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  1. For one to believe Pitts isn't a top 3 pick, one would have to either believe that: No TE is ever worth a top 3 pick. Pitts' profile isn't good enough. The first concept seems a little dumb to me, The seconds concept, I'd like to see someone make that case.
  2. Must be my birthday, the 207 page thread about the congresswoman no one is worried about was bumped.
  3. You have no idea who their QB will be. We can expect it to be a mess in 2020. But unless they are Jets level of long term incompetence, bad teams support fantasy players, especially WRs, all the time. His ADP is surrounded by Kenny Gainwell, Pat Freirmuth, Amari Rodgers, Josh Palmer, Chuba Hubbard. I can make a great argument for Amari Rodgers over him, but I can make a beter argument for Collins over the rest of those names. I will take the shot on WR1 potential in the late 2nd/early 3rd.
  4. Great points in your post. I think my objections are really only like two spots. Bateman and Marshall are in a tier above. I'm already probably labeled a DeVonta hater, don't wanna go too far here, heh heh.
  5. I don't bet on his talent over Bateman or Marshall. I don't dislike the player, it feels like we're trying to shoehorn Sermon into a tier I am not sure exists.
  6. I think your goal should be three trade downs. No less than two. Let me know what happens. That's a god-dang fun position you are in.
  7. Geez man, Pitts is going early, huh?
  8. I am out, especially at this ADP. If you miss out on Sermon and settle for Bateman, Marshall, I think you dodged a bullet. If Trey Sermon grabs this backfield, and gets 20 touches, he'a an RB1, no doubt. Why on earth would Kyle Shanahan want to do that? He has the most innovative running game concepts in the NFL. He added Trey Lance at QB, has Mostert, Deebo, and even Aiuyk to snag carries. Why would he put all those toys on a shelf, to feature Sermon, the LEAST likely of all these names to hit a home run? Think abut that for a sec. If Lance is running an RPO, how long
  9. If you think Sam Darnold stinks, you should assume there is a better QB there next year.
  10. You bring up a good point. They have Hopkins, and then not a lot of super exciting guys. With a guy his size and skills, you really need to scheme plays for him. He can't just run deep posts from the slot. I wouldn't trust many coaches to do that. AZ might very well be best possible landing spot of any team.
  11. The three RBs, Chase, Pitts. At 5, you're just standing there, letting everyone else decide which great prospect you get. It's a comforting, if boring spot. The drop from Pitts or Javonte to Waddle/Slim Reaper is noticeable, to me anyway.
  12. I don't really care if Rodgers is a jerk or not. It always seemed to me that the Packers should have done more with 30 years of Hall of Fame QB play. More Super Bowl appearances, more rings, just more success. They've been very good for a long time, but they have had had "one of the very top QB" type guys for as long as a 45 year old guy can remember. So if he is frustrated about that, I get it. If he is frustrated because they ignore his thoughts on the roster I get that. Maybe vet QBs shouldn't have so much power, but they do. Anyway, I am completely ready to believe t
  13. Think link busted. I entered league ID, this should work: https://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=21223&O=17
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