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  1. I don't see a reason why a small, conservative majority nation couldn't prosper in many ways. But I think the latest group of "secessionists" are just assuming that Texas will remain conservative majority when demographic trends suggest this might not be so in another decade. That's when the rubber hits the road, when a conservative majority has to decide if it will fairly cede power after it becomes a minority. The actual Texas Secessionist movement, which has been around for a while now and "claims" 300,000 supporters has already anticipated this in its constitution. Those folks took a
  2. Explaining their inability to get black votes on African-Americans being gullible is a neat runaround. It says "we're not the problem, it's just that black people are too stupid to see how awesome we are." From there it's only a short step to rationalizing "if they'd just vote for us, we'd stop it making it so hard for them to vote."
  3. There will be 18 million newly eligible young voters every four year cycle, many of whom thinks she's the shiz. I think she worries old guard Republicans more than a little.
  4. This Liva Pemy piece in Mother Jones offers a good recounting of how the Electoral College has mostly protected white supremacy from its beginning. The counting has always favored southern states where black voters were counted but whose voting rights were stringently suppressed.
  5. Desperate times call for desperate measures. But this is the last hurrah for the boomer (or older) Democratic leadership, imho. Neither major party candidate in '24 will be over 60.
  6. Another reason for Don to oppose mail-in voting is that it limits the effectiveness of the 50,000 volunteer "poll watchers" the Republicans have called for in November. You can't intimidate a voter who's not there in person.
  7. Wait till 50,000 "poll watchers" descend on the nation's urban areas on election day. Republicans are going to pull out all the stops in November in an effort to intimidate vulnerable voters.
  8. This is excellent work here. Is there Rosetta Stone software available for Trumpspeak?
  9. Don is completely bored with the whole thing and ready to just walk away from it like he has for every other massive failure in his career. He doesn't really know how to do stuff and he's not a very bright guy.
  10. I've seen reports that Biden is now receiving the daily intelligence briefs. If that's accurate, then he's actually reading them and that might open up an opportunity to embarrass Donald during a future debate (within security limitations). Because we know that POTUS doesn't read them, already knowing more than everyone else yadda yadda.
  11. I wonder if this helps her or hurts her in her re-election bid. She's in a tough race, specifically because she is so closely identified with Donald Trump.
  12. Florida 18, you have a corker as one of your cadidates. (He's an independent)
  13. I can not explain how I arrived at my feelings for either Leeds or Andre Schurrle but I love them both.
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