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  1. Ravens are getting hard to defend. Take away the run and Lamar can beat you passing. Don’t commit to stopping the run and they’ll grind you up on the ground. 34 points and they had a pretty average day offensively Bateman 4 of 4 on for 4 first downs until he dropped what would have been 5 of 5. If they get Stanley back at LT they’ll be able to play with anyone Lots of Bynes at ILB and it made a difference just to have a guy doing his job. And not coincidentally Queen was focused and had his best game of the year But Humphrey was the star, and Elliott (1 sack, 1 INT) and Calais were also great Also special teams were a whitewash. Duvernay rapidly moving into Pro Bowl status
  2. Ricard throwing dudes out of the club all day. Chargers run D not ready for prime time. And the Ravens have been struggling to run in recent weeks
  3. Hollywood Brown needs to watch old film of Steve Smith and Darrell Jackson and Gary Clark. He has as much or more natural ability but he needs that grit and will in his game that they all had. If he played as tough as Gary Clark he’d be an All-Pro
  4. Respect to Staley. Doesn’t matter how many you lose by and if they punt there it’s probably over
  5. Ravens O took a giant dump after those first 2 possessions Staley gifted them 3 more by going for it on 4th. Roman/Lamar gave it back w that terrible INT on first down. Ravens need to run the ball and score on first possession of second half or they’re going to find themselves very quickly in a 17-14 game as LA shakes off the East Coast 1 pm hangover
  6. Yeah blocking but no WR has really been targeted other than Hollywood. Why bother? Can’t even comprehend what Lamar’s stats since the 3rd quarter on Monday Night must be
  7. That looked like a 2019 or 2020 Ravens drive. West Coast team not enjoying the physical play in 1 pm East Coast start
  8. Well for 1 play, never mind Probably not a great challenge, they rarely overturn those Ravens should be at the line ready to go for it if it’s overturned
  9. Preliminary call for me on this game was LA 37-31. Real windy in Baltimore though, so now thinking more like Ravens, 27-24, as ground game finds its footing again vs weak LA run D. Le’Veon Bell surprises with close to 100 total yards and a TD
  10. Cost them the game. although LOL at replay refs not looking at the clock on that last play NFL clearly wanted this game over before the 1 pm window which meant no overtime
  11. I’ve been big on Dallas so far this year and I got them -1 before last week’s games for this week’s game at New England Now the line is up to 4. Any thoughts on if I should take NE +4 and try to middle it? I like the essentially risk-free chance to double up but doubt the Pats cover. So maybe bet half as much on the Pats as I have on Dallas -1?
  12. Highest completion percentage in NFL history for a 400-yard passing game First game ever with someone to have 440 yards passing and 60 rushing in the same game Steve Young once had 440 and 50
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