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  1. Nailed it! All done with the GM Davy Crocket. Did the Mac and cheese the day before (2 of them), the wings early in the morning and then at 400 in the oven to crisp them up. Did the ribs using Triggs 321 method. I had to up the temp to 275 for the last hour to get them to 200. The crab was a late edition and used the smoker to make garlic lemon butter. Also did Bacon wrapped pickles. I just wish I’d made more. Served these with ranch.
  2. Thanks all for the quick feedback. The plan has changed!!
  3. I need some advice. I am going to be cooking for a small group of folks Saturday, cooking Mac & Cheese, ribs and chicken wings. We'll be out of town, so I'll be smoking all of this on my Green Mountain Davy Crocket tailgate smoker, which will mean I'll have to do things in waves. I can do the Mac & Cheese the day before. I am going to use Johnny Trigg's 321 method on the ribs and plan on doing them before the wings. To keep the ribs warm, my plan is to wrap them back in the foil from the 2 hour phase and put them in my Yeti. I heard of the whole cooler idea while listening a podc
  4. I'll be trying Bacon Wrapped Pickle Chips next weekend. I'd sent this to a buddy who tried and and the feedback I got was to be sure to use salt free rub or seasoning; ask the bacon and pickle are obviously already way salty. I've been listening to Smoking Podcasts while working out lately and have a list of things to search up and try which include: Smoked beef hot dogs (premium Nathan's) with nacho cheese, bacon and jalepenos Smoked meatloaf with smoked ketchup Reverse seared smoked potatoes Smoked, grilled pineapple margarita
  5. Question about burnt ends. The first time I tried these, I smoked them fat side up. The flavor was amazing, but they were a little fattier than I would have liked. For today's batch, do I: Smoke them fat side down? Trim the fat before smoking and smoke them fat side up Smoke them fat side down for like 2/3rds of the smoke and then fat side up for the last 3rd? Thanks in advance for any advice shared!!
  6. Adding my as I have recently purchased a Green Mountain Davy Crocket Smoker. I have great success with all kinds of meats, but am having the most fun with more out there stuff. Made 2 kinds of jerky last week; a traditional teriyaki and a Dr. Pepper jalepeno. Both came out perfect using GM's Gold pellets. I've had several batches of mac and cheese come out mind blowing. I don't really follow any specific recipe, but the Killer Hogs seasoning and "globs" of cream cheese are what makes it. The globs end up being smoky flavor bombs as they pick up a ton of good smoky flavor. I made stuffi
  7. Bristol does tend to be darker. I suspect it'll be easier to see during cautions and if one of the cars that has the underglow wins, I could see them dimming the lights for the burnout.
  8. Sort of a jump the shark move, but WTH this year, I think underglow for the All Star Race at Bristol will be fun to see.
  9. Yeah, it was kind of hard to watch, but completely understandable. I thought I didn't care for cheesy stuff like Michael Waltrip's Grid Walk, until I didn't have Michael Waltrip's Grid Walk (if that make sense).
  10. This schedule is brilliant if it can be pulled off "healthy". I would assume sport staved folks that have never been a fan will give NASCAR a try as the only game in town. While I'd rather be watching MLB, even the truck series race at Charlotte looks dreamy right about now.
  11. Everyone gets in the show after the heat race so I'd guess both will be in. They mentioned the black flag would be used for those "cheating" by riding the wall as it gave an unfair SIM advantage.
  12. for Bristol. This should be fun. For whatever reason, seeing Michael Waltrip and Bristol made me think of THIS WRECK,
  13. Its rather amazing to see how the online thing has quickly evolved; from Twitch, to FS1 to Network TV on Fox. I have been this interested in "racing" since the late 90s, early 2000s.
  14. BUMP I checked and this is listed on FS1 for broadcast. As I mentioned last week, this was surprisingly fun to watch. What I really didn't care for, was that the racers from the iLeague did appear to (rightly) have an advantage over the real racers. If I am reading this right, they will not be part of today's (or possible future) events. And, something I didn't quite get from last week. One of the lead drivers from last week unexpectedly slammed the wall and the commentators mentioned it was a "system" thing and not a "car" thing; and he came back in the race with an undamaged (I think)
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