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  1. Red zone just showed Dalvin Cook injured. Unclear how serious Edit: in the tent
  2. Biden signs executive order calling for declassification review of 9/11 documents - POLITICO If I had known that Joe Biden, 50 year creature of Washington was going to wage war on the deep state, not only would I have voted for him I would have given him money and knocked on doors.
  3. This is a good thing. We should send our sons and daughters overseas to die only when it is truly necessary.
  4. He's the best president of this century and it's not even close. Whether that says more about him or the other three guys? You decide.
  5. What kind of kid is she? Level-headed or rash and impulsive? If the former my vote is let her make her own decisions. If the latter, then sorry I don't have great advice for you. I quit grad school without finishing a semester. I knew immediately it wasn't the right place for me. Never regretted it for a second. GL Peak family.
  6. If you've got a health care background look at insurance companies, medical device, and pharma.
  7. This and back to self-imposed exile from the PSF. It's a "me" problem
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