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  1. That's exactly what it is. These yokels weren't Jason Bourne, so to Jon, they're just peaceful protestors, with a couple bad apples.
  2. There was 100% a plan to stop the certification, and many of these Cosplay Cowboys posted multiple videos stating that. Now, was it a "real" plan? Who cares? Hundreds planned to storm that building and stop the count. They they went on like half dozen kinds of social media to declare their intentions, then helpfully gave video updates. You don't get to be declared innocent of being an insurrectionist because you're bad at it.
  3. He said the ONLY way to contribute to electing America First Republicans is by contributing to his PAC. That is a problem that will become a much bigger story down the road. Going to be some down ballot candidates that won't get normal funds they can expect from the GOP mothership because of this.
  4. https://twitter.com/ByChrisBrennan/status/1366174260981608450?s=09 Donor text message pleas already sent.
  5. I was chatting with some skin care ladies from Bloomingdales one night at a bar, and they riffed for 30 minutes on which bronzer they thought he used, and which one they would recommend. It was a hilarious conversation. I asked them, are you suuure he uses a bronzer, and they looked at me like I was a flat earther. 🍊
  6. I did have a real, non-morbid laugh when he hugged the flag, for old times sake. I keep seeing these arguments about where the GOP is headed, their plan, etc. I'm not sure anyone in that party has a plan that revolves around policy. They're just TV evangelists at this point.
  7. I know a few cops. If you showed up with that stuff, they would call you armed.
  8. There's something to be said for "I don't give a ****" age. I don't know what Mitch really has to worry about, politically, for the rest of his life, so I think we can expect more honesty from Mitch.
  9. We don't need to guess their implied plans, it's not a liberal narrative to repeat word for word what these boneheads posted on their Facebook and Instagram Stories (which could be renamed Narratives, come to think of it). Hundreds of them, and many were kind enough to record video confessions. Most of them went for the insurrection, wanted to get a cool selfie, and let the Patriot standing next to them do any actual work in terms of stopping the steal. Watching them wander around inside like they were looking for a food court would have been laughable, if it happened in any ot
  10. Not enough of these freedom fighters got called out for having return flights booked for January 7th.
  11. DeVonta Smith's size alone puts him in a historic bust rate right up there with TEs. He's 170 pounds. WRs that size do not become fantasy WR1 or WR2, and certinly not for more than a year or so at a time. There's a reason everyone reading this is thinking Tyler Lockett right now, cause he's such an outlier. If they both hit, Pitts' owner has a distinct advantage. Considering the hit% of ANY player at 1.6, calling Pitts a risky pick doesn't sound right to me.
  12. "It looks like he's doing an aerobics routine while trying to not lose his b***plug".
  13. Nice. Way to go, Learning For Justice. Way to focus on the important stuff.
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