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  1. I'm curious if the combination of getting natural immunity due to COVID exposure and then getting two shots of Pfizer later on has the same results as someone who gets two shots of Pfizer first and then contracts COVID roughly four months after the 2nd dose. Asking for a friend. In either scenario, I'm assuming that the impacted person would have higher antibody levels against future infection but I haven't seen any studies on whether or not the former and latter scenarios end up being relatively equal.
  2. Not sure if it will help in your case, but when we had to deal with Irma and evacuated from Miami, we used the GasBuddy app to find gas at stations along the way. Normally I use it to find cheap gas but it also has functions that are helpful in these types of situations. It's crowd-sourced so the stations will be updated to show if they have gas and/or electricity. It made the eternal search for fuel so much easier.
  3. That kind of thinking (not specific to science however) started in the 60's in Haight Ashbury and has been present ever since, right?
  4. Did they just pick up this Emanuel guy on the side of the road? WTF?? What is their purpose? Are they just driving around New Orleans for the sake of driving? They all sound pretty relaxed. Just chilling as they drive around fallen trees in the dark. In a CAT-4 HURRICANE!
  5. It really depends on the country. For instance, you can travel to Italy, but if you are coming through the UK, you have to quarantine for 5-days in Italy first before going on your way. Apparently the Brits are dirty. It's pretty much a mess right now (and changing daily) so you have to do some due diligence during the planning stages to make sure you are managing your own expectations once you get to wherever you're heading.
  6. The conference in Maui was cancelled yesterday so that was kind of a bummer. It doesn't help when the governor basically tells tourists to stay away, but doesn't necessarily require it. I'm sure there are a bunch of pissed off travelers that can't get refunds because the airlines/resorts won't allow for it unless it's an official government mandate.
  7. I was going nuts over the 16 month travel hiatus. I didn't travel ALL of the time prior but it was a good balance, to great destinations. I realized that I was energized by the ability to travel and going for so long in between trips just drained me of all of the motivation. Returning to some sense of normalcy that included travelling again saved me. My company doesn't pay me to sit in front of a Zoom screen, they want me out developing relationships and creating business opportunities. Those are ALWAYS better face to face. I am starting to hear that the Hawaii and Europe trips may be altered due to stricter local regulations but we'll see. Delta is certainly impacting things just as the situation was starting to improve. I'm in the travel industry so it's in our best interest to be the leaders in the return to travel, just to show the clients that it can be done safely and guests can still enjoy their vacations.
  8. I could have sworn there was a thread around here regarding business/corporate travel but I have searched six ways til Sunday and couldn't find it so I decided to start another one. For those of you that are corporate travelers, how have things been since you started travelling again? I'm on my 4th week in a row of travelling (be careful what you wish for, right?) since our corporate travel restrictions were lifted and while it's good to be back on the road, all of our clients/customers have pushed their conferences from 2020 and early 2021 to this fall so my travel schedule is going to brutal. Granted, I am going to some pretty kick ### places (COVID/Delta variant willing) over the next couple of months but it's not going to be easy. I just realized I have slept in my own bed only 3 nights since 7/31. Been to Carmel/Pebble Beach, Seattle, Las Vegas, Cancun and now Chicago since June. I have upcoming trips to Maui, Vienna, Budapest, 3x Orlando, Las Vegas and two Caribbean trips scheduled between now and the end of the year. All work related. I'm hoping to talk my wife into coming with me for at least half of the Europe trip.
  9. On the positive side, I just got back from a tequila tasting, so at least I'm in a good mood. Wind is picking up a bit. And some rain. Nothing much yet.
  10. No. At Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach. A little dated but clean and the guy stocking the mini fridge gave me some extra cans of Modelo, bags of chips and granola to help me provision. Bonus points for that.
  11. Any guesses where I currently am and will be through Friday? At an all inclusive so I'm starting to stock the refrigerator right now with beer, water, potato chips and KitKats. I'll be fine.
  12. Was there last week. It wasn't as bad as I anticipated considering that we have been wearing masks everywhere else when indoors. Wearing masks in Vegas wasn't much different. I was there for a conference but did spend some time in casinos and a LOT of restaurants, mostly Bellagio, Vdara and Cosmopolitan. I played blackjack for a couple hours at Cosmopolitan and noticed the dealer there had to tell me about 5 times to put my mask back up after having a drink. That was just one instance though. I really didn't notice it anywhere else while eating or drinking. And face it, you're in Vegas. You are eating and drinking pretty much 24x7. It's a subjective question you are asking because ultimately, it's up to you to decide if it's worth it. I didn't have a choice, I had to be in Vegas regardless so the mask mandate was known and accepted. My wife and son chose not to join me on Friday last week (had Friday-Sunday open as I decided to not return home to Miami after being in Seattle the week before for work) because to them, it wasn't worth it. My wife wants to wait until after the mask mandate is dropped before going back to Vegas.
  13. Yeah….i bought one of those also….should have bought more…
  14. I ended up getting the Tim Anderson Relic /25. It's the most I have ever paid for a card ($399) but damn, that was such a cool night and for TA to walk it off like that? I had to pull the trigger.
  15. Fred may be dying a slow death... I'm supposed to be flying back home to Miami on Friday afternoon so I'm keeping an eye on this one as I fully expect some sort of delay and/or a bumpy ride.
  16. I put $100 on them at +700 yesterday to win the World Series. Let's gooooo.... I'm thinking that number is going to come down over the next several weeks if they keep playing like they have the past few games. (as Sano drops a pop fly to 1B and Luis hustles to 2nd base....) When it rains, it pours for the Twinkies tonight.
  17. Eleven first-inning runs over the past 5 games for the White Sox after TA and Eloy hit homers in the first against the mound-puker Burroughs. Eloy is swinging it. When healthy, this team is goooood. And Luis Robert starts a game in CF for the first time in 3+ months. Looking good boys...
  18. This 5-ball Rhythmic Gymnastics is kind of mesmerizing. The synchronization of throwing, bouncing, catching those balls all over the place is quite impressive.
  19. Speaking of the Rays, we are planning to head to Tampa/St. Pete in a couple weeks when the White Sox are in town. Hoping for a good matchup and will go to Friday and Saturday games. Any tips for that stadium?
  20. Heading to Las Vegas on Friday for a conference that starts on Sunday. Despite everyone being vaccinated, local protocol is requiring everyone to be masked while indoors. Not ideal. My wife and son were planning on joining me for a few days starting on Friday but now that the mask requirement is in effect, they will probably skip it. Kind of sucks considering I'm going to be gone for two weeks straight now (I arrived in Seattle yesterday and will be here until Friday, also for work).
  21. Staying at the Grand Wailea Maui in September. Anyone been?
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