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  1. Got my 2nd Pfizer at the end of April. End of October would have been 6 months and eligible for a booster. Tested positive for breakthrough COVID at the end of August. Considering that as my "booster" and don't plan on thinking about getting another one until at least February, if at all. Read this article last week from the WSJ. Not a lot of antibody longevity studies out for people that got the vaccine and THEN got COVID. Fully Vaccinated and Had Covid-19? No Rush for a Booster Shot, Experts Say Based on that article, I'm considering myself SUPER VaXXed Man.
  2. We are in the process of putting down some aritificial turf in our side yard where we can't get any grass to grow, landscaping along the fence and eventually, some landscape lighting. Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of doing it in the order that I want so the EZGrass guys are coming on Monday for the install. At some point, I am going to be installing the landscape lighting and will be connecting to an outlet on the exterior of the house. Since there will be EZGrass between the outlet and the fence/landscaping, I want to install some sort of conduit/PVC underground so at some point when I need to access the electrical, I won't be having to deal with the EZGrass installation and can just run the electrical line underneath it. Am I really simplifying things here thinking I can just dig a trench (It's only going to be 6 to 8 feet) underneath the electrical outlet running directly out to the fence, put in a piece of PVC with a 90 degree turn upwards at the outlet and then bury it so whenever I need the electrical at the landscaping/fence, I can just access the PVC and run the wires through it to the outlet? That's a long run-on sentence but hopefully you get what I'm asking....
  3. How/where did you get antibody measurement? I was vaccinated and then got COVID (about 5 weeks ago) and am interested in understanding where my antibodies are on the scale. Does getting COVID five months post-vaccine effectively take the place of having to get a booster? How long would that boosted immunity last?
  4. I'm still amazed that up until a week or so ago Miami metro area (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties) was the highest vaccinated metro area (over 1m people) in the United States at 77% of people having at least 1 dose. Only San Jose Metro is higher at 79%. Miami Dade County by itself is the most-vaccinated county over 100k people, and number #10 overall with an 87% vaccination rate. Depending on who you ask, we haven't done a lot of things right here in South Florida in general and/or relating to COVID-19 specifically, but avoiding the vaccine isn't one of them. Covidactnow.org
  5. Knock on wood but I'm liking the fact that these are forming and heading more north than west this time of year as the season starts to wind down.
  6. What’s the reasons for you/your companies to cut back on travel? is it health/safety related? Is it the bean-counters newfound money that they didn’t have to spend in T&E the last two years impacting that choice? A decision by corporate that face-to-face is not ad important as it was in the past (it still is)? A combination of the above? My company made a choice to be 100% vaxxed early on so that hasn’t been an issue but we do have a relatively strict policy for attendance at conferences/events/shows where the organizer doesn’t have a comprehensive plan in place for Health & Safety. If an event isn’t 100% vaccinated, they need to have strong testing/mask/social distance policies in place for us to consider attending. If their policies are lax, we don’t go.
  7. Going to dot this one for future reference. Living in FL we get a lot of sun and it would be nice to have some energy for those times when the hurricanes knock out the power for a few days/weeks.
  8. Heading to Orlando (Universal) for a quick 3 night/2 day conference. Should be a rather uneventful trip. They closed down part of Universal tomorrow night (I think it’s Dingeon’s Alley or whatever that Harry Potter thing is called) and then going to BigFire (?) with some clients on Tuesday night before heading home on Wednesday. Was at the JW Marriott in Marco Island for a few days last week for another conference. Things are picking up again. Looking forward to my Europe trip next month (Vienna and then a river cruise from Budapest) but I have another Orlando trip and a quick trip to Cleveland between now and then. Hoping to retain my Platinum with Marriott Bonvoy for 2022. Shouldn’t be a problem. Only need 1 more year after that of Platinum to be lifetime Platinum with them. Also trying to get back to Platinum Pro with American for 2022. Am going to have to do some calculations to see where things fall with the travel I currently have on the books.
  9. I'm curious if the combination of getting natural immunity due to COVID exposure and then getting two shots of Pfizer later on has the same results as someone who gets two shots of Pfizer first and then contracts COVID roughly four months after the 2nd dose. Asking for a friend. In either scenario, I'm assuming that the impacted person would have higher antibody levels against future infection but I haven't seen any studies on whether or not the former and latter scenarios end up being relatively equal.
  10. Not sure if it will help in your case, but when we had to deal with Irma and evacuated from Miami, we used the GasBuddy app to find gas at stations along the way. Normally I use it to find cheap gas but it also has functions that are helpful in these types of situations. It's crowd-sourced so the stations will be updated to show if they have gas and/or electricity. It made the eternal search for fuel so much easier.
  11. That kind of thinking (not specific to science however) started in the 60's in Haight Ashbury and has been present ever since, right?
  12. Did they just pick up this Emanuel guy on the side of the road? WTF?? What is their purpose? Are they just driving around New Orleans for the sake of driving? They all sound pretty relaxed. Just chilling as they drive around fallen trees in the dark. In a CAT-4 HURRICANE!
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