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  1. I read the article on CNN manipulating and faking information to diss Trump - is that the same article ? Trump called them what they were - and he instigated and played the game they wanted him to play (Trump was an idiot to do that) Trump was far from what they said he was - but keep telling the lie and people believe it, right ?
  2. blame Biden - he's the sitting president and has said far more racist things. remember, he's been in DC 40 years and we've STILL got all these problems? WTH did he do in all those years to solve anything when we are where we are right now ? unbelievable isn't it ? Trump was never part of the problem, he was simply CNN's blame for it
  3. I think maybe 10-20 trillion would be better it's all funny money at this point anyway - why hold back at 2 trillion ? I'm serious - if 2 trillion can do good, 20 trillion can do great
  4. and on cue, just read this article https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/cnn-director-shown-on-undercover-video-boasting-about-removing-trump-from-office-and-admitting-to-spreading-propaganda/ar-BB1fCA7W?ocid=msedgntp A CNN staffer can be seen in a newly released undercover video calling out his own network for “propaganda” and boasting that the cable news giant successfully removed former President Donald Trump from office. "Look at what we did, we got Trump out," Charles Chester, a network technical director at CNN, said to an undercover journalist from the political action
  5. I do not agree because the very media that's biased is the ones creating the charts. Your chart shows CNN slightly left https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/cnn/ that one shows CNN Bias Rating: LEFT Factual Reporting: MIXED Country: USA (45/180 Press Freedom) Media Type: TV Station Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic MBFC Credibility Rating: MEDIUM CREDIBILITY see, we agree again !! I traveled a lot when I was a younger man. You could say I've been there and done that and yet, the way people in different areas act and behave and believe absolut
  6. or people who don't make as much can work hard and make good choices and make more wealth that's a solution too
  7. you're right, this probably isn't going anywhere I think people no your side want to blame officers for not doing enough to keep people safe and blame officers when things go wrong and blame blame blame on the officers for everything, never giving any credit and all the while, giving a pass on everything the criminals have done to put the police in the situations to begin with but no, police just shooting someone without a reason is exceptionally rare, 0.01 % of the time if even that. Of the millions of civilian/police interactions yearly we can only point to a handful that me
  8. which literally never happens police do NOT want to be in those situations - ever they hate it, they'd love just one day to go by that they don't have to deal with felons, drug dealers, violence, people trying to escape the law ..... but its what they do, to try and make our country safer a quick google shows Wright was a high school drop out. Wright was being sought after failing to appear in court on charges that he fled from officers and possessed a gun without a permit during an encounter with Minneapolis police in June. In that case, a statement of probabl
  9. in this situation, they let the guy go, he grabs a weapon and kills people ... or high speed chase and kills people, or maybe he gets totally away and is rewarded with running ? no -we can what if all day long, but this guy made a lot of choices that ended up with police having to react - and they didn't want to have to do any of that every action is set in motion with that guy's decisions pure and simple
  10. I didn't see the other topic - to me, it ties in to Fed Gov hiding way too many things and it becomes political please delete this thread !! thanks
  11. until the times where they allow to run and someone else is killed, or they're killed ..... no - don't run ..... and if you do, whatever happens really IS all on you trying to blame someone for reacting to a situation a person started is the silly argument isn't it ?
  12. latest in a long long line of UFO sightings I've never seen what i thought to be a UFO ... but the evidence in the world is hard to ignore isn't it ? https://www.wnct.com/news/offbeat-and-unique/mystery-wire-podcast-pyramid-shaped-ufos-swarm-above-navy-destroyer/
  13. again ... all that led up to that was on the guy who was killed police never wanted to be in that situation, they reacted to the situation the dead guy caused
  14. most don't pay income taxes and those who don't likely doesn't have high property taxes and employer taxing and all the other taxing which is why I've always said 10% flat tax - your 10% at $30,000 income hurts and 10% at $300,000 hurts and 10% at $3,000,000 hurts we all hurt equally but this "tax the rich" scheme has to stop eventually ..... its ridiculous, without merit, and only the lower income will hurt which is ironic isn't it ? complain about the right not paying taxes, so they get taxes 5% more and you feel happy .... and never even notice the 10% increase in your
  15. paid what ? property taxes? employment taxes? did they have expansions used as tax writeoff's etc ? they may USE Fed Tax codes - but they DO pay .... in one form or the other
  16. I'll buy that and support such a move absolutely - there are no negatives to such a plan
  17. yes I think I can agree with that overall part of the reason is single parent homes, broken homes ... part of it is worse educational climates, part of it is that youth don't have anything to do with their time in urban areas vs rural ones ... its complex but in the ends, when its all said and done ... it IS choice that get people in the situations they're in - isn't it ?
  18. yes and no there is STILL a personal responsibility - great people come from poor areas, crap people come from rich areas ... but overall I think poverty areas can be targeted as breeding ground for crime BUT I think urban poor is vastly different than rural poor don't you think ?
  19. problem is, when the suspect starts down that road it often leads to police officers being shot or killed or other civilians too and, allowing all that breeds a society of non-compliance and lack or authority structure as well why is it so hard to just comply ? police are rarely unreasonable .... the vast majority of all police shootings are because the suspects brandished a weapon or ran or appeared to be going for a weapon, fought police etc
  20. I grew up in very poor all white areas - but it was rural and not urban and I think that matters a lot too
  21. ok there is a responsibility for a person to appear at court hearing they missed - that's on them, not on the judicial system to send reminders if we counted back all the things this guy chose to do WRONG .... goodness at all the opportunities to not be in a position where police are having to scramble for a gun/taser to subdue this is pretty much on all the guy IMO, personal responsibility is real
  22. I was pulled over by a Wichita officer maybe 10 years ago .... that man would have drawn, shot and killed me if I'd have given him any cause He was angry, agitated to an extreme and "felt" violent from the moment he came to my window. I did nothing to escalate the situation and it ended. Had I argued, reached for something in my car, tried to run or anything ... I really think it would have been bad bad My personal responsibility was do everything right and I did. I expect others to do the same. I expect officers to do the same. If both happened all the time, there would b
  23. absolutely ! it is for EVERYBODY posters always talk about echo-chambers .... and its actually a very good description of how humans go about things we surround ourselves with like minded people and in many ways, to reaffirm what we ourselves to believe as true and real ..most people do not want their beliefs and ideals challenged media realized and understood this long ago .... keep telling your target audience what they want to hear and they'll love and support you and always listen to you. report what they don't want to hear, and they'll turn on you and go somewhere else to
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