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  1. I'm in FUSE at $11. Thinking of adding today and hoping reddit pumps it over the weekend
  2. When you guys says a stock is looking like it will go up, or that futures are up, is that just based on seeing that the bid and ask prices are significantly higher than the previous close? Or is there something else?
  3. Of course most people don't pay as much attention as you or I. Those people aren't watching. If you didn't watch the actual riot, you aren't watching the boring political theater about the riot. How are those polling numbers attributable to the impeachment trial?
  4. The quality of evidence is irrelevant. No one watches who doesn't already have their mind made up. Just like earlier when you questioned whether people would buy the constitutional/unconstitutional argument. The people that want to buy it will buy it. Those who don't won't. Do you think a single person is watching trying to find out whether Trump incited a riot? I don't. We all know what happened and what's going to happen. Everyone just wants to see what awesome things their side will say and what outrageous things the other side will say.
  5. Can we talk that through a little more? The stimulus checks should add to consumer spending, but the percent of people qualified to receive a check who also invest should be pretty small, so would the checks really increase the demand side on investments?
  6. Makes sense. Play three more years in Tampa, swing home to the 49ers for a couple years, ending with a swansong SB run to go out a winner with the Pats.
  7. Exactly. It's just that only one player in NFL history has ever achieved a meaningful sample size
  8. That kind of thing happens to me all the time in Red Dead or GTA
  9. Next time I hear Chinese dissidents #####ing about humanitarian atrocities I'll be all "Yeah but I lost $130 investing in you! "
  10. Why did I just buy something called China Liberal Education? It sounds like a dissident labor camp. And one without a solid path to profitability
  11. I hopped off yesterday. Got tired of waiting
  12. Next trick on these SPACs that find a merger is knowing how to value the SPAC/when to get out. I feel like it's just guessing and I really dislike the reddit/qanon feeling I get from these things. Yesterday with VCVC I had a basis below $11 and sold in the 15's because I think the bump was more hype than substance. 23 and Me I'm more inclined to believe in because of the long-term (probably evil) potential of DNA databases with regard to healthcare and health insurance. Edit to add: I've got VGAC at $12.30, whereas my VCVC was at $10.75. That could also be affecting my opinio
  13. It makes me so happy to see Bender making weed puns.
  14. Can you share your shopping list and price targets?
  15. He may not be in my top 100 people I'd choose as President, but I'm delighted to have voted for him and not at all surprised or upset by anything he's done. Frankly I won't believe anyone voting differently unless they post an explanation. I just can't imagine anyone being surprised by anything he's done.
  16. I've been disconnected from the market and news for a few days. Do I need to understand this GME squeeze business if I don't own any of the relevant stocks?
  17. Thanks for the thoughts guy. I'm still hanging around. I'll give a longer update one of these days.
  18. I never imagined people would argue with me in this thread, but here we are.
  19. This seems like an awfully slippery slope. As absurd as the voter fraud claims are, they were promoted by the President, and I assume most of the 1/6 protesters genuinely believed them. A genuine belief in a non-violent wrong can't justify a violent response in a civilized society.
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