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  1. Did anyone ever get around to posting a list of recommended follows on Stocktwits? I've got Lupton, but would like some more. It seems like a good way to gauge what's about to go on a FOMO run
  2. INTV up 60% since someone, I think @Nigel, suggested it yesterday. In retrospect, I should have bought more than $96 worth.
  3. @CapellaI was in the 2030 and 2040 lifecycle funds. So roughly 35% bonds (mostly G fund),and less than 10% S fund. I changed to 60/20/20, but I'm considering 50/35/15 based on your discussion earlier in the week. I'm frustrated that I waited so long to allocate, and of course stocks dip as soon as I stop protecting 1/3 of my account.
  4. Hopefully it's an Olde English 40 in a paper bag
  5. Good thing I switched my whole TSP over to C/S/I over the weekend
  6. OK thanks. I'll sit tight for now, since my basis is nearly 100 above yours!
  7. Someone talk to me about FLGT. I haven't been in it in the past but gather from skimming the talk here that a lot of you are frequently in and out. Any patterns to it?
  8. I'm mad and not talking to premarket.
  9. Dang, I bailed on it at $8.95 this morning
  10. Makes more sense than other stuff I've been buying. IN
  11. +100% in a week. I sold half earlier. Scared to sell or hold the rest.
  12. Sold some BLDP to recover my basis. Sitting on a bunch more for my first true freeroll. Feels awesome. Thanks @Todem!
  13. Much less crowded than the Cape. More rustic. Just a small town really. Better beachs, great biking/kayaking. Not a lot of commercial stuff to do. Great restaurants, great feel. Cheaper and less high-brow alternative to Nantucket /Martha's Vineyard
  14. Depending on what you are used to, the water will still be quite cold in June and early July, particularly according to your wife.
  15. . . . not that I'm paying attention
  16. Todem recommendations since, I think, November Riskier plays from November: BLDP (+140% since he called it as a potential 10x) MDU AMT EBS "Real stocks, real companies, real profits, real dividends" from January and February EXC DIS NFLX LMT GIS GSK PFE VZ and maybe T
  17. Yeah, WPDH is what I actually listened to in college, but I had a show on VKR.
  18. Thanks! Found my old college station, WVKR, Poughkeepsie Not surprisingly, playing showtunes.
  19. That's a name for a investment pyramid scammer I'm following anyway
  20. I don't have an opinion on Moneylion, but the market doesn't seem impressed
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