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  1. Nice to see the Burlington love in this thread. I lived there for 7 years in the late '90s and now my kid is going to UVM this fall. Still have some pretty good friends there so it will be nice to catch up with them and spend time back in town
  2. Flying into Burlington can be expensive. Look at Manchester on Southwest, it's not a big drive and a lot of western New Hampshire isn't much different from Vermont. Top of Mount Mansfield is a good visit, either by gondola or the Auto Road. Hill Farmstead Brewery is maybe the best brewer in America and is on the New Hampshire side of the state, as are a lot of the covered bridges from White River Junction down to Brattleboro.
  3. I agree with most of the comments here. Nothing wrong with being closer to family, but maybe cast a wider net that just within state lines. Providence RI is pretty cool, or Amherst/Northampton in Massachusetts. You can be close to family but also live in a place that has a bit more to offer than much of the Nutmeg State seems to have
  4. Turns out UVM charges a $495 acceptance fee - it's not a deposit against freshman tuition, it's literally a onetime fee you pay when you sign up to attend. Guess it's not going to be entirely free after all LOL
  5. Done deal, kid is heading to UVM. While it feels a little weird to pass up Top 40 schools like Tulane or BU for one that's not in the Top 100, it's where my kid wants to go and is excited to be. I believe that's the real key for success (especially with this kid), rather than the name of the school. And it's the one school that's going to be essentially free for us, which - not going to lie - is going to have some very positive impacts on my life.
  6. Isn't it snowing there like right now, on April 16?
  7. Have you been to Vermont? Seems like it’d be up your alley
  8. 2nd dose of Pfizer knocked me pretty flat starting at just about 24 hours after getting it at noon on Monday. Basically felt like I had a bad hangover except with no headache. Got into bed around 5, tossed and turned for a few hours, but then slept through the night. Woke up this morning drenched in sweat but feel great now.
  9. Causing a transgender woman to commit suicide by outing her is the kind of thing that would rightfully get someone canceled today but wasn't on that level in 2014: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/21/grantland-apologises-outing-transgender-inventor-golf
  10. Quick update from Law School Application World, where Notre Dame Law School went down in infamy yesterday. Apparently in their admission letters this year, they said deposits are due April 15, or whenever we fill the class with received deposits. At 4 pm they sent an email that the class was 67% full, at 5 pm they sent one saying they were 80% full, and by 6 pm the class was full. So if you had been admitted to Notre Dame Law but didn't put down your $600 deposit by 6 pm yesterday, you are no longer admitted. They basically created a bank run on themselves. There is some thinking this will backfire on them, as people who rushed to make their deposit might still end up enrolling somewhere else, and people who would have gone there but got shut out during yesterday's rush will now go elsewhere. It's been a crazy year, record number of apps and a messed-up LSAT curve resulting in too many high scores. Apparently you could fill every seat at the top 111 law schools with a 160+ applicant. Georgetown, which normally gets about 9,000 applicants, is expecting a total of 14,000. Here's a quote from their Dean: “This is a year like no other,” Cornblatt said. “To give you some numbers, if you were applying to Georgetown with a 3.9 [grade-point average] and a 171 [LSAT score] last year, I would have said to myself, ‘This is real strong. I’ll probably say yes to this.’ Now, with the exact same applicant, you better have a reason for me to say yes or you’re not getting in, because I have plenty of you. That’s the careful part of this.”
  11. I understand what @Angry Beavers is saying and agree with him about today's college athletics landscape. He's not talking about the kids, the majority of whom do meet the requirements of both sports and education effectively, he's talking about the coach's expectation. My experience, having worked in a private school with a number of D1 recruits, is that D1 athletes are expected to shape their schedule around the sport. No classes that conflict with practices, of course, but also none that conflict with off-season conditioning sessions either. There's no "off" season, so no study abroad, except during the summer. The coach got you into that school, so he expects your priority is the athletic program, and you fit everything else in around that. No taking courses that are too difficult, either, because the schoolwork might take up too much time. We had one kid, a great student, who after committing as a junior in high school was told by his Ivy League coach to drop all of his advanced courses as a senior. Ivy League teams have to meet a certain median GPA for their recruits and the coach wanted to make sure the smart kid earned a 4.0 to offset the low GPA of another recruit. My neighbor's kid, who plays for one of the most legendary programs in women's athletics, is expected to live close to campus even in the summer so she can participate in conditioning and "captain's practices" which are highly orchestrated by the coaching staff.
  12. That’s the hard part. My wife has been there a long time and every time she talks about leaving, I’m like .... 6 more years .... 5 more years .... etc
  13. Johns Hopkins has a benefit that your kid gets half of JHU's tuition to take with them wherever they go. Since we both work there, it's 2 halves = 1 whole Unfortunately you have to work there for 2 years to qualify, and I didn't pass that mark in time for my older son. On the other hand, we got 50% tuition remission on his private high school where I worked until moving to Hopkins. Been paying at least one tuition every year since Fall 2012, been paying 2 during 6 of those years, very much looking forward to the full tuition benefit for second kid's college. Let's just say that there's a lot of stuff we've been putting off for 9 years, combined with having no kids in the house for the first time since 1997, combined with the pandemic ending, has me the most excited I've been about back to school since the late 80s.
