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  1. I know someone that thinks QAnon peeps are onto something. Trump Hotel Rates Are Over $1,300 on March 4—the Date in a Wild QAnon Theory Booking a room will cost $1,331—almost triple the daily rate in March. Really, I can only admire this level of grifting. Those dweebs on Twitch asking for donations are playing checkers, while Trump is playing...........oh man, he's playing 5D CHESS ova here!
  2. For realz. Who nominated this joker, anyway?
  3. You don't need an organized group of so called Patriots charging the Capitol. With all the talk online, you just need one true believer to make a bomb out of his RV, or a couple wannabes with assault rifles.
  4. Hall&Oates IS blue-eyed soul. If you only know the radio hits, you missed out.
  5. I don't think anything's gonna happen tomorrow. But if we are all aware of this date, it would seem pretty stupid to not have law enforcement there. Why is anyone worked up about this? The Qanon Casualties Reddit is crazy. Some really sobering stories about people losing their parents to it, but a lot about people seeing their parents break up over Qanon. Somehow that seems worse to me. A good amount of these people said that a lot of people find their way there through pretty hippy dippy New Age pages. Essential oils, aromatherapy, natural remedies, "questions" about v
  6. There's already one party doing it
  7. But they are. There's an investigation, they are not letting Cuomo influence it, even tho he tried. Soooo, where's the repercussions for audio recordings of Trump bragging about sexual assault? The golden statue?
  8. How long ago do you think Cawthorn was in college? I think the best thing is Cuomo to go, but it one party isn't going to hold their people accountable, then I don't think either party should.
  9. Why would Cuomo resign with Brett Kavanaugh/Madison Cawthorn etc still running around? That doesn't seem very smart of him.
  10. It's one thing to take less money to try and win a ring. It's another thing to take less money to try and win a ring with Cleveland, or Buffalo, Indy. I mean, are you joking? The oddsmakers say they have a better chance to win than AZ. OK, great? Take millions less to hitch your final years with Wentz in Indy? His chances are SO much better with those teams, that have been also-rans for years, that he should take less? Ha, no.
  11. Trump got the vaccine in January, and didn't tell anyone. Brutal.
  12. You believe that BLM is a group of everyday people who are frustrated, and a small element turned violent?
  13. There are entire Twitter threads devoted to the unsealed indictments of the arrested. They were there to stop our government from certifying the results of a free and fair election. Again, most helpfully videotaped their confession. I am not guessing about this. Being free to protest is one great thing about living here. The minute an individual spray paints a building, loots a business, or storms a federal building, you aren't a peaceful protestor.
  14. I doubt anyone cares, if they eliminate the candidates they didn't stick to their guns, it'd be a lonely debate stage. The fact that she spoke out against Trump might mean that centrist R's can talk themselves into backing her. Don't get me wrong, I see plenty of negatives, but if I'm in charge of the GOP, I can imagine scenarios.
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