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  1. include the speech/memory issue Biden has continually shown, the reluctance to allow questions/answers .... I don't know that anyone could have a different conclusion and the worst part? everyone close to Biden knew he was like that when establishing the run for Presidency in 2020 and they allowed it anyway its almost abuse to take advantage and control/puppet someone elderly like they're doing Biden IMO
  2. 400 shares of DWAC stock but nobody tested non-sick and no-symptoms people in 2009 we didn't count every death that had people sick with H1N1 as H1N1 deaths, nobody wore masks, nothing was shut down .... the only counts were people who went to hospitals - 61 million ... nobody was every quarantined i do remember schools shutting down a few days not to stop the spread but because so many were absent how many died in 2009/2010 that were sick and died and had H1N1 and it wasn't counted as H1N1 ? we'll never know vastly different reactions - and yes, covid was different in that it wasn't as treatable and it really hits elderly hard however, H1N1 hit kids was harder didn't it ?
  3. you can't question how I feel - that'd be mean and hateful to do .... so yeah, that's how I felt
  4. 5, 20 and 30 are all good too - sometimes the side effects are not immediately know this isn't new - this is science - we all know and can remember and google drugs and chemicals and man made products that went horribly wrong in the years after being deemed safe and fed to the American people
  5. Biden people please click this and watch - tell me that's not a man with a terribly depleted mind his mind is telling him there is a podium there to rest his hands on and he's trying to do it and thinks he is ? https://twitter.com/i/status/1451593138720542720
  6. I don't know I know that a lot of people born into wealth do nothing with their lives, a lot of people born into poverty succeed, a lot of people with 2 parents make horrible decisions/lives and a lot of people without parents are fine decision makers and excel funny how people make choices and live their lives isn't it ?
  7. ahhh that's the quandy of life isn't it ? you try and help your kids, give them second chances etc ........ call me a #### or a bad Dad if you'd like, I'll take those words and wake up well tomorrow knowing I tried to do what was best for my daughter will I again ? likely not
  8. I wonder if there was a study done and compared 10,000 top richest kids with 10,000 of the poorest ... who has more ethics? morals? drive for better decision making? the rich kids can mess up as much as they want - they got money backing them the poor kids can mess up as much as they want - they got nothing to lose
  9. and just like that 92.48 USD +46.98 (103.25%)today I think what Trump is doing is great, will be long term and very very popular to counter the liberal stranglehold on social media
  10. I meant to say they - right ... but the implications Biden put and his wording was awful in fact it was hard to read through a lot of his town hall babbling .... he's losing his mind in my opinion
  11. correct, I followed it the derail so back to the topic - I was personally harmed by the shot - my shoulder is still sore, but the vertigo is gone this morning thank goodness as is the extreme fatigue. Still have some muscle/joint aches harm /härm/ noun physical injury, especially that which is deliberately inflicted.
  12. Biden said “Colin Powell was vaccinated, and he still died.” Well, he knew he had serious underlying conditions. And it would be difficult — he clearly would have been gone earlier had he not gotten the vaccine, had he not gotten the — the shots. How does anyone know clearly would have gone earlier? Powell didn't get covid before he had the shot ... then after he had the shot, he got covid and died how does the above make ANY SENSE ?
  13. long-term side effect it is impossible to know them until long term has passed and we can look back - you do realize that right ?
  14. um .... I think the ability/availability probably yes but every person is their own, making decisions etc look at Hunter Biden - the body of who he is/was ..... just a disaster of a person if you look at just what he's done. Why? he should be massively successful on his own right? born silver spooned - but instead, drugs have ruled his life and had to live off coattails of his daddy having good role models matters - absolutely - but that's outside wealth don't confuse ethics/morals with wealth - they rarely go hand in hand IMO
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