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  1. This might correlate with our also being ingracious winners. In a distant time that some of my fellow oldsters may recall, crowing after a win was considered poor form. But that notion will just get you ridiculed in a lot of social media these days.
  2. The Republican majority House is really going to be put to the test in '24 when he loses the popular vote by 10 million and the EC by 80. They'll have to toss the votes in about five major US cities to make Don POTUS.
  3. He may have a winning case, too, since the suit appears limited to the violation of the non-disclosure clauses of the settlement. He's not contesting that the released documents are false, if I read things right.
  4. They're just cleverly avoiding the trap set for them by Antifa. Who also appears not to have shown up.
  5. Bob Woodward wrote in his new book that Pence sought out Dan Quayle for advice on whether or not he had the power to refuse certification of the electoral count. Quayle reportedly told Pence "Absolutely not! N-O-E!" Ok, I stole the spelling joke from somewhere else but the gist of it is from Woodward's book. Poor Mike tried everything he could constitutionally to help Trump but got hanged in absentia because he wouldn't outright violate it. Pence has zero business ever leading the nation, and probably never will, but he pitched his tent with a loathsome bunch of campers. When they used him up, they threw him to the wolves.
  6. There appears to be some brewing dispute between one of the audit's largest funders and the Arizona Senate review committee. Those "RINOs" are apparently culling many of the more speculative portions of the preliminary report and the better verified remainder is not very favorable for the Big Lie proponents.
  7. Our neighbor to the north seems to manage pretty well with allowing the decision to be made between a woman and her doctor. I trust women to make these decisions for themselves.
  8. 4. Used the power of the office to subvert elections when the results were unfavorable.
  9. Bolsonaro's case, and stop me if you've heard this somewhere else, is that communists and socialists are subverting elections to seize power and that the military/police are temporarily needed to set aside democratic norms and save Brazil. The other parallels with our last POTUS are equally frightening.
  10. Threatening companies with retribution should they regain power seems to be a problematic method of winning support.
  11. Trailing in the polls in his bid for re-election next year, Brazil's Bolsonaro is attempting his own January 6 insurrection tomorrow. Unlike Trump, he has much greater support from a military and national police force, both of which are far more inclined to be actively involved. The global right's war on democracy continues and our GOP will be watching and taking notes.
  12. Why, woz, you old epistemologist, you.
  13. Dems will increase their lead in the Senate and render Manchin and Sinema moot; you can't gerrymander a statewide election. Republicans will gain a majority in the House with a minority of the nationwide popular vote. Dem voters are so clustered that they concede about a four-point edge even if no gerrymandering takes place.
  14. The real danger is the power the Georgia legislature has given itself to invalidate vote counts in urban areas. They don't want any more Raffenspergers standing in the way with pesky facts.
  15. His first instinct was to think "crap, this might make me look bad."
  16. Somebody this morning, maybe Wasserman, speculated that with the parties' base voters having changed in recent years, Dems routinely capturing the high propensity college educated voters and Republicans becoming the party of those who typically vote at lower rates, high turnout elections may be shifting in favor of Republicans. I don't know how minority voters factored into that observation but we can be pretty confident that Trump will guarantee a big turnout. The problem for him is the way his performance as POTUS drives Democratic turnout to record levels.
  17. Soton fielding a lineup that is gonna simply dominate the Championship next season.
  18. The Ringer has an "oral history" of Best in Show tucked away in its archives that you might like.
  19. Took slow me a while to figure it out but Jennifer Coolidge's BLM ( 😄) lover from next door in White Lotus is Uncle Rico.
  20. That was a good piece and raised an important question at the end: how much less representative democracy are Trump supporters willing to tolerate in order to get the policies they want? Thankfully, we don't see outward opposition to democracy here but it raises its head on conservative social media with disturbing frequency. Sometimes you can chalk it up to simple frustration. But not always.
  21. Matt Yglesias, with whom I disagree as often as not, whimsically suggested a few days ago that Republicans should outflank Dems by supporting universal health care and high tax rates on the rich, both of which are generally popular with the working class upon whom they increasingly count as their base voters. It could even work for them in attracting more moderate conservatives back to the party - a demographic they've been hemorrhaging lately - but the flaw in the plan is that they would have to devise serious policy and candidates who can do that are struggling to win GOP primaries these days.
  22. A recurring theme from conservatives on Twitter was that Hungary clearly demonstrates that diversity is not a strength for a nation, as US liberals often claim. It seems like a wasted effort to me to debate that because the diversity horse has already left the barn. We just need to figure out how to keep a free democracy while being the world's most diverse nation.
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