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  1. I have zero idea what she actually looks like from that pic...That's the vaguest full face shot I have ever seen... You feeling lucky Alias? Let's just say it is a pretty "meaty" face. My guess is there's a lot to love, below.Big face plus cropped pic to ensure no part of (presumably large) body is visible... you do the math. That picture is just the tip of the iceberg."Meaty" sums it up well. I have no doubt this woman has half a pack of hot dogs on the back of her neck.
  2. There's not a ton in the immediate area that I can think of...There's Local West (http://www.localcafenyc.com/about_west.htm) at 33rd and 8th, which is decent catwalk at 35th and 5th is a fun place.Katwalk & Local are cool bars but I wouldn't call them lounges. Local's nice in the summer with the rooftop bar.I'll suggest the The Ginger Man 11 E. 36th St 66 beers on tap 130 different types of bottled beer from around the world
  3. I'm amazed at how many lives will eventualy be affected by this drunken trip to the bathroom.
  4. With the way you and your friends joke around this "event" will never go away. From here on out it will always come up and be a sore spot for you.
  5. There are a few websites out there with proof (photos) of how it ends. I wish I never clicked on any of them.
  6. I thought it was Bobby B's job to get it done.
  7. During the NY meeting they specifically asked about Paulie Walnuts. His response was only upper management dies - which I'm guessing Paulie's not a part of.I'm also guessing Paulie Walnuts has a lot to do with the upcoming demise of Tony Sorprano.
  8. Random thoughts . . . Tony and Sil were slow boxing because the overture for Cavalera Rusticana was playing, which is used under the slow motion beginning in the film Raging Bull. Nice song appearance by Metallica during the toy train seen. "No Leaf Clover" was playing as the trains lights were going through the tunnel. Bobby B getting whacked in Trainland which is in Lynbrook L.I - On Sunrise highway.
  9. I'm shocked the Vegas girl (Sasha Shahi) isn't getting any love in this thread. I thought she was hot Former cowboys cheerleader too
  10. Welcome to New York . . . . now go home.
  11. The Reds OF: LF - Dunn CF - Freel RF - Griffey Jr. Conine looks like the 4th OF. How does Hamilton get playing time as the 5th Ofer? Now I understand that both Freel & Griffey are brittle but I don't see how Hamilton is roster-able in a 12 team league.
  12. Hamilton has a cannon for an armAny chance he makes the Opening Day roster? Bank on it.Seriously?Is he worth a roster spot in a 12 team league?
  13. Hamilton has a cannon for an armAny chance he makes the Opening Day roster?
  14. Now THIS is a fish "This Sturgeon was caught on the Willamette River just below Oregon City. It weighed over 1,000 lbs. and measured out at 11'1". It was 56" around the girth and took over 6 and a half hours for the 4 guys taking turns reeling!
  15. Good job bigbottom. Funny stuff. You're like the sports version of Weird Al Yankovic. MTV come calling yet?
  16. Sometimes you just have to drop the hammer . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvY2GdpvHFg&search=punch
  17. Deadwood went out with a fizzle. I loved the show and liked the ending last night but it was a bit tame. Joe Mammy's scenario would have been sweet. Even though they are giving us 2 2 hours episodes next year I'm sad to see Deadwood come to an end.
  18. Excellent episode last night. I also can't believe this show is ending soon. What was the purpose of Trixie shooting Hearst bare breasted and with her skirt pulled up? Was it so Hearst wouldn't see her face?
  19. Not sure if it will happen next week but the Gem saloon is gonna burn.
  20. Four? Cool -thanks.The guy playing Morgan Earp did a good job riling people up with that smirk of his.
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