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  1. I have a history of these same injuries, including the bone loss permanent damage. Everything I've seen in these articles echoes the medical advice that I've received over the years. I shudder every time I see Mayfield take one of these hits - I couldn't even watch the replay of the one from last week because you just tell the way his arm was extended when he went down.....that's a dislocation. I've tried a shoulder harness, which Mayfield has been wearing, and like the article says, it really doesn't do much to hold the shoulder in place. It's better than nothing, but it's not a miracle cure - clearly, because he's dislocated twice since the initial injury. The good news is that in the long-term, if you can get the surgery soon, without doing any more damage, it has a better chance of a permanent fix. But the more he goes out there and keeps injuring it, the more risk he's running in the long-term. Then again, he's also paid millions to play football - just a hazard of the profession when it's a non-throwing shoulder. Either way he's a tough son of a #####.
  2. Chicago Fire has been on for 200 episodes?
  3. @The Gator coming up huge with the game thread
  4. Wait, is it 3rd down or 4th down? So the holding penalty was declined but they accepted the after-the-play personal foul? Did I get that right?
  5. Lamar Jackson has such a pretty throwing motion. The compact release is just sublime.
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