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  1. If it winds up being AG Merrick Garland who winds up standing in the way of this wave of nonsense, well, that would just br delicious irony, wouldn't it?
  2. The lack of defense for the party goes a long way toward making my 'indefensible' comment seem correct. Thanks! I think maybe the word 'sycophant' doesn't mean what you think it means (who am I trying to gain an advantage with by spouting liberal doctrine?), but if the gist of your observation is that I'm uber-liberal, well: guilty. I agree with just about thought Bernie Sanders has ever said out loud. I think the Dem politicians in this country are by and large flawed, so they don't get my unwavering support, but in general I am pretty darn far left. Your repeated comments o
  3. https://twitter.com/JuddLegum/status/1403335496588275713?s=19 A thread on the current train wreck of a bill that the Texas GOP was trying to ram through, that they couldn't even defend. The GOP platform right now consists of fighting "woke" culture and making it as hard as possible for people to vote. That's a real great message. The party is in a terrible state. No ethics, no pretence of bipartisanship. Indefensible.
  4. You are no closer to receiving personalized said Cameo video from Donald Jr. Perhaps Flavor Flav or Gary Busey.
  5. Yes! Raising alarms about the current president's behavior is absolutely the move here. Hey, if anyone can make me nervous about Biden's behavior after 5 years of constant Drumpf, I will send you a personalized video from Drumpf Jr. Normally $500, but I will spring for the extra $287 to get Jr to lay off the nose candy and send it within 24 hours.
  6. Somewhere around 50% of Republican voters need to read your post. Shame there isn't a blog anywhere that could reach all of them.
  7. I was a little nervous that Trump would lose his voice. But Jason "ABORTION PILL SMOOTHIE" Miller has reassured me. They're working on broader efforts, people. You can believe Jason Miller. See: After the complete and abject failure of Trump's 'social media platform', a reporter wondered if Trump would be joining another social media platform. Miller coyly tweeted: There you have it, 'stay tuned' for the new 'hottest ticket'. Never change, Jason Miller. Well, aside from slipping women abortion pills. Change that. And then, never
  8. Honestly, I think they close earlier anyway, the one time I used it it was afternoon. It's amazing. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thepointsguy.com/news/amex-centurion-lounge-jfk-first-look/amp/
  9. Googling the potential NEOS flights, I saw this: Annoying. The correct way to fly to Europe is to get to JFK at 9:30, wash down a muscle relaxer with two glasses of pinot noir in the Amex lounge, board your 10:30 red eye, pass out before the seat belt instructional, and wake up refreshed in Europe around 11:30 am local time. Leaving at dinner time, and arriving in time to milk some local cows is not ideal.
  10. As a New Yorker, I would like to say, 'oh baby, yes'.
  11. Not as big news as @barackdhouse stable of leagues, but: https://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/316330/washingtons-revamped-offense-primed-for-speed-depth-and-big-plays I was today years old when I found out the guy with 66 total touches in college averaged 4.68 ypc with Dwayne Haskins as his QB in his rookie season. choo choo
  12. If you did your rookie draft correctly, Nico was your 3rd round pick
  13. Screaming bargain. Plenty of red flags, but went at 2,04 and 2, 11 in two of my IDP leagues. Went 3.04 in another, but people went LB crazy.
  14. Something my 'speaking out' could affect. John Cena dying on a Taiwan independence hill would just be dumb.
  15. I'm not asking an actor to stand up to China. I think no less of Cena at all. This is his career. I'm not potentially tanking MY career to speak out against China, why should he? People are real cavalier with other people's money/long term career risk.
  16. I have 4 dynasty teams total, and I cannot keep track of free agents. Do you have a Bangladeshi sweat shop that works on your fantasy teams instead of Nikes? And if so, may I borrow them for 15 minutes on Tuesdays?
  17. First, no that's not true. Second, this is a bit different. I really couldn't care less if a wrestler guy from a car-smashy movie series has to grovel to a strong-arm government in order to ensure the next movie isn't banned there, but it's noteworthy. The NBA players that suddenly didn't have interest in social justice when it was Hong Kong is another example. (see: LeBron+China)
  18. American celebs groveling in front of China. Get used to it.
  19. No. Last year, it was: He's in a share with Ingram. Like Javonte/Gordon this year.
  20. I sort of think that falls under the first bullet point. Because, aside from Chase, if you think that any other player (Lawrence?) is as good a prospect at their position than he is at his, then you just don't value TE. or you are in a small minority. Because no one thinks these backs are Saquon, but no one denies Pitts is the Saquon of tight ends. As a possible fantasy TE, Pitts has no flaws, on the field or analytics. Or another way, if Pitts isn't a top 3 pick this year, then what the heck does a top 3 TE look like?? Karl Malone on meth? I mean, what's it take?
  21. For one to believe Pitts isn't a top 3 pick, one would have to either believe that: No TE is ever worth a top 3 pick. Pitts' profile isn't good enough. The first concept seems a little dumb to me, The seconds concept, I'd like to see someone make that case.
  22. Must be my birthday, the 207 page thread about the congresswoman no one is worried about was bumped.
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