  14. With the expected Tufts rejection last night, we're done. Accepted: Tulane, Macalester, UVermont, American, George Washington, Boston U Rejected: Tufts UVM remains his clear front-runner, even though he's never visited. We lived in Burlington for 7 years (all of them before he was born) so he's been there a lot to visit and we still have good friends in town. We're driving up in 2 weeks and a friend of a friend is going to show him around. Then we'll drive down to Boston and walk around BU. I think these 2 are the only schools he's still considering and if it were up to him, he'd just enroll at Vermont now. We're making him at least look just in case it doesn't match his mental image. I also grapple a little with my feeling there will be fewer resources at a public university dealing with budget cuts than at any of his other choices. And I have to deal with my own biases about him going to the lowest-rated school that accepted him, though ultimately I'm the world's biggest cheerleader for "fit" and that a kid's success is based primarily on being invested in wherever they end up. He's been accepted into a liberal arts learning program that gives him a housing group and an academically themed focus for the first year, which is the kind of thing I think will help him succeed. If that is his final choice, I'm going to see if we can negotiate his way into the Honors College, only because the priority registration its students get will ease a lot of my concerns about institutional resources. My older son's longtime girlfriend (since high school) graduated from BU last year and loved it, so she's pushing it hard! And my mother-in-law lives a couple miles from campus, so that's appealing. Thanks to the jobs my wife and I have, tuition is pretty much covered at all these schools. UVM is the only merit award he got that can be applied to room & board, which means it would essentially be entirely free while the others would cost us $20-24K per year. Can't deny the appeal of that!
  15. Got Pfizer 1st dose Monday at noon. Arm got increasingly sore thru 24 hours to the point it was hard to lift things off a high shelf Woke up this morning and it’s like the jab never happened
  16. My wife and I both got appointments within a day of using this link https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/c268c6f40463480baae69154b7845ffd Don’t know if it’s a Baltimore County thing or what but it was amazing. I think registration expands to 60+ today so maybe supply will tighten up Good luck!
  17. My kid just got into American U with a $10K coupon (more commonly known by its marketing name of "Merit Scholarship") It is one of the few schools he got to tour pre-Covid and was high on his list for a while but he doesn't seem that interested in any more. I think it might be a really good fit, so hopefully they reignite his interest with some post-acceptance stuff This is also an interesting test case on how Regular Decision is going to go. I'm hearing it's going to be very unpredictable with lots of Wait Listing. Interesting that Tulane, which I think is a good bit more selective than American, gave him $18K in merit aid during the Early Action round. He's already ruled Tulane out, based mostly on a pandemic-fueled realization he doesn't want to be farther than a car ride from home, but maybe we can leverage that offer if he decides he likes American after all So far UVM is tops on his list (another Early Action acceptance), waiting to hear from George Washington U, Boston U, and Tufts
  18. The 6-month+ saga is drawing to a close and my son has about a month to pick a law school. Still hasn't heard from Yale, but according to past years if you applied before January and haven't gotten in by now, you're probably not getting in. So the choices (including scholarships/financial aid) are: UChicago, $0 tuition + $20K annual stipend, 3-year net cost about $10,000 NYU, $0 tuition, no stipend, net cost about $75,000 Harvard, $37K tuition, net cost about $180,000 These costs don't take into account summer income or any $ my wife and I are willing to kick in (which is probably about $10k per year if we have to). So he'd be likely to come out of Chicago with $0 debt and NYU with, I don't know, $25-50K, based on summer earnings and parental guilt. And he's pretty much already ruled out Harvard based on price as well as fit. I think he is leaning toward NYU a little right now. He's a huge public interest guy and has been a little turned off by what he's heard about Chicago's conservatism/libertarianism. But in thinking this through here are some questions that have come up that I'd love your thoughts on. Feel free to DM me if you prefer: Cost - Is it stupid to pay $65k more for a slightly lower ranked school? $50k in student loan debt seems pretty manageable to me, but is it, and is it worth it? Clerkships - All the law school kids today are obsessed with getting federal judicial clerkships. And Chicago is really, really good for that. But is a clerkship that big a deal for a someone who is 100% not going to pursue BigLaw? Are they a big deal at all, or are these kids just misguided status seekers? Career - Would he be significantly advantaged/disadvantaged career wise by picking either of these schools? He has no specific idea what he wants to do, but broad strokes are non-profits with an international policy focus or maybe civil rights. He's fluent in Arabic and Chinese so I could see him doing international human rights, or immigration policy, maybe working as counsel on Capitol Hill. He's been named a finalist as an International Law and Justice Scholar at NYU, which would mean a free fourth year and International Law LLM if he got it. But the program seems really focused on preparing people to become law faculty and he's probably not up for that. Culture - He's not shy, but is very self-contained and a bit reserved. Absolutely despises self-promotion or performative leadership (part of why he nixed Harvard). He's great at working one-on-one with faculty but I could see him struggling to form connections with faculty among a class of 425 at NYU vs 190 at Chicago. Also, Chicago pairs students in his scholarship program with faculty mentors, so he'd have that relationship pre-set. How important is having a close relationship with faculty to landing the kind of job he wants (or clerkship)? Finally, if there's anything we're not thinking about that we should be, please let me know. Sorry this is so long and thanks for your help!
