he doesn't actually believe, have people challenge him on it and then ride his statement to the grave so i'd guess he's not caving
  3. if he so much as steps off a curb wrong i want him locked under the ####### jail
  4. receivers dropping passes when he does hit em in the hands but that 4th down swing pass when he had 3-4 other guys running wide open over the middle is just.... bah
  5. friend of mine once had what i thought was a good take on this, but music related. a lot of times a debut album is the peak because a guy/woman, band basically has unlimited time to write songs, fine tune the theme, their vision, etc. as there's no label pressure until they actually get signed. so they have a comprehensive, polished product that's the essence of what they want to present. if it hits now the label says "cool, now do that again but in 9 months and we're going to make you tour.. and we're going to tweak your look, and add a member, and testing says you should lose the extended solos, etc." so now you're under pressure, not in the lead and you're on a time constraint so you do your best but it's not your best because you didn't have time and control to keep writing what you wanted. so maybe with tv you have a season long story arc.. or two seasons and you kind of tie a bow on it but audiences like it and now you have to loop in different writers, the bosses want celebrity cameos, you have to make up an extension to a story you thought was over and it has to be fantastical, etc. tough to drag a show along just because it got popular. some things just need to be left to run their course and peter our naturally.
  6. i'd just assumed it was a term he made up that only he used like trying to make fetch happen
  7. god i hope you got shammered on brats and beer before the game
  8. if you're going up to Door County then Egg Harbor, Sister Bay and Fish Creek are the Bay side towns that are worth checking out. on the Lake Michigan side, Bailey's Harbor. all are pretty small towns but they each have their advantages. in Bailey's Harbor there's Hacienda / Door Co. Brewing. they have a nice little space w/ a food truck or two. good beer. plus the lake is literally right across the street. very small town. not much to it. maybe a 15-20 minute drive across the peninsula to Sister Bay. a bit more to do there. Wild Tomato has good pizza. Al Johnson's allegedly has good food but we've never been able to get a seat. very popular. Fish Creek is has a few blocks long strip of touristy type shopping, but that's worth a stop just to walk around and take in the weather. Egg Harbor is a decent little town on the way up to the other Bay side towns. Shipwrecked Brewing has a restaurant with indoor/outdoor space. then you can walk down the hill to the Bay and relax/walk. Peninsula State Park might be a nice hike. i've never done it, but lots of people recommend it.
  9. info is a bit dated and they really put makeup on that pig, but all in all they more or less got everything, unfortunately.
  10. well, i live here.. without a car you're pretty much not going to have anything to do. it's not a huge town and there really isn't a central entertainment/shopping district. there are small pockets here and there of mostly bars and some restaurants but nothing i'd call a must see/do. the area around Lambeau has been developed in a burgeoning entertainment district so there's a full 100 yard turf field, a park for kids, a couple nice restaurants, a Top Golf simulator, all on the west side of the stadium (across the street, right next to the aforementioned Kroll's). we have beer. a "Vegas style" casino and all-nude strip clubs. all those things require a car. unless you're staying at the casino. depending on who you're coming with there are a couple options. the Botanical Garden is cool. that's like 90 minutes with your wife/gf/partner. the National Railroad Museum is cool if you're a train guy. Bay Beach will be closed. honestly, if you're not looking for Packers related ideas then the Hall of Fame (excellent and right inside Lambeau.) is probably out. with a full day to burn i'd probably also rent a car and head up to Door County. it's about 75-90 minutes depending on which town you stop in. they're all quaint. probably will be busy this weekend and there are nice trails, sights to see along the way. for beer there's Badgers State (near Lambeau), Hinterland (across the street from Lambeau, also has excellent food and a nice indoor/outdoor space), Zambaldi's (new, across town from Lambeau), Stillmank (further from Lambeau, in a sort of industrial/residential area), Noble Roots (on the way to Door County more or less). restaurants.. there are surprisingly a lot of good ones. food doesn't get too exotic (we don't have a Russian place alongside a Panamanian joint with Ecuadorian and Congolese food trucks out front) but here we focus on quality food in ridiculous quantities for great prices. depending on where you're staying & your general interests i can recommend a few. get to Lambeau early as the Packers went to e-tickets only this year and there are apparently some delays getting in. i typically arrive an hour early and am in my seat 10-15 minutes before kickoff. modifying that to arrive an extra 30 early this year to be on the safe side. and if you get to Lambeau early enough, you're friendly and not shy you can latch on to a tailgate or series of tailgates.. then drink and eat for free. if that doesn't happen send me a message and i'll have my fellas head over and straighten it out.
  11. my 10 year old describing one of the teachers at school to me this morning "he's like really old, like your age ( ) and he's bald in the middle, but he has a ring around the side of his head and he has it long so he can put gel in it! and he pulls it all to the middle and then spikes it up like a mohawk! it's terrible!! "
  12. sounds like a lot of you are enjoying the return of the 80s fashion (or maybe it has passed already in LA and NYC)
  13. mine is a melange of brown, black, red and white. though the white is pretty rapidly winning the war. i'm fine with that. i'm old.
  14. in the last few years my eyes went to #### for distance and night vision. especially if it's raining. might as well just throw a blindfold on and play bumper cars.
  15. are you the guy who found his style in high school and is going to ride it out until you die? or do you switch up your hair, facial hair, clothes, etc. pretty regularly?
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