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  1. Bill Maher is a bigot, unfortunately there is an audience out there who applauds that kind of thing.Look I understand there are a lot of bad Christians, I get that most of their organizations have some terrible hate filled ideas. But guys like Maher are just as bad and doing exactly the same thing.They just don't understand I don't think.most Christian organizations have terrible hate filled ideas?There is a long line of terrible and hate-filled ideas in the scripture on which christian faiths are based. Even by modern practices, I think they are credulous and divisive ideas at best.
  2. I actually think Tebow's performance was somewhat inflated by the fact that he came in mid-season. Vick did the same thing last year and had huge games as defensive coordinators scrambled to throw a makeshift game plan together on the fly to try to contain his ground game. Look at what happened to Vick's numbers when those same coordinators had a full offseason to plan for him. I would expect to see the same with Tebow next year and I don't see him being able to make enough improvements in other areas of his game to offset that.
  3. I just watched Hopscotch, a surprisingly good and clever comedy about a CIA operative forced to resign and his revenge against his boss. It has Walter Matthau, Sam Waterson, and Ned Beatty in it, several exotic locations, and a very 70's-vibe (even though it was technically made in 1980.)
  4. Until recently, I was almost exclusively a Jack Daniels drinker. Then I tried Johnny Walker Black. Suffice it to say, my Jack days are over. In fact, JWB is at hand while I type this.
  5. Wire in the Blood, a six year series on BBC. I mentioned it in the first post of this thread, but it's still available on watch instantly. It's very dark, but very very good.
  6. Just watched "Azorian: The Raising of the K-129". Anyone who's read Blind Man's Bluff or has any interest in cold-war submarine activity will love this documentary.
  7. Why are people so quick to be rude to David? I get that everyone may have a different take on the situation (as is the case with most threads), but can't we voice those disagreements without the digs?
  8. Damn. I was really hoping Charlie Sheen had come up with something to fix the problem.
  9. Anderson Cooper talking about this now. CNN obviously saying this is really bad. Hard to know what's going on for sure.This is the second worst news we could be hearing. It means the probability of any human oversight of the facility having any potential benefits is zero. The worst news we could be hearing could very well follow at any time. My best thoughts and hopes are with the people over there.
  10. I've been watching the first two seasons of the BBC series "A Touch of Frost", a great series about a sharp English police detective. There are 15 seasons,so I'm hoping the quality of the writing doesn't dip as I get further into them.
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