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  1. My friend's kid was an outstanding middle distance runner. My understanding is that recruitment for track and swimming are very similarly black and white - if your best time meets the standard they're looking for, you get recruited. If it doesn't, you don't. Not sure how that translates to cross country, where the course can influence the runner's time. My sense from my friend is that the target recruiting times aren't that hard to find. If you do some googling on College Confidential (which kind of sucks since they did a message board upgrade a few years ago) or some sites about recruiting, y
  2. This is the kind of info you're supposed to be telling me Though I do know that NYU is supposed to be very renowned for public interest. I'm not sure how he's really supposed to figure out the best fit since it seems like all the admitted student stuff will be virtual. He's trying to reach fairly recent grads of his target schools who went to his same undergrad school to get info about the law school experience, dealing with debt, etc.
  3. Big news for The_Son - just found out he got the Rubenstein Scholarship from Chicago! Full tuition + a $20,000 per year stipend. Last week he was fortunate enough to be offered a full-tuition scholarship from NYU (which is confusingly called the Vanderbilt Scholarship) but with the NYC cost of living, it is still going to be about $90,000 out of pocket to go there. Pretty sure he's going to take the Chicago offer, except that his girlfriend of 5+ years is living in NYC and working for the US Attorney there through Fall of 2022 when she plans to start law school. So he's got to figure out wheth
  4. Shows how much the story line matters. If it had been Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher who played like this in a Super Bowl win, they’re the MVP. White isn’t a big enough star yet. Will be soon though. He’s great
  5. Changed the game somewhat. But all those calls against the KC D don’t change the fact that their O scored 9 points.
  6. Gabbert is like “Tom, can I take a snap” and Brady shoves past him as he puts his helmet on and runs onto the field
  7. I feel bad about how lonely and jealous Tony is going to be in the coming months at home while Jim is out doing Final 4 and gold
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