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  1. Chicago Fire has been on for 200 episodes?
  2. @The Gator coming up huge with the game thread
  3. Wait, is it 3rd down or 4th down? So the holding penalty was declined but they accepted the after-the-play personal foul? Did I get that right?
  4. Lamar Jackson has such a pretty throwing motion. The compact release is just sublime.
  5. Arguably he gave himself up and the whistle should blow even if he's untouched, but I think I agree with you.
  6. I know he's a rookie and it's early, but Lawrence's pocket awareness leaves a bit to be desired.
  7. And then a questionable forward progress call and missed facemask, I think.
  8. Love to see it. He's a good guy and would be a very good coach/mentor for a young player. I gotta imagine he goes into coaching once his career is over.
  9. This #### is wild. I don't think I've ever seen this happen before. Refs should just call it. Lane Kiffin got hit with a golf ball. Tennessee cheerleaders running off the field holding their cards as shields.
  10. I was listening to MNF yesterday and they had Florio on during halftime. He was saying that the common perception is that the NFL itself has been releasing the emails. Said they've known about the emails as a result of the WFT investigation, and were basically trying to coax Gruden into resigning without airing all the dirty laundry to make both himself and the NFL look bad. That's why the one email was released last week, a shot over the bow to give him a chance to get out and save face without the rest of this. He didn't, so they started turning up the heat by releasing more of the emails until he resigned.
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