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  1. do this ... click on this link https://www.google.com/search?q=arkansas+graph+of+covid&rlz=1C1ONGR_enUS935US935&oq=arkansas+graph+of+covid&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i22i30.4455j1j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 drop down to your state https://www.aarp.org/health/healthy-living/info-2020/states-mask-mandates-coronavirus.html so I'm in Arkansas Arkansas Statewide order: Yes Gov. Asa Hutchinson's mask directive, in effect since July, requires Arkansans age 10 and over to wear face-coverings in public settings when unable to maintain at least 6 feet of d
  2. well lets be honest Trump didn't do anything to get impeached on Ukraine nor did he organize or incite insurrections - both were bogus but both were pushed by Democrats GOP can push for impeaching Biden on anything they want to - just gotta manufacture enough of something to do it precedence is set now
  3. do you need a link with a timeline ? when were you required to wear a mask ? can you remember the time frame / date ? wherever you are, now look at the time line for covid spiking most placed middle to end of 2020 were the mask mandates, and covid spikes followed the same sure, its likely coincidental because IMO a virus WILL run its course and it don't matter what a Govt tries to do. the masks are a feel good, a way for the community to feel safer .... but home made masks worn only in public places was never going to impact the spread of a virus. covid invaded every corner of
  4. Ukraine still looms, the associations with his son and all that business - remember Democrats called for impeaching Trump the day he took office - Dem's proved everyone can be impeached, just gotta twist enough things and throw enough stuff at the fan to stick right ? But invoke the 25th if nothing else, right ?
  5. we know that after mask mandates covid numbers soared now, the people fearing covid would say hey, if we didn't have masks, it'd have been 10X worse .... but the people not scared would say hey, the numbers would have been about what they are with or without masks do you think those 29 million wasn't wearing masks ? I guarantee you many of them worse masks - and it didn't matter because its a virus reports from many people were that they were super careful ... and still contracted the virus and, of those 29 million, the majority was very mild symptoms, about like the fl
  6. yes but will at some something will have to be done - will Biden leave on his own like he's suggested? will Democrats go with Republicans and vote to impeach/remove? if either happens, will all Biden has executive ordered stay because he's obviously compromised ?
  7. do you think it was going to run its course and go away anyway ?
  8. you don't wear a condom to stop the couple down the street from getting pregnant though and that very article says yes, the stats are this and this BUT its also not 100% conclusive - and yes, it matters the source I can find you in 2 minutes a biased anti-mask article - that doesn't make it valid motorcyclists for a long time have argued their own right to their own safety - same right that people who smoke invoke if I want to take the chance on getting covid isn't that my right ? and I'm not going to go into your home or invade your personal work space i
  9. to lead this country that's what we need for a President ? someone who can be steered and long hours confused him ? sorry - that's not a strong capable leader and shouldn't have nuke codes
  10. this is where I lean to as well IF you are a person who is susceptible to a virus - stay at home, be cautious and careful. The people 99.9% chances to NOT get covid? Why restrict them? I've never understood quarantining healthy people and restricting healthy people.
  11. the person writing the article is pro-mask wearing IMO, looks to be an article written in support of mask wearing, a biased article again- we know for an absolute fact during the peak of covid reported infections/deaths were also the peaks of states mandating mask wearing
  12. seems like a biased article from the last sentences "Shaman acknowledges that "we're all exhausted by this virus. But the reality is the virus doesn't care. All it looks for is the opportunity to move from person to person," he says. And a mask is a harmless, cheap way of slowing it down." I wear a mask in public and people feel safer. That's a small price to pay IMO but its NOT going to stop the spread and facts are, it hasn't. People are going to unmask and do what they want to do and that's what happened. Why aren't we seeing a massive anti-obesity
  13. I think soon we are going to see rumors of dementia with Joe "I'd be happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do, Nance," Biden told the speaker. "Whatever you want me to do." https://twitter.com/i/status/1367259255699562504 he's not stable and they know it - no way they're letting him field questions with his mental state as fragile as it is The president faced growing criticism for not holding a formal press conference in the six weeks since taking office. https://twitter.com/i/status/1364008103834869762 this was him reading from a te
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