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  1. yes - Democrats target semi-auto rifles, not handguns you know this except we have hundreds of laws and rules and regulations on guns, we don't allow a lot of things when it comes to guns .... gun owners have conceded for decades on those things, and Democrats always want to ban more, take more, restrict more ... its never enough vaccine won't stop covid - will it stop the spread? well so far it sure hasn't has it? but really not apples to apples comparisons and of course you know that want to stop these mass shooting events? stop the crazy people before they do it or have people with guns ready to kill them fast if they decide they're going to try it ... and quick/fast death sentences for guilty mass murderers ..... but taking someone's choice of an AR15 isn't going to stop someone from killing no more than taking someone's Ford will stop them from drunk driving
  2. I ordered mine off Amazon tonight and will commence to stick them next week - just a friendly reminder to Biden voters
  3. right because the left never hurled insults at Trump right? 🤔
  4. if its racist ... which races are allowed in and which are not?
  5. I'm a conservative - I want to discuss and debate with non-conservatives and challenge my views and ways of thinking This forum does that for sure
  6. https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-national-guard-fired-border-cartel Texas National Guard soldiers fired upon across border by suspected cartel gunmen, authorities say Heavily armed groups are becoming a more common site along the Texas-Mexico border, authorities said If this isn't stopped, impeachment needs to be looked at. Biden is threatening American lives by ignoring this. That should be impeachable and since Harris is in charge, impeach and remove both of them
  7. I know that site Studies can often be manipulated - and if 95% of the vaccinated people were very very low risk to begin with, using them as a study to prove vaccines work to stop covid is very very flawed see what I'm saying ?
  8. I want to know how old were they, what underlying conditions did they have, obesity rates etc What I'm saying is that I'm betting all those vaccinated people wouldn't have gotten covid bad anyway - shot or no shot, because of their ages/health That is information missing that's very important https://datavisualizations.heritage.org/public-health/covid-19-deaths-by-age/ throw out all the vaccinated people 34 and younger - they don't die of covid with rare exception. Throw out healthy people who are vaccinated, they don't die of covid either with rare exception tell me what the numbers are then -
  9. 30 years in prison sounds fair doesn't it ? I have stayed overnight multiple times with people .... never was a problem before knee jerk covid rules though ..... the covid rules have changed everything
  10. lets pretend in 2019 we got what Democrats want - anything over 10 round magazines banned, more background checks, even banning of some models, suppressors, etc how many of the 452 killed with rifles do you think would still have been killed just with a different gun instead? be honest - the number would be high, maybe just as many so what reduction are you talking about ?
  11. I believe unhealthy people and elderly and compromised people who get covid virus are at risk of dying from the virus yes Does a shot help them to just not get as sick? I don't know if I buy that or not to be honest ..... we have many vaccinated people getting covid right now, some tens of thousands and hundreds dying and that's with efforts to not track those people. I've just known many family members who got the shot and then got covid to believe it helps not get covid .... because it didn't help that at all. Did it help them not to be as sick? nobody knows, again of the 45 million who've been known to be sick with covid, what % have died? Not a high % and its very very low in people under 50 a healthy 30 year old person in good shape can't get the shot and then claim it helped him not get covid- he very likely wasn't going to anyway and same person can't get covid and claim he just didn't get really sick because of the shot - very likely he wasn't going to get really sick anyway I'm all for people getting the shot, get 2 or 4 or 6 of them if you like, drink a shot for breakfast .... I support you 100%
  12. that's a guess - nobody knows and its not someone I know or you know I know people who've had covid, vaccinated people who've had covid and I think they'd all have lived had then not been vaxxed remember, 85% of the USA hasn't had covid at all, only 15% or so and 99.8% of all of us have lived the vast majority of covid deaths are over 55 years old - and IIRC 85% of covid deaths are obese when a young healthy person gets the shot - I mean 99.99% chance they'd not going to get covid bad anyway - you can't say the vax really helped them
  13. what would you suggest that would be fair and equal to all ?
