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  1. Looking to do Greece in August. I have about a 60% confidence that it's actually going to happen right now (and it's going down, not up, recently).
  2. Now that my wife and I have received our first Pfizer, I'm looking to get my 16-year old injected also. We want to do some travelling this summer (hopefully Europe towards the end) so I want to make sure we are juiced up and ready to go.
  3. Better yet, look at what has actually sold.... 2020-21 Panini NBA Hoops Blaster Box 88 Cards Brand New Factory Sealed
  4. Nothing interesting to share but I decided to post anyway. I've been continuing my 10k+ steps/day since January 1st so I'm nearing the 100 consecutive day mark. While it should be next Sunday, April 11th, there were two days in there that I was close to 10k but fell asleep on the couch and didn't quite make it. Oh well, I'm not beating myself up over it because there were countless days where in "normal" times, I would have just said F-it, I'm going to be on my computer the rest of the night or watching TV or going to bed early. But nope, I got my ### off the couch, or out of the chair,
  5. My wife and I both got Pfizer #1 at CVS yesterday. As previously reported, I was able to snag an appointment at 4p by checking their website at midnight a few days back. Before I could get my wife an appointment, everything was gone. I purposely made my appointment late in the day in case that happened as I was hoping that they would have some extra on hand and be able to fit my wife in. Showed up at about 3:50p, checked in and had my shot by 4:15p or so. My wife was #3 on the waitlist (which I heard was rare, usually they have a LOT more people on the waitlist by this time) and was told to co
  6. Same. I added it to all of our phones but I keep my location off. Every once in a while I get the "Hey dad, how come you can have YOUR location turned off?" and he says it intentionally in front of my wife to be a ####.
  7. Same with Florida (April 5th) and includes down to 16 y.o. for the Pfizer vaccine only.
  8. Substitute CVS for Walgreen's in the above sentence and that's me.
  9. That's what I did last night and got an appointment for Wednesday at CVS. When I tried to schedule one for my wife about 5 minutes later, there wasn't anything left. My appointment is at 4p so I'm just going to have her come with me. I'm assuming since it's late in the day, she will be able to get an "extra" dose that they have on-hand.
  10. Was able to get one at CVS about 10 miles away for Wednesday but when I went back to schedule one for my wife, I wasn't able to book any more at that location despite them having availability every 15 minutes from 9a-5p when I was checking for myself.
  11. That's why it's so difficult to get a vaccine in SoFla.
  12. Trying to find a place that I can get an appointment first so I don't have to stand in a ridiculous line, There is one FEMA site in Miami that I am aware of but they are getting "only" 500/day. That doesn't seem like much. I'm going to start hitting my regular round of websites at midnight and see if anything comes up. Was hopeful for a second when I saw four appointments pop up for Sunday on a Walgreens 20+ miles away but every time I tried to book one of the slots I got an error.
  13. That's the unfortunate part of living in South Florida. We don't have any small towns necessarily due to geography. One town runs into the next and are bordered by the Everglades in the west and the ocean on the east side.
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