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  1. I need some help thinking something through. We are heading to a friends cottage this weekend with a group of 10 and I am bringing my Green Mountain Davy Crockett Smoker. I'm doing a mac & cheese, ribs and bacon wrapped pickles on Saturday. My plan is to smoke the and cheese in the morning and then do the ribs, doing the 3/2/1 method. Mid cook of the ribs, I want to work in the bacon wrapped pickles as a snack. These will take 45 minutes to an hour. Here is what I am thinking. After I smoke the mac and cheese, I'll put the ribs on for their first 3 hour cook. Then, I'll take them off for the 2-hour foil phase and smoke the bacon wrapped pickles. My thought is to put the wrapped ribs in the oven to keep their cook going at the same temp as the smoker until the pickles are done (as they really don't gain that much smoke while wrapped). My question is, would it be better to wrap the ribs and just let the set out until the pickles are done or is the oven a good move to keep the cook going? I'll be using a temp probe to get the temp right in the last 1-hour phase, so either option will get these to the right temp in the end.
  2. Huge. Graduated high school in 1986 and had Uncles collecting in the 70s. My mom inexplicably sold my 250+ collection at a garage sale while I was in college. I'd sort of forgotten about this until I was at an estate sale finding college stuff for the kids. I impulse bought a 1964 magnavox astro-sonic console stereo and rewired it. I sounds amazing. So now its a challenge as I try to use estatesales.net to find chances to add to the new collection. I am about 75% to what I had in the 80s. I also bought an entry level audiophile type turntable to use with the higher end system I bought in the 90s (which sounds incredible). The biggest loss from my original collection was that I had every Led Zeppelin album first run. I now have every one but in through the out door from estate sales. Best estate sale find was almost 60 albums which looked to have water damage. The center was not compromised on any. I bought the box and cleaned them up with rubbing alcohol and water and have every Beatles album, Kansas, Bad Company, Heart Live and a whole lot more.
  3. I would sure appreciate your decoder ring view once it sinks in as that all went over my hear (as generally all things crypto tends to). As an aside, BLOK has been the best performing ETF of the 5 crypto based I bought in the past 2-weeks; gaining just over 5%. BLOK does not invest in currency, but rather the tech to support them. I am generally thinking that the uptick is tied to optimism that tech will continue to improve (in speed, security and power draw) which, with hope, will further support the value of the currencies. The other (4) ETF invest directly in cypto currency. If not for BITW the performance over the past 2-weeks overall would be rather solid.
  4. To this point, I am in my early 50s and wanted to be "in" crypto without "owning" crypto. Over the past 10 days, I've purchased shares in 5 crypto based ETFs (4 directly in the currencies and 1 which invests in companies which support the crypto infrastructure). I have been reading this thread for about 6-weeks and haven't seen these discussed. Are these off topic? If so, I'll use this post as my and not post about them again.
  5. Muir Woods is amazing. If you can't get a time there, Armstrong Woods to the North was subdued but rather awe inspiring. We sort of found it by accident AND you can hit the Korbel Tasting Room on your way back to the 101.
  6. Meeting some friends at their place for drinks tomorrow night and want to bring a few smoked appetizers. I've landed on doing the bacon wrapped pickles, but want to do some form of smoked cheese dip in a small cast iron skillet. Lots of queso and beer cheese with pretzel dips out there; but I'd like something a little different. I quick searched the thread and didn't see anything similar. n Anyone have a "different" type smoked cheese dip idea?
  7. Almost 48-hours post Moderna dose #2 and I feel like I stole something both being done and that, other than maybe some slight fatigue, I came through with no other impacts!
  8. In this same vein, I have been trying to use this thread to "guess" how I will react to Moderna dose #2 tomorrow morning. Taking all things into consideration (age 52, generally healthy and having had Covid last March), I suspect I will experience some fatigue and headache around the 12-hour-ish mark. Total non-scientific and rather based on the FBG scale.
  9. I last minute wanted to add lamb to the menu this weekend. It was impossible to find chops, but I did find 3 lbs of lamb shoulders. Searching around I found this Steakhouse style marinade. I wanted something different compared to the traditional Greek type approach. For the steak seasoning, I used Penzy's Chicago Steak Seasoning. I followed the both the marinade and cooking instructions to the letter (upping things for 3lbs) and the outcome was amazing; seriously some of the best lamb I have ever had (restaurant, home or otherwise). The temp when done was 148 and it was so tender it could be cut with a fork.
