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  1. can we add a preface to CARS - they make fun of southern people, the accent, the whole "stupid" thing .... it's bullying, its dixiephobia and shouldn't be allowed in truth, I do very much find it offensive anymore how southern people are portrayed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3fKFocGkkk
  2. lets stop calling it "forgiveness" .... its the working people paying off the debt of people who made bad choices, and the Fed Govt adding to the 30 Trillion national debt nothing is "forgiven" ... someone is going to pay that $$$ and its not the people that borrowed it OR benefited from it I didn't know student loans couldn't be a part of bankruptcy - but once paid for, that degree that they have never goes away. it can't be taken from them in the event of bankruptcy
  3. maybe the GOP should promise automobile debt forgiveness for 2024 - that'd get them 15million more votes but wait ... isn't that kinda like buying votes ??
  4. what immigration policies do we have right now ? Millions are allowed to come into the USA and live in our amazing country every year through visa's etc right? We allow millions to come here legally through immigration right ? whatever laws we have on immigration NEED TO BE ENFORCED - unless that happens, it doesn't matter what laws are in place does it ?
  5. I feel pressured to take a loan and buy an automobile (get a student loan). If I buy an automobile (get a college degree), I could get a better job, make more money. Now, I could settle for a lesser car (2 year college, technical school) but I want a really nice car (a 4 year degree at a D1 school, medical school etc) I am making the choice to take the loans .... but later, when I don't like the job I have or the money I make and hate the loan I have (all my choices) .... I want the Fed Govt to pay off my automobile loan and I want to keep it too. Now, other people have bought auto's and
  6. I don't read any of that anytime a situation happens with police though (a citizen's responsibility to comply and/or not drop a weapon etc) In fact, police can choke to death a white guy or kill white guys, or brown guys or women and media doesn't really cover that at all. White cops kill black man and that's headline news and nobody really questions why
  7. ironically, native American's "acquired" their land by force and stealing other tribes women and children but hey, isn't that really how every civilization acquired its lands/borders? someone conquered someone else, and took what was once held by someone else and made it their own
  8. eventually it feels like dang near everything will be censored and banned because its offensive to someone, somewhere the real question becomes who's feelings are more trampled on - the people complaining or the people being complained towards ?
  9. what's being said is that the things that are the core problem are being blamed on the wrong people - there is a massive lack of personal responsibility in this world fyi white and brown people are killed by police too - "black" is rarely the reason people are killed, having weapons in their hands, attacking police, not cooperating etc is the reasons they're killed, subdued etc and skin color isn't the issue sometimes it is though - exceptionally rare overall and police CAN be better, nobody argues that ever ... but always people forget all the other things associated with police t
  10. change all the "white" to "black" and read it that way - is it now a racist article? hint - it was a racist article before changing the words, its a racist article BOTH ways
  11. natural disasters occur things happen far beyond what's expected and anticipated when those "acts of God" happen .... don't blame anyone, it happens
  12. everyone if offended at something but when we socially slip into using racism to fight racism and discrimination to fight discrimination .... the entire point of everyone being equal and fair becomes lost we just shift who's being targeted
  13. Are these politically correct going to edit/add/remove/warning label shows and movies that make fun of white people?
  14. why NE didn't pay for Wentz beats me .... then draft WR's and/or sign a couple and rebuild the passing game right now, they don't have much
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