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  1. People's inexplicable love of guacamole is baffling to me. Stuff looks like babypoop and I can only imagine the babypoop tastes better.
  2. He means Kahl Drogo as vigilante fur trader in the new world period piece
  3. I think Obama sucked in a lot of ways, but deficits should be pretty low on anyone's list.
  4. You realize that during the recession, tax receipts tanked massively. So even if spending stayed exactly the same, those deficits would have been huge.
  5. Donald wouldn't have any body parts left.
  6. Just a heads up, Tales from the 'Hood 2 is now available on Netflix. Adjust your schedules accordingly.
  7. Sure, why not? Horrible people get fair treatment all the time. I hate Trump more than fat kids hate running, but if I were on a jury I wouldn't automatically vote guilty just because he's one of the worst people in the world.
  8. When Donny is involved, the traditional idea of "partisanship" goes right out the window.
  9. I'm sorry, do KKK types not fit that description? Because that's who I'm talking about.
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