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  1. I don't see a reason why a small, conservative majority nation couldn't prosper in many ways. But I think the latest group of "secessionists" are just assuming that Texas will remain conservative majority when demographic trends suggest this might not be so in another decade. That's when the rubber hits the road, when a conservative majority has to decide if it will fairly cede power after it becomes a minority. The actual Texas Secessionist movement, which has been around for a while now and "claims" 300,000 supporters has already anticipated this in its constitution. Those folks took a
  2. Polls! Remember when they said Hilary was a shoe in? Their only purpose is to persuade people to vote for Biden!
  3. Rolling back regulations is one of the worst "achievements" of this administration. Rapacious capitalism is one of the nation's biggest threats.
  4. Don at minus 13 (42-55) in Rasmussen's approval polling this week. Rasmussen.
  5. I wonder which group is more confident of their candidate winning in November?
  6. This page is still young but all the posts are about Trump. Did you mean something else?
  7. Don could probably pick up a tenth of a point in approval rating and polling every day until Nov. 3 if he'd shut his yap and order Bill Barr to stop protecting their cronies. But he won't do either of those things.
  8. Speaking of high schools, why don't we let them register kids to vote if they turn 18 during the session?
  9. The updated version is that Russia and China will intercede on the part of the Trump faction because they can't allow the nukes to fall into the hands of the unstable left. We continue to underestimate how much of the electorate is out of their minds.
  10. Half empty arenas in red states and a double digit deficit in the polls. Time to unleash that health care plan and turn this ship around.
  11. I remain encouraged and hopeful but I'm seeing polls showing Donald within the margin of polling error in all three states. Plus pollsters continue to admit that they struggle to accurately count probable voters in Trump's likely demographics.
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