  10. I am so out of touch with this sport. I had no clue about them tossing down dirt at Bristol until I heard Clint and Jeff talking about it late in yesterday's broadcast (which I watched all of like 12 minutes of). I suppose I get the novelty of racing on dirt, but what I don't get is why such an iconic track as Bristol? Will they be racing outlaw type cars, or the base car with some possible tire and splitter mods? Lastly, will there be "ringers" like road courses (does a guy like Tony Stewart still race anything and everything and could he be in the field)? I suppose NASCAR accomplished what they are looking for here as I am intrigued and will likely watch at least some racing all weekend (as I see several drivers are racing multiple events all weekend).
  11. I travel exclusively for work having spent over 180 days in hotels since the first of August; which also included around 2-dozen flights. I was lucky enough to be home the day my state opened to 50+ and was able to snag an appointment at my providers mass site for the Moderna vaccine that day. Like most have said, only some soreness in the arm but other than this no other effects. To be sure I am home for my 2nd dose, I was going to secure paid time off from my "bank" but thought I'd read something about additional leave being added to our package for Covid related concerns. Sure enough, leave is available for the vaccine and related issues should the arise. So, I took this leave for the day of and day after the shot (if I am fine after, I'll just work, but wanted the time reserved just in case). The Pfizer vaccine put my wife down for a day the day after the second dose and several of my friends had similar reactions. Sharing the leave thing as more or less a PSA for others who work for major corporations who might provide similar time off. I likely be right back on the road right after the 2nd dose and have a huge sense of relief not only for myself, but the potential that existed for me to have it, not know it a possibly communicate it to others.
  12. I have been toying around with Mac & Cheese since I first got my smoker and think I've put together a pretty easy but solid recipe. I made three batches this week, one for home, another for a neighbor for snow blowing my drive while I was out of town and one for my wife to take to a girls weekend. Feedback all around was that it was amazing; so much so my neighbor asked for the recipe. I hadn't taken the time to write this down, but put it in an email. I thought I'd share it here as a sort of thanks to you all for what I've learned. 16oz box of elbow mac (I cook to 9.5 minutes) 16oz bag of shredded sharp cheddar 6oz of sliced Munster cheese (I prefer Kroger; less oily) Brick of cream cheese Stick of butter 1 pint of half and half Boars Night Out White Lightening Seasoning Boil the noodles. While boiling, thinly slice squares of butter and the Munster cheese into around 1” squares. When done, strain the noodles and place them in a large mixing bowl. Immediately add the butter and Munster cheese and stir a bit as the butter will help with the stirring of all the cheese. Next, pour in the whole bag of sharp cheddar and stir more. Now, (I use a dinner knife) cut and put in 1”-ish “chunks” of cream cheese and mix lightly (lightly, as keeping the cream cheese chunky allows if to pick up great smoke flavor). Shake in a healthy amount of the seasoning and, again, stir lightly (I have tried a half dozen rubs (including Killer Hogs which was very good) and seasonings, and Boars Night Out provides the best flavor). Lastly, pour in the half and half and stir (I’ll usually add a bit more seasoning here). This will get it very creamy while still keeping the cream cheese chunks mildly intact. Pour the mix into a disposable tin (I use the larger Costco type). I smoke this on a Green Mountain Davy Crocket Smoker using the Gold Pellets (I tried the Texas and like the mellower flavor of the Gold). I smoke this for an hour (20 minutes covered, 40 minutes uncovered and I rotate after 20 minutes uncovered to ensure the smoke is the same all around). I have tried 15/45 and 30/30 too. The 15/45 was a bit too smoky and 30/30 was a little light.
  13. Played "what's in my fridge" to make some of the best fish tacos I've ever had last night. I found a bag of Costco Orange Roughy in the freezer and marinated it in olive oil, garlic, a couple of hot peppers (de-seeded) from the freezer, lemon and Penzy's Northwoods Fire and Mural of Flavor Seasoning. After a few hours of marinading, I smoked these using GM Fruitwood pellets for a little over 30-minutes at 300 in a cast iron skillet. They soaked up the smoke in such an amazing way. I made a salsa to top these with avocado, tomato, red onion, cilantro, lime, salt and pepper; which also sat for a few hours. Served these with sour cream, only (no cheese), on a soft flour taco. The "sauce" that was left in the skillet was amazing soaked up with bread too.
