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  1. I swear I just heard gagootz for the first time the other day. Now it's going to have be apart of my everyday lexicon.
  2. You would if your buying private sale and you don't mind doing some work on it.
  3. I never understood why people came to the office with a cold. Even pre-COVID it seemed really thoughtless.
  4. We are all chipping in to get my wife a new xbox. I'll probably just end up getting my mom a plant or basket of lotions and crap.
  5. I get this error only when I use the "first unread post" button. Access denied for user 'Mfootguy'@'' (using password: YES)
  6. Sold my daughters 2016 civic in February private sale for over what I had paid a year prior. I needed to get two cars since my son was also getting his license. I bought two cars private sale a 2006 Corolla (got a deal from a friend) and 2012 Civic (great condition, high mileage). I made out in the deal since the two cars I bought combined were half what I had sold the 2016 civic so I could pay off a lot of debt.
  7. Dishwasher is slowly filling with water while its off. I ordered a new inlet valve to replace. That should keep it from filling up and leaking all over the floor.
  8. I guess MLB isn’t concerned with retaliation. You can push some guys around and just get fined. Seems like a real great policy.
  9. Castellanos has become an Cincinnati favorite with that picture flexing over the Cardinals pitcher yesterday and today hits the two run homer. First place!
  10. It’s working for me. He activated my account almost immediately after I sent the gift card.
  11. I think I’ve got it. I just sent mahgyver the gift card and mlb info.
  12. I tried to send my email to him and i got an error i do not have permission. I,ll send you $5 if you can get me a code.
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