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  1. Inspired by an Athletic ranking the current coaching vacancies, I ask this: Which is the best young tandem among Tatum/Brown, Zion/Ingram, and Luka/Porzingas? Use whatever criteria you like as long as it relates to those players.
  2. Tell that to someone that fell over!
  3. His point is that the basis step-up is the opposite of a death tax. It's a death windfall.
  4. We'd need to know the context of the Biden quote to know if that's a contradiction. His "you" could be an individual, a couple, or a family.
  5. And it looks like it would be a 2.6 % marginal increase on dollars earned above $400,000. Meaning a couple earning $400k sees no increase. A couple earning $500k sees an increase of $2600. Hardly a war on the middle class.
  6. People are definitely hypocritical on this and many other issues. High cash bail is absurd. Crowdfunding bail and legal fees is fine, as long as the lawyers are serving the defendant, and not whoever is paying. And crowdfunding legal fees is fraught with abuse by opportunists. I haven't really considered the issue of big tech "deplatforming" funds for controversial groups. That's a puzzler.
  7. I was responding to claims that lawmakers decriminalized auto theft/theft from autos/carjacking. So yeah, I was hoping for a copy of a law. That's what decriminalization means.
  8. I'm not familiar with that video. While thus far no one has shown any examples of politicians decriminalizing auto theft, it is worth mentioning that high speed chases are frowned upon these days, so that could explain why the police aren't being more aggressive.
  9. Again, they didn't decriminalize theft, they created a diversion program within the CT juvenile courts to allow kids to complete a program and avoid a conviction. And according to your article, the rate of stealing from cars in CT decreased after the change. I won't deny it's a big problem in Connecticut right now. Those same gangs of Connecticut kids have been stealing in my Rhode Island town and surrounding areas. Exact pattern you described.
  10. First of all, I thought we were talking about stealing cars, not stealing stuff from cars. Second, that California law only adds an element to the California crime of "auto burglary, " it doesn't decriminalize theft of cars or theft from cars. It may be true that certain thefts are classified as misdemeanors based on the value of whatever was stolen, but every state, including Connecticut, uses dollar value to distinguish misdemeanors and various levels of felonies.
  11. Do you have any support for the idea that "Politicians have decriminalized car theft? " Because I'm pretty sure that isn't true.
  12. I'd guess no as to lawbreaking, since it's all fiction, and that law enforcement already knows who the main people are. EDIT - I took your question to mean the character/message board poster(s) "Qanon" rather than Qanon believers. Plenty of believers have committed plenty of crimes.
  13. To be fair, the ultra-rich already decide where Government money is spent.
  14. In college I had a conversation with a friend about the NBA playoff format. I grew up with a 2-2-1-1-1 format for 7 game series, and 2-2-1 for 5 game series. They were going to change it to 2-3-2 that year, and I was strongly against that. I thought it was unfair that the lower seeded team could have a chance to win in 5 games with more home games than the higher seed. My friend didn't see the problem. Debate ensued. I argued that ideally all series would be 1-1-1-1-1-1-1. It seemed fundamentally undeniable to me that this was fairest. I was dumbfounded that he could disagree with this foundational point. It seemed obvious that we'd want to keep things as even as possible. That was the essence of fairness, was it not? He responded that equality wasn't necessarily fair. Playoffs weren't fair In the first place, because they denied the regular season winner their deserved victory. But if you had to have them, maybe the higher seed should have all home games. That would be fair to them, considering they won that right. Or maybe the lower seed should host all the games, which would be a fair way to even things up between the two teams. Or maybe 4-3? There were all kinds of permutations available, and any of them could be fair, depending on your priorities and definition of fairness. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't see his point at the time, though of course he was right. Anyhow, I was reminded of that conversation reading here about what different people think is a fair or unfair tax system.
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