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  1. Lauer's news career is over. But he could always run for President.
  2. Sucks to be thinking draft 4 weeks in. And the team will win enough to not have a shot at a top prospect.
  3. Netflix Forensic Files Collection - Collection 9 - episode 38
  4. On Big Blue Live, they say Will Johnson will probably be released due to his injury. So Ellington should take Johnson's role. Means team still could use TE help.
  5. And the bar isn't set real high. all he has to do is be an average lineman and that will be an improvement.
  6. Giant sign DJ Fluker. Underachieving first rounder. Hopefully the team can turn around the bad track record they've had in developing Olinemen.
  7. Marshall allows Eli to use the back shoulder throw and should be a TD vulture.
  8. You don't trade a top 3 WR in their prime. Go sell crazy elsewhere.
  9. I agree the top two TEs in the draft won't be there. Someone will move up to 22nd to grab him if he were to fall that far. I think the Giants draft Lamp or a DE.
  10. Isn't Dallas having to replace almost their entire secondary this off-season?
  11. Philly's dream team sucked right away. The Giants big spending in FA last year worked out great!
  12. His numbers were hurt in the Saints game due to three consecutive drives with a turn over and he dropped a long pass that could have been a TD and then a short one in the end zone too.
  13. Pokemon Go People starring at their phones while walking or riding bikes aren't bothering to look before crossing the street.
  14. The few people I know from Seattle loved it. I was told that you could go skiing in the mountains and be lying out on a beach in the same day.
  15. Reports from Beat Writers are that JPP did well in OTAs and that he has recommitted to working during the off-season. He claims he realizes how close he came to losing football in his life. I feel that it being his last shot at a big contract probably has a lot to do with it. Writers say it is hard to tell how good he'll be in OTA's because of the lack of contact due to CBA rules. They think they've got a glove that will work for him. And the surgery earlier in the year to give him greater range of motion with his hand was successful. Otherwise it sounds like he's in great shape. St
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