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  1. This is a great topic, and I agree entirely with JML's post. I'll just add that both Democrats and Republicans have effectively divided the working class as a whole, to the benefit of the upper class. The Republicans have been more blatant about dividing the poor, by expressly telling whites that brown people are to blame for their economic woes. The Dems have taken a subtler approach, IMO, not always expressly blaming whites, but certainly telling whites that their problems are less important than the concerns of brown people. Regardless of the approach, however, both major parties are
  2. FUSE spac up 10%on rumors of acquiring BlockFi crypto-services VGAC spac up 5% on ???
  3. There's the time commitment, and also that GG, by shtick or otherwise, is kind of abrasive. It's not conducive to a dialog.
  4. "Southern District of New York" refers to a federal district, so a valid presidential pardon would, in fact, protect him from prosecution there I assume you meant that a federal pardon would not protect him from a New York state prosecution, which is true, and very likely.
  5. because he can't pardon himself from impeachment, but a self-pardon could be seen as an admission of guilt
  6. Market about to open, Todem in italics below. F5 F5 F5 F5
  7. Whoops, forgot a big one. Carter wasn't complicit in the draft dodging!
  8. A few differences between Carter's pardon of draft dodgers and any potential Trump pardon of Capitol rioters : - Carter campaigned on pardoning draft dodgers, so arguably had a mandate to do it. Trump does not have a mandate. - Carter did it during his first days in office. So he could have accomplished the same thing, for practical purposes, by simply instructing his DOJ to refrain from draft dodger prosecutions. Trump, on the other hand, would be binding future DOJ's. - Carter's pardon order in January of 1977 covered draft dodging crimes from the 60's up to March of 1973.
  9. I, and the rest of the investing newbs, would appreciate some explanation rather than just a ticker with no context.
  10. I'm pretty sure a spent bullet in freefall would be harmless.
  11. Any thoughts on Bridgetown Holding BTWN? It's down around 15-20% from where people were touting it the past few weeks. I'd love to lower my basis but can't help but feel like these things are scams.
  12. Anderson Cooper insulting the mostly peaceful protesters with comments on their appearance and Olive Garden quips is unhelpful.
  13. Stupid coup messing up my best stonking day ever
  14. Trump is an absolute disgrace and should be removed from power today
  15. What will be the best way to view today's festivities? Fake news networks? Livestreams from Qanon proponents?
  16. One explanation of the Trump phenomenon is that Americans are generally optimistic people. Years ago social scientists wondered what could explain why lower- and middle-class Americans so frequently voted against what appeared to be in their economic interest. It turned out that Americans almost universally believe that they individually will end up rich. Against common sense, we see ourselves as the exception, and vote for what we assume will be our eventual economic interest. Throw in a healthy side of racism /xenophobia, and you've got a recipe for Trumpism. Trump is the kind of rich g
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