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  1. I feel I get my money's worth by getting access to local mid-major college basketball teams that I follow, a handful of my alma mater's college football games that would otherwise not be televised, NFL Primetime, and an occasional boxing undercard. Not thrilled about the extra monthly charge, but I can stomach it.
  2. The idea of "straightening out" corporate offshoring of profits is something that sounds great on its face, but is wildly difficult to implement. The TCJA, aka "Trump tax cuts" turned this world on its head by implementing GILTI/FDII, BEAT, Transition Tax, and other provisions. The intent was there (though I'd argue as a tax practitioner the execution was totally botched), but all it has done is lead to new tax planning strategies. If a company has a substantial presence in <country X> and much of their value is tied to their IP.....who's to say where they're resident? It's
  3. This makes more sense to me when you put it this way. Thank you for clarifying.
  4. With all due respect, you've admitted that you don't understand the "tax loopholes" that Trump (as an example) has used, yet you're decrying his usage of them as being immoral?
  5. He's definitely got POTUS aspirations, or at least had them. I still maintain he'd have no chance though, the SAFE Act will doom him. I've never particularly liked the guy, he's got smarmy corrupt Albany politician written all over him. There's been all sorts of bid-rigging corruption and the like that doesn't get the national publicity. NY state politics is notoriously corrupt, and he's just another in the long line, "three men in a room" and the like.
  6. I will try to remember this. I don't do a TON of 40+ minute ones, usually 30-35 is my sweet spot, but I will keep this in mind.
  7. 5 Parks is good, sometimes I have trouble hearing her when it's windy outside. Usually I prefer the classes where the teacher is instructing "live" rather than on a recorded voice-over, but for some reason she gets drowned out sometimes by the background noise. She's good though.
  8. Just want to throw it out there - warrior 3 and standing splits are different poses.
  9. I would recommend the following, ranked in a rough top-to-bottom order: Yoga with Kassandra - probably my overall favorite Youtube yoga teacher, good well-rounded practices Yoga with Tim - probably my favorite overall male Youtube yoga teacher, good well-rounded practices Cat Meffan - good, more advanced flows Move with Nicole - I use this for pilates and barre, mostly Breathe and Flow - Flow (the guy, I think Breathe and Flow is a couple?) has killer strength/power yoga sequences. I do his classes when I'm looking for a strength challenge. Sarah Beth Yoga
  10. We don't have A/C, the upstairs of my house is basically a sauna from like early July through Labor Day. We keep pretty much every window open (so long as someone's home) from like May through September, and usually have two box fans going in the bedroom at night in the summer. My house was built in 1916. Anyway, back to the topic at hand - this #### looks scary in Texas. It's a legit snowstorm.
  11. They play both the Star Spangled Banner and O Canada at every Buffalo Sabres game, regardless of whether the Sabres are playing a Canadian team. Probably like 20% of the crowd on any given night is Canadian though, so it's a nice courtesy. Not sure if other teams do that these days, for awhile I believe they were the only team in the 4 major professional sports to play both anthems every game.
  12. I'll admit it, I've always liked Brady. He's the greatest to ever do it. He clearly works harder than everyone else, understands the game better than anyone else, takes immaculate care of his body, he's married to a supermodel. It's a shame he was in the Bills division for all of those years, but separating the person and the appreciation of greatness from the annual two wins over your favorite team, it's tough not to like the guy. He's the greatest.
  13. My comment wasn't about transgendered athletes. It was in reference to the poster's obvious bias against transgendered persons, in general, given the tone in their post.
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