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  1. "Look at me. Look at me! Why are we here, Brendan? Why are we here? Are we here to win this fight? You tell me, because if we're not, I'll throw in the towel right now. We'll get Tess and we will go home. You don't knock him out, you lose the fight. You understand me? You don't knock him out, you don't have a home."
  2. Agreed. Plus, that was a really weird way to spell “Seabiscuit.”
  3. C’mon. Give me Aleister at 13. It makes too much sense, right?
  4. That little post-match thing is gonna set up a date with a demon.
  5. This is a great match, booked at the wrong time. Crowd is dead. ...and as I’m typing this, here’s Rowan...?
  6. I will mark the **** out. Sure, he turns 60 in less than 2 months, but still.
  7. Oh, I enjoy it, and own it. But there were a few things story-wise and a few of the deliveries by Willis, Kingsley and Freeman that just kinda felt like they were mailing it in.
  8. I'm gonna rephrase this. I wouldn't have been disappointed. But I don't think it would have been quite as rewarding to me without it.
  9. I understand why you feel that way. If it had ended without seeing them reunite, I would have been disappointed.
  10. The end shot was the payoff for the audience. It was Andy and Red's hopes being realized. I could not conceivably disagree with you more.
  11. I got halfway through a reply before I thought, "You know, it's possible he's being sarcastic."
  12. The ending to Shawshank Redemption is as perfect an ending to a movie as I can imagine. One that is a guilty pleasure of mine specifically for the way it ended is Lucky Number Slevin. Not a particularly good movie, but it went from "This is a goofy, kinda fun, kinda weird movie that I'm oddly interested in" to "Oh, holy ****, everyone is going to die" in about three minutes.
  13. I hadn't considered this. It's ingenious. Wait until the egg hatches, and plow a tiny field. Pre-equipped.
  14. Having watched this guy for the past three years, the crazy-eyes thing has gotten gradually worse. Go back to the Broncos press conferences, and he looks normal. Near the end of his run in Miami, he often had hats on, pulled low. But...something's odd there. And that one glitch was just bizarre. I called a buddy of mine and said "Dude. Adam Gase just rebooted, right in the middle of a damn press conference."
  15. Just to clarify; at this point, are you telling us all we're delusional because he's too short, too light, not Doug Flutie, or Paul Newman?
  16. I'm of the opinion that the guy's going to measure between 5'9-1/2" and 5'10" at the combine. Can colleges inflate numbers like that? Sure. But I'm not certain that there's a lot of motivation for a weight trainer to randomly make up "He measured 5'9-7/8" in socks." And if this is the case, he's less than an inch shorter than Russell Wilson. He seems to be doing ok.
  17. Pretty sure you can rule Miami out of this conversation, FWIW. They're going to have a ton of dead cap on their books already in 2019, and if they cut Tannehill, they're going to add another 8-13mm. Plus, their owner/GM are apparently looking at a full rebuild.
  18. Not according to Denis ******* Leary. Edit: NSFW - Two words: Nuclear ******* weapons.
  19. This week's shows were so much better than the past several months it actually made me log in here to see if it was being discussed. I can't help but think VKM being on hand wasn't entirely unrelated to the borderline creepy stuff involving Bliss. Overall, two of the better shows they've put on in a long time. And seriously, the hell with Lars Sullivan (as far as a performer). I have two words for him: Aleister ******* Black. I know people are concerned about him getting lost as a mid-carder, but I just don't see it.
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