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  1. Believing that Donald Trump is steadfast in his beliefs and has the courage of his convictions is a terrible error in judgment. It's not a few mean tweets. His personal shortcomings are why he should never be in a position of power in this country.
  2. Why and how is the NFL "in a hurry to be woke?"
  3. Try The American Conservative once in a while and at least run through Fox's website now and then to get the latest on Hunter's laptop.
  4. News links can be found pretty much everywhere. But this is a pretty decent place to get legal analysis; we've got a bunch of fellows here, too numerous to mention by name, who can shed light on some issues that are a little murky for we lesser intellects. This isn't the only board that offers that kind of expertise but it's pretty dadgum good. FBGs is also pretty good at discussing issues that aren't anywhere near appearing on the general public's radar yet but will in the future.
  5. This seems like a pretty important observation. Public opinion is largely rejecting racism, homophobia and misogyny, even to the point that the business "pillar" (of the Seven) has come out strongly in favor of fairness and inclusion. It's also fair to point out that racism, homophobia and misogyny are not pillars of conservatism but the value of unfettered "free speech" in relation to those negative traits clearly differs between liberals and conservatives.
  6. Irrelevant to anything and I'm certainly not overlooking the systemic flaws of these kinds of surveys but Newcastle-on-Tyne recently made the global top 15 in percentages of citizens reporting their overall happiness with life. Maybe it's not the cold rainy hellhole that we've been led to believe. Or maybe the folks there just don't care about the weather. Regardless, I was surprised at their presence on the list.
  7. Worse, some of the state legislatures that will vote for Trump will be states where Democrats won the majority of the statewide vote in the legislature as well as in the presidential race. That's a mark of a poorly designed democracy.
  8. The crazies appear to have given up on winning majorities of votes and are instead making a slow and steady march towards getting it to a vote by state delegations. They will be little bothered by not having the support of the electorate.
  9. GOP legislatures in battleground states have been giving themselves the authority to override certification by their state election administrators and send their own slate of electors to Congress. Since there's been no evidence of voter fraud presented in those states, there's only one conclusion to draw from that legislation. It will be "legal." But it ain't democracy.
  10. The Eastman memo was a pretty specific plan to overturn the election results and the phone call pressuring the Georgia SOS was an impeachable offense. Last November was a trial run for 2024. The political moves being made around the nation make that pretty clear. It will all be rationalized as "perfectly legal" but it won't be democracy.
  11. If the argument is that Trump can't win, then I suggest that Republican legislatures in battleground states are gearing up to disqualify vote counts from their blue districts to make sure he does. I don't know if they'd do the same on behalf of another candidate.
  12. "There's only one person who can save us from infighting and Democrat marxism and that's Donald Trump."
  13. Loyalty and nepotism with none of that pesky unwillingness to violate the constitution. Plus she now has government experience in diplomacy.
  14. We could amuse ourselves endlessly reading the transcript of Trump's call to Governor Stacey Abrams asking her to "find 11,000 more votes."
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