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  1. I can honestly say I get high all the time and I haven't partied with Josh in like forever.
  2. Why does it have to be career over or new team? He will probably latch on with a team and then slowly fade away.
  3. Big difference between "dog" and "my dog". I'd save my dog over any stranger out there.But still...your dog is just a dog. It's going to die in 5 or 10 years anyway and then you'll get a new one. I'm sure you love it, but the stranger likely has a family, probably children and a spouse. And these are all PEOPLE. Either you guys are fishing or just not thinking this through all the way.So what? Your dog is just a dog, is simply not true to many people he is a member of your family. If the question was would you save your mother or two strangers you would have to save the strangers because they are all just people right? What would you do if it was your mother and a stranger? Flip a coin because they are both people and their value to you is meaningless? My dog is more valuable to me than people, a lot of people.I thought of this thread when the earthquake hit Haiti and asked myself if I could trade my dog right now to save all of those people. Good luck digging yourselves out Haitians! I'm taking my dog for a walk.
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