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  1. Jan 6 defendant Joshua Doolin argues to be freed from having to wear a GPS ankle bracelet Among his several arguments: The ankle monitor interferes with his playing basketball and causes "annoying blisters" (He has pleaded not guilty in case) https://t.co/VMonGCjPUG Blisters. When will the persecution stop??
  2. Awww GEEZ, you can't even call a colleague a fa***t anymore? This slippery slope is no joke. I CALLED IT!
  3. You make a strong argument for his candidacy. 🤔 I mean, obviously I wouldn't mess with Q. Any man who squats by a creek in a cowboy hat and body armor/kimono is not to be trifled with. Thousands radicalized. By this little putz. Hard to believe we are here as a nation.
  4. Well, if you unloaded FAAB on Williams, only to have someone outbid you last week, you get another bite at the apple.
  5. Jen Psaki is asked if anyone in WH is worried about setting a precedent with releasing Jan 6 documents. “I can assure you Ed that this President has no intention to lead an insurrection on our nation’s Capitol.” #psakibomb
  6. My answer on this has changed dramatically last few years. Since about a year into Donald. Having an honest back and forth seems rare, and you can see debates begin, and you can see the tropes develop, and know where it's heading. Oh, I see he's leading with the Straw Man Gambit. Might've gone with Whataboutism myself, but he might be sagely saving that parry for when he's really backed into a corner. I could see that.... OK, so if it's not honest debate, is it talking with liked minded? Sure. Most people I know don't follow politics as much, and that ones that do, I'm not dying to find out what they think. I dunno if I will learn anything from them. But without question, right now, it's the laughs. It's not funny to most, but that's only because it's happening to us. But from outside, and if you have a black sense of humor (uh, yep), our political world is frigging hilarious. I mean, funnier than anything on TV or the theaters. I am really not thrilled with the comedy media I have been consuming. But the unintentional comedy of this collection of characters we see every day is OFF THE CHARTS. If a TV writer had written characters like Mitch McConnell, Madison Cawthorn, Lorena Boebert they would be hailed as comedy genius. Their lives seem made up. Maybe by the South Park guys. "Hey, let's make one a GED dingbat, who may or may not be love child of a professional wrestler from the 80's, with a mullet" "I like it! I'm writing one from Florida, one of those Crossfit randos, who is caught cheating with a video game cosplayer... If our political world was a novel, it would be considered classic American literature, the next John Irving, sharpest wit since Twain.
  7. Q is running for Senate in Arizona Ron Watkins filed to run in AZ. I watched this entire two minute video. By the end I wanted to give him a swirly in the boys bathroom, and pull his underwear over his head, so the only thing showing is that......that mustache. This guy brings out a high school bully I was unaware was inside me.
  8. I didn't like Toney coming out as a potential #1 WR, but he is a prime example why some people were saying trust the draft capital. You start drafting 4th round RB over 1st round WR in rookie drafts, you better be lucky.
  9. Shoot, Gruden could have been fired just for trusting Bruce Allen. He seems like an awful fella
  10. Cancel Culture disappears tomorrow. Gone forever. Let's just say. It's cool for Gruden to keep his job? Coaching black guys, and gay guys, and calling the commish a f**? That's cool?
  11. I am as a liberal a bleeding heart as you will find, but put me behind a female Asian driver, and you will hear some racist sheet. So Wilbon is correct, but in terms of this team, it wasn't going to save Gruden. I don't give a flying bucket of pig flops if he is actually racist. Why do I care about that? I'm not a fan of the Las Vegas Grudens. We can't read his mind, we can't read his heart, so we have to go by actions and words. His words rendered his actions moot to a lot of people, and he has gay and black players on the team, and not for nothing, the black ones tend to be important. This is like Donald Sterling. He crossed a line you cannot cross. Some calls are hard. This is not one of them.
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