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  1. We used to get Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur off back in college, since the university has a very large Jewish population. It was always a welcome and unexpected day off since I never knew when the holidays were going to be. Always messed you up a little bit that it was a 6 PM - 6 PM day off of classes though.
  2. Was only a matter of time. Really sucks to have it happen in late April....kinda leaves the team in a lurch. I'm also a bit surprised he chose Kansas. Buffalo looks to be in a very good spot this year, should be a MAC title contender, bowl contender.....Leipold's stock would still be high come January 2022, and he would have options for much better programs than Kansas. But perhaps he likes a challenge, or perhaps he thinks this is the best he could get and he wants to secure the bag. Can't blame him for that.
  3. I'll throw in my two cents here as a Buffalo football diehard fan who's seen (most likely?) all of Koonce's games. He's a tremendously productive player....kinda slowly came on the scene over the years and became a mainstay, always in the mix making plays. He was pretty neck-and-neck in terms of production with his counterpart Taylor Riggins as the other DE in the defense....Riggins missed the entire fall 2020 season with an injury, you'd think Koonce would struggle with more attention thrown his way, but he excelled more than anyone ever expected. He did not miss a beat despite more double
  4. I am completely in agreement with this. It's important for my mental health.
  5. I think experience level and the nature of the job also plays a role in this. It does not surprise me that the midday FBG demographic - i.e. mostly middle-aged men with significant work experience working in white-collar environments - prefer the permanent WFH option and are more than capable of completing their work with minimal inefficiency. There is a very clear divide when it comes to experience level, based on my experiences with our staff people - the WFH experience has been absolutely detrimental to the development of our younger, more inexperienced staff members. We're setting o
  6. I don't disagree with any of this, but it implies an undertone in my original post that isn't my intent. If the actions of the league, players etc, are deemed so unpalatable (defined however someone wants to define that), then the individual shouldn't bother watching it. The league will suffer financially as a result, whether by declining TV viewership, selling fewer tickets. Absolute free market. What I don't understand is people (politicians, regular Joes, whoever) falling all over themselves whining about the political behavior of the leagues/players. There is no hidden meaning beh
  7. I have difficulty getting worked up over what the MLB (or <insert sport league> does or doesn't do w/r/t political overtones/undertones. Just seems like a waste of energy. To each their own.
  8. If this is such a problem for you, then just.....don't watch the games? This may come off as snarky but it's not intended to be. If these things aggrieve you so much, surely you can find a better use of your time, no?
  9. With all due respect - do you understand how marginal tax rates work?
  10. Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen.
  11. I work long hours this time of year, usually leave work during the middle of the Sabres game, usually during the 2nd or 3rd period. I'll always have the game on the radio for the drive home. Approx 20 minute commute, so we'll say maybe 8-10 minutes of actual game action while I'm driving home. Given how they've packed the games in the schedule this year, easily 2-3 games a week. As I listened to Rick Jeanneret's solemn call of Ovechkin's 717th career goal last night, to make it 6-0 as I drove home, it dawned on me. I don't think I've heard a single Sabres goal this entire season.
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