  14. are they not more of a problem than people using rifles ? explain please
  15. and I understand that on very very rare occasions a person will go bat crazy and use a semi-auto rifle - they'll also use airplanes and trucks full of fertilizer on rare occasions too - and we have many laws/rules/restrictions in place to help stay off all that - common sense gun laws my BIL was 6 years in Afghanistan and Iraq and he swears Paddock had a fully auto weapon - belt driven, he could tell you the type by the sound of it. Paddock had a lot of handguns - he chose to shoot many shots into a crowd with a rifle. Would more have died or less had he used handgun ? I'm guessing less however, in the same breath had Paddock walked into a crowded bar, he could have used handgun/shotguns and killed many more I think https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_shootings_in_the_United_States rifles and handguns What is being suggested is to stop gun violence we try and stop the exceptionally few killed with rifles and ignore the vast majority killed with handguns. That is a horrible way to even try and combat a problem- any problem- in society.
  16. its not discussed because Democrats don't discuss it see, Democrats are the party that talks about safety and lives.... and they attack one of the least used weapons (semi-auto rifles) I mean at the very LEAST attack the #1 used weapons in murders, right? I mean even the majority of "mass" murders are committed with handguns / involve handguns ,,,,, and of course they ignore the core problem - criminals the last couple of shootings have went under the radar and not even reported on - handguns used right ? the next one with a rifle - the media will go bonkers and Democrats will use that tragedy to rally the anti-gun troops .... wait for it. You know I'm right
  17. Democrats - political parties .... would you not agree that 95% of all gun control targeting Democrats do are towards one of the least used weapons in murders (rifles) ? we've been over this time and again - the attacks on semi-auto rifles comes from uneducated people not knowing the facts on guns/murder etc they blindly listen to infomercials from liberal political agendas on "assault" weapons and gun show loopholes ... its ridiculous, it really is I can't believe my nephew got sucked into it
  18. I don't get it 5.1 yards per carry no fumbles ..... not the best at pass catching but his rival Moss has a 4 ypc and not much better at catching balls as far as completions/caught ..and a fumble lost why does BUF go to Moss so much ?
  19. nobody cares about handguns - I've not seen Democrats use them a single time in their gun control efforts, its always semi-auto rifles why is that? firearms not stated are very likely 98% handguns
  20. yes Joe wanted to be our leader - and lead he has Open the border, increase operational costs (labor) for companies, attacked our oil industry, the insane spending spree the Democrats are on .... but the real finger pointing is this Joe Biden has been in office for 50 years 50 YEARS he's supposed to have assembled an administration that sees what's coming and addresses it before it happens, protecting American's and this country instead? he shuffles around like his mind is gone, reading off a screen then turning and walking away and this country and economy falls into shambles and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer - and Democrats are tossing gasoline on that fire don't think they're not
  21. I am too actually I thought our judicial system was somewhat fair - I know ultra rich can buy their way but I thought at a more local level, public defenders actually tried to defend
  22. yes, I'd be interested to hear your take another tidbit - the police told my daughter they knew certain medical information that was private - lawyer said yes, police have access to medical records? I never knew that either.
  23. I know 50 years ago prejudice influenced the judicial system How much does it now? I mean that black public defender could have shoved the 21 year old white girl's file to the side because he was racist just as easy right ? I'll tell ya'll something else too .... there was a young black man - collared shirt, belt, dress shorts ... and the judge berated him and told him to leave and never come back into that court dressed inappropriately. I was like wow - tough rules but ok, his court, his rules. Then a black woman comes in front of him ... no bra, silver glittery skulls on her too tight shirt, jeans that looked like she'd been in a fight with a pack of pit bulls and they'd eaten her jeans for breakfast ... and he said nothing about her dress that pissed me off - be fair and equal or keep mouth shut is what I wanted to tell that judge 🤬
  24. her clothes? she smokes marijuana like 1 in 3 college students do my point was .... without my $5000 she'd have either had a 4 year probation or a 1 year probation and felony D for people who don't know ... she couldn't live with me with a probation - I have guns and that's a no no. Leaving the state would be much harder - and upon graduation she's absolutely leaving. Also, any roommates would have to be squeaky clean. Her marijuana card would be in question as well. LOTS of things come with probation this isn't so much about what I think she should have gotten as far as punishment or that she was guilty this is about the difference in someone having $5000 getting totally off vs someone not having $5000 getting a felony/probation or just lengthy probation that's a clear indicator that the judicial system isn't fair at all - and once that realization is understood, what kind of faith in the system is left ?
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