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  1. Bias is a noun. Biased is an adjective. Biased means you have a bias. Bias is partiality. You can have bias, but you cannot be bias. The media isn't bias. Politicians aren't bias. No FBGs are bias. I regularly see otherwise intelligent (not intelligence) posters get this wrong. So cut it out.
  2. No thanks. It was my mistake to take you off of ignore and try to engage.
  3. Virtually every sentence you wrote includes fear mongering, gross exaggerations, and/or outright lies.
  4. Any reason for Hive Blockchain HVBTF to be down 18% this morning?
  5. Having now read through all the pardons, there's nothing that jumps out as unusual or deeply offensive. Without knowing the background of every case, it seems like a pretty typical mix of oversentenced drug offenders and well-connected fraudsters. I can't get too worked up about Bannon. It's in the realm of ordinary "bad" political pardons. There's certainly nothing like the pardons of war criminals in this batch.
  6. You just answered my question asking what the media has to do with it by criticizing what a rep said. I hesitate to ask, but, what does the media have to do with it?
  7. You yourself agreed above that it should be investigated, so what does the media have to do with it?
  8. You stand accused of unlawfully awesomely crossing county lines
  9. Sorry I missed this. Count me in as an alternate if needed. EDIT: Wait, is Chess Time mobile-only? If so I can't use it anyway. Oh well. I'm randall146 on chess.com if anyone wants to give me a good shellacking
  10. It actually matters quite a bit, from a legal standpoint. If a claim is irrelevant, you don't get to present evidence to support it. You and I know that the election wasn't stolen, but some millions of people don't. I'd rather the impeachment proceedings have as little Trump and Rudy lies as possible. This will sound weird, but in the eyes of the law, relevance and admissibility take priority over truthfulness.
  11. Truth is not a defense to inciting a riot. If you call someone an MF'er and get charged with disorderly conduct/fighting words, it won't help your defense to prove he F'd your M.
  12. This is an excellent, though frightening, point. I fear the world my children will be left if the push towards right-wing nationalism continues.
  13. As far as my own suggestions, my only "expertise" is in criminal justice, and I've given the broad strokes of my suggestions there. These recommendations would benefit impoverished meth- and opiate-riddled white communities just as well as urban cocaine- and heroin-riddled black communities. I'm not an economist, and have no experience with rural white Christian communities. But, I can relate their plight to the young unemployed masses in the middle east. These young men have no promise of employment or prosperity. They are angry, desperate, and vulnerable to opportunists selling hate. I
  14. I fully agree with Denzel that it starts at home, and more specifically, that the absence of a father/breakdown of the traditional American family unit plays a huge part in our societal problems, particularly in the criminal justice context. The overwhelming majority of people in the criminal justice system grew up impoverished, without a father figure, often without a mother, often in homes wracked by crime, substance abuse, and mental health problems. Without a doubt, it started at home. But now what? Do we as a society want to pay $75,000 per year to lock them up? Do we execute them f
  15. Lol. I totally agree. My original response had the words Judeo-christian, protestantism, and North Korea.
  16. I completely agree that our prisons are overpopulated and too costly. But, rather than the solution being mass deportations and executions, my solution would be to put fewer people in prison, for lesser periods of time. You are correct about prison costs. Prison is much more expensive, and a poorer investment, than education. Most crime is rooted in poverty, poor education, and lack of opportunity. Spend more money on education to have less crime in the first place. Spend more money on education and vocational training for criminals, make probation supervision rehabilitative rather than
  17. 8. Yes, obviously prostitution should be legal. Hopefully you aren't as dooshy with the many women you bed.
  18. 7) I could get on board with requiring American companies to hire American workers, and I won't bicker with the details (50% of workers, 80% tax,etc.). I do think Americans will be shocked at how little they can afford when every product they buy is Made in the USA. Our standard of living will drop drastically if we have to pay living wage Americans to make everything. I also think this proposal pointlessly keeps Americans in menial manufacturing jobs when it might be more forward tHinking to steer the population (perhaps through your mandatory service progtam) to higher paying, better
  19. 5) and 6) Do you want the least qualified people to lead us? Because restricting people's earning capacity for their entire lives is how you assure that only morons ever run for office. I want smart, qualified, big-picture minded leaders. People of substance. I want Obama and Clinton and Roberts and Scalia. And, despite disagreeing with them, I want Rumsfeld and Cheney and Nixon too. What I don't want is more Palins or Gaetzes, which is all you'd get if you told people that helping lead the country would require losing your (and your children's!?) right to earn a living for life. And th
  20. 4) I'm far too over qualified and opinionated on criminal justice to engage with your suggestions. I'll simply point out that stripping Americans of citizenship for criminal offenses is unconstitutional, and not something that states would ever agree with. Further, a system that ignores the possibility of rehabilitation and redemption is un-American and flies in the face of our value. This is particularly true for the white working class demographic you are defending here. Lastly, your draconian suggestions are inconsistent with what we know about criminal deterrence, human nature, and brain s
  21. 3) If we end foreign aid we instantly lose influence around the world. And, from my understanding, foreign aid accounts for a little more than 1% of our annual spending. While I don't believe "it's only 1%" is a valid reason not to consider trimming an expense, I'd imagine most foreign policy experts would say 1% is cheap for the influence and security it buys. Certainly it's far cheaper, in dollars and blood, than direct military intervention. Overall, I think the suggestion to end all foreign aid is naive, a simple, populistic solution to some very complex problems.
  22. 1) Well, I agree on compulsory service for youth, though obviously the devil is in the details. I doubt whether conservatives and progressives would ever agree on what types of service would be permitted. For example, military vs. peace corps vs. Church missions vs just going to university. To me compulsory service would be more effective at an older age, so I'd suggest 2 years between the ages of 16-25. 2) I also agree on school sports, but would add other extracurriculars. Sports isn't for everyone, and I don't think there are good reasons to limit activities to sports. Why not band, th
  23. They were on CNN, but I don't think she works for CNN.
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