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  1. I have some EE bonds that will be reaching final maturity (no more interest) each month this year. They are $100 bonds (bought them for 50) and I am wondering what to do once they mature? Can they be somehow rolled into something that I do not have to pay tax on them? I worried about cashing them in and then owing some taxes on them? Any advice?
  2. My wife is scheduled to get her first shot tomorrow. She is getting over a head cold. She feels fine, just has a lingering cough every now and then. I looked online to see what she should do and I can't seem to find a clear answer. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  3. So, they don't let you book this appointment until you find a second one so I am still searching. Maybe keep this website opened and then start over again
  4. So I got a 1st dose scheduled at a CVS for Friday. Then I get a message saying they will hold the timeslot for me for the first dose, but don't have any available 2nd doses? Now I need to try and schedule the 2nd dose by going to another one? They won't let me confirm the first one until I find a second one. I thought that they wouldn't let you sign up for a first dose without guranteeing you get a 2nd dose? Thoughts? Do I just stay on the website and continue to look for a 2nd dose or start over?
  5. Got the 1st Moderna shot on Saturday at 10am. Felt fine on Saturday and most of Sunday. By Sunday night (8pm), my arm started hurting really bad and I then I started to feel like crap. Feel better this am, but didn't expect the delayed reaction. Thought I was in the clear when waking up on Sunday. Anyone experience this delayed response (like 40 hrs later)?
  6. Question: I am waiting my turn for the vaccine, but noticed there is a website now dr b which is a standby list in case there are any extra vaccines. Has anyone ever used this waitlist or any other one?
  7. How would I determine what the costs are for the fund I am in now (Vanguard Target Date Fund 2030). I can get into my account but don't see any costs?
  8. So I am just signing onto a new Financial advisor since I wasn't too happy with the other one. They are charging 1% AUM fee and then it goes down from there based on the amount of $ you have with them. They will be providing other services and not just managing my money. My question is they asked about whether my 401K has a self directed brokerage window. Looks like they would like to help manage this as well. I am assuming this gets them more $ as well. They are a fiduciary (not really sure if it means much). Does this seem like a good idea or should I just keep i
  9. So CDC is saying those who have been vaccinated do not have to quarantine if exposed to someone with COVID-19. Are they finally saying that those who are vaccinated cannot transmit this virus?
  10. The current one is not a fiduciary (or at least I don't think). I am sorry to say I don't know for sure. We have been using him for years as he is someone who works at our local bank - he is the VP of investments there
  11. I am starting to take more of an active role in my investments. I have a financial advisor who seems to be doing a good job with my investments. I did finally start to look at one investment with him which is a rollover IRA. It is called the American Funds PMC Active Core Portfolio - Moderate growth. It invests in numerous funds and overall its been doing well. I look and realized that they were charging a 1.25% management fee and was wondering if this was too much? I guess the more this fund makes, the less money they would be taking out, but wanted to get your advice on whether t
  12. Can anyone tell me why politicians are getting the vaccine ahead of the other people in phase 1 (healthcare workers, people in nursing homes?). Both of the Senators from Mass have gotten the vaccine which sickens me! Are they really in the first phase of the vaccine schedule or are they being selfish a usual by getting vaccinated? Just curious.
  13. Hi, I am in a 8 team league and one team is offering: A. Kamara and D.Watson for K Murray and D, Henry Would you do the trade? For some reason I see Murray coming down to earth and not putting up the numbers he has been. Any advice?
  14. I live in Mass. I will look into the ordinances for this state
  15. My neighbor has decided to plant a bunch of bamboo along the edge of our property. Each year it seems to come further in the yard. I made a trench to keep it out but doesn't seem to be deep enough. I think my next step is to hire someone who has done this before. Any suggestions?
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