  19. Good luck @Nigel- this stuff is so stressful Congrats @El Floppo Sounds like you have a great kid who will be successful anywhere, so I'm so glad he's heading to the place that will have the best fit. I've come to truly believe that private schools' college placement results are more an input than an output - the schools that admit smart, successful kids tend to graduate smart, successful kids On the college front, I'm hearing that long wait lists are liable to be a big thing, as enrollment managers have no metrics to predict what their yield on admitted students is going to be. From test scores, which helped them predict which kids would/wouldn't enroll, to attendance at admitted students events, and all the other usual indicators that helped them predict enrollment are totally out the window. Plus there's talk among parents that a lot will double deposit with the hope that their kid can visit in-person to make a decision before the final enrollment deadline, and it's worth it to them to eat the deposit in order to get the right fit for their kid. If your kid does get into a school he/she likes, and you're full pay (or close to it), this might be a fruitful year for negotiating additional scholarship, like: "Hey, if you come through with an extra $10K, my kid will commit to coming right now." Of the school where my kid has gotten in, he's eliminated Tulane and Macalester, with U of Vermont his current frontrunner. Waiting to hear from GW and American in DC, and BU and Tufts (which is a long shot IMO) in Boston. He really likes UVM though it's probably the least selective of all the schools he's applying to. If that ends up his top choice, I'm going to see if we can negotiate his way into the Honors College (which he's on the borderline for) - that would ease my concerns about going to a larger, public university, because it provides priority course registration and links him with a community of nerds, er, scholars.
  20. My friend's kid was an outstanding middle distance runner. My understanding is that recruitment for track and swimming are very similarly black and white - if your best time meets the standard they're looking for, you get recruited. If it doesn't, you don't. Not sure how that translates to cross country, where the course can influence the runner's time. My sense from my friend is that the target recruiting times aren't that hard to find. If you do some googling on College Confidential (which kind of sucks since they did a message board upgrade a few years ago) or some sites about recruiting, you should be able to get a general idea. Also, you can look at potential target schools' rosters, and do some online searching for the best high school times of the freshmen and sophomores and get a ballpark as to what the coach is looking for
  21. This is the kind of info you're supposed to be telling me Though I do know that NYU is supposed to be very renowned for public interest. I'm not sure how he's really supposed to figure out the best fit since it seems like all the admitted student stuff will be virtual. He's trying to reach fairly recent grads of his target schools who went to his same undergrad school to get info about the law school experience, dealing with debt, etc.
  22. Big news for The_Son - just found out he got the Rubenstein Scholarship from Chicago! Full tuition + a $20,000 per year stipend. Last week he was fortunate enough to be offered a full-tuition scholarship from NYU (which is confusingly called the Vanderbilt Scholarship) but with the NYC cost of living, it is still going to be about $90,000 out of pocket to go there. Pretty sure he's going to take the Chicago offer, except that his girlfriend of 5+ years is living in NYC and working for the US Attorney there through Fall of 2022 when she plans to start law school. So he's got to figure out whether he wants to go to NYC to be with her but I'm pretty sure Chicago will be his ultimate choice. The small size and academic approach to legal study are right up his alley. Still waiting to hear from Yale, Harvard and Columbia. Harvard is the only school that's announced when it's releasing decisions - their second wave is coming on Tuesday and he was selected to be interviewed so that's a good sign. They are giving out LL Bean fleeces with "Harvard Law School" embroidered on them to all admitted students and he really wants one to give to his girlfriend's father (he's an immigrant and the word Harvard is like magic to him) but he's definitely not going there if he gets in. They don't offer merit scholarships and it's just not worth the money to him. Likewise, won't go to Columbia over NYU even if he gets their full-tuition scholarship, because he wants to do public interest rather than Wall Street/Big Law. Pretty sure he'd turn down Yale at this point, too, even if he does get in, because of the $ but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. As always thanks to @Instinctive @Fat Guy In A Little Coat and all you other lawyers for your insight
  23. Shows how much the story line matters. If it had been Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher who played like this in a Super Bowl win, they’re the MVP. White isn’t a big enough star yet. Will be soon though. He’s great
  24. Changed the game somewhat. But all those calls against the KC D don’t change the fact that their O scored 9 points.
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