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  1. I like all of these picks, but think Yang is better suited for Labor. I love Sally Yates. I met her at a conference on drug courts and she struck me as intelligent, forward thinking, and very principled
  2. I don't see that particular argument as frivolous. It's not totally unreasonable to interpret that first provision as requiring all "election " activities to occur on a single day. This interpretation assumes, without specifically stating, that the act of voting is necessarily part of election day-only activities. However, the second provision you cited shows that interpretation to be wrong. The PA Constitution clearly doesn't assume voting must happen on a single election day, because it mandates certain non-election day voting. And, I agree that the PA Constitution simply guarant
  3. I've been remiss for far too long in not supporting the best message boards on the innerwebs, especially when you've been so supportive of me. Just got myself a primo-deluxe membership. Thanks Joe
  4. My point was that you don't actually believe your 60% estimate. Not to take your money.
  5. So you put the actual odds of Trump winning somewhere between 10 and 20%.
  6. You're not speaking blasphemy, but you're not being honest about your prediction either. Would you give me even odds on a $100 bet? Would you accept if I gave you 3-1? 5-1? 10-1?
  7. I challenge you to link to a single post here that supports this claim.
  8. Art. IV, Sec. 7 - Invisibility. If ever a portion of the ballots are unable to be viewed, whichever candidate is theretofore losing shall be declared the winner. It really is a great constitution!
  9. Get your brooms out everyone! It's an eatoff!
  10. No one is disagreeing with you. If she got fired for relatively mild political statements that's unfortunate. Everyone is just saying that part of free speech is suffering the potential private sector consequences for that speech. And that's a good thing. If I learn one of my employees is a nazi, I want to be allowed to fire him.
  11. I've never heard of this woman and have no idea why she got fired, but a PR professional should know better than anyone that you can get fired for expressing your personal political beliefs.
  12. Was able to disembark from CCL even from when I foolishly bought in June
  13. Thanks Oats! That's actually the clinical trial I did! I was literally the last person in the country to be enrolled. I still don't know if I got drug or placebo, but after the trial period I got to start or continue with the actual drug, so I've been taking the real thing for a while now. Of course there's no way to know if it is helping me or, not. It's a great advance for the fight against ALS though.
  14. Wow that sucks man. If they have any questions I'm happy to talk. It's a tough learning curve, and you never seem to get ahead of the disease progression.
  15. My 17 year old and I may be getting matching YNWA tattoos!
  16. Biden should begin his speech with "I just got off the phone with President Trump, who graciously conceded the election, and sent his warmest congratulations to me and Vice President elect Harris"
  17. Aside from being anti-immigrant from Mexico, what policies does Trump represent that will outlive his presidency?
  18. Noob question: assuming I believe that the market is irrationally climbing and will correct some time in the near future, is there any good reason not to put in a trailing stop loss of 3-5% for all my holdings?
  19. This is joe telling the rich donors their taxes will be raised but not oppressively
  20. There’s no 180 from this article to the original post. In both he’s talking about raising taxes on the rich.
  21. Who’s paying for all the rental McMansions? The league, the agents, or the families?
  22. I think we should judge ours leaders based on how they handle actual events and circumstances, not how they would have handled totally different hypothetical situations.
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