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  1. this shows in a bar/white space alongside this thread for some reason. and this eta: can't [url=].[/url] anymore either
  2. this happened to me for 2 days, and now it's not an issue, but i didn't change anything.
  3. on a related note, squirrels have been using my roof as a launching pad lately. couldn't figure it out for a while. sounds like branches scraping the roof, but we don't have a tree hanging over the roof. i'd hear a bunch of scratching and scraping. but randomly. then it snowed and i thought may be it was just snow/ice sliding off the roof? turns out it's squirrels scrambling and launching themselves off the roof to a tree nearby. or just in to my yard. could be the same squirrel over and over. hard to tell as i haven't seen one carrying beer and a cigarette yet.
  5. didn't work for me. only way to access the forums is if someone reacts to one of my posts. then i can click the reaction notification and be taken to the thread.
  6. welp, clicked the "Footballguys Free for All" link at the bottom of this page and got another error. had to click the back arrow in my browser window to get to this thread. "This page isn’t working forums.footballguys.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500"
  7. also getting errors when trying to access the FFA from the main forum list. "500 error". over and over. only got in to the FFA this time because i was able to click on your notification @Joe Bryant and it brought me directly to the thread. time to update the bookmark anyways
  8. working now. wasn't earlier. thanks for following up. Chromebook
  9. whoa there's a whole lot of white space on the right side of the screen when i load this thread. like 20%.
  10. hmm, the little smiley face in the lower right corner of posts where we can react to a post with a smiley face, a handshake, a heart, etc. that option is grayed out for me. i cannot react with to others posts.
  11. wait, i thought triple doubles were worthless and just a show of how selfish a player was? or is that just reserved for Westbrook?
  12. pretty crazy how quickly this fell off the radar
  13. all this does is make a case for single service cable to me less hassle, less to keep up with, less to worry about expiring, etc.
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