  14. Nailed it! All done with the GM Davy Crocket. Did the Mac and cheese the day before (2 of them), the wings early in the morning and then at 400 in the oven to crisp them up. Did the ribs using Triggs 321 method. I had to up the temp to 275 for the last hour to get them to 200. The crab was a late edition and used the smoker to make garlic lemon butter. Also did Bacon wrapped pickles. I just wish I’d made more. Served these with ranch.
  15. Thanks all for the quick feedback. The plan has changed!!
  16. I need some advice. I am going to be cooking for a small group of folks Saturday, cooking Mac & Cheese, ribs and chicken wings. We'll be out of town, so I'll be smoking all of this on my Green Mountain Davy Crocket tailgate smoker, which will mean I'll have to do things in waves. I can do the Mac & Cheese the day before. I am going to use Johnny Trigg's 321 method on the ribs and plan on doing them before the wings. To keep the ribs warm, my plan is to wrap them back in the foil from the 2 hour phase and put them in my Yeti. I heard of the whole cooler idea while listening a podcast about brisket. The wings should only take about an hour and a half. Are there any dos and don'ts to putting the ribs in the cooler to stay warm? I figured this would be way better than keeping them warm in the oven, which may dry them out a bit.
  17. I'll be trying Bacon Wrapped Pickle Chips next weekend. I'd sent this to a buddy who tried and and the feedback I got was to be sure to use salt free rub or seasoning; ask the bacon and pickle are obviously already way salty. I've been listening to Smoking Podcasts while working out lately and have a list of things to search up and try which include: Smoked beef hot dogs (premium Nathan's) with nacho cheese, bacon and jalepenos Smoked meatloaf with smoked ketchup Reverse seared smoked potatoes Smoked, grilled pineapple margarita
  18. Question about burnt ends. The first time I tried these, I smoked them fat side up. The flavor was amazing, but they were a little fattier than I would have liked. For today's batch, do I: Smoke them fat side down? Trim the fat before smoking and smoke them fat side up Smoke them fat side down for like 2/3rds of the smoke and then fat side up for the last 3rd? Thanks in advance for any advice shared!!
  19. Adding my as I have recently purchased a Green Mountain Davy Crocket Smoker. I have great success with all kinds of meats, but am having the most fun with more out there stuff. Made 2 kinds of jerky last week; a traditional teriyaki and a Dr. Pepper jalepeno. Both came out perfect using GM's Gold pellets. I've had several batches of mac and cheese come out mind blowing. I don't really follow any specific recipe, but the Killer Hogs seasoning and "globs" of cream cheese are what makes it. The globs end up being smoky flavor bombs as they pick up a ton of good smoky flavor. I made stuffing for Thanksgiving & Xmas that my wife loved. Super simple just following a bagged stuffing recipe. Last night I sort of lucked into a really good one. I wanted to try to smoke steam mussels, but couldn't easily find any last minute. Instead, we had a half bag+ of Costco frozen shrimp. I melted a stick and a half of butter with 3 small garlic cloves. The recipe I was loosely working with called for fresh rosemary, but I couldn't find fresh so I substituted Penzy's FoxPoint seasoning. I put 25 uncooked shrimp in a pan, added the seasoning first and then poured the melted and butter and garlic over. Then, I squeezed 3/4ths of a large lemon over them. The recipe called to smoke them at 275 for 20-25 minutes (internal temp of 125). I wanted them more smoky, so I went just over a half hour at 250 (GM Gold Pellets). I had my son pick up some French Bread for dipping. The flavor was amazing and I think I liked the dipping butter as much as the shrimp (so much so, I saved the left over butter as some compound butter-ish for chicken or fish).
  20. I am working Hurricane Sally in AL and staying in Mobile a block off Mobile Bay. There is some serious sand bagging being done around here. It’ll be interesting to see just what the surge does here. You can feel the moisture coming in the air too.
  21. For fries, we don't. We just thin cut them (think McDonalds), soak them for a few hours in olive oil (light just to coat) and fry them at 350 for 13-15 minutes until close to done. Then, 400 for 3-5 to add crispyness. Salt with sea salt (or any type of season salt; lots of Penzy's options here).
  22. Bristol does tend to be darker. I suspect it'll be easier to see during cautions and if one of the cars that has the underglow wins, I could see them dimming the lights for the burnout.
  23. Sort of a jump the shark move, but WTH this year, I think underglow for the All Star Race at Bristol will be fun to see.
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