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  1. With his injury history, picking up Penny makes no cents.
  2. When I built my team, I choose to have my most expensive RB and WR on a bye this week as well as my second most expensive QB and second most expensive TE. If that was all I am missing, I might be confident, but add in my injury woes and, ugh, I just don't know. It would be a great week for Julio Jones to step up.
  3. It is often necessary to change your tune on a player mid season.
  4. Stayin alive, can't last for long, but at least one more week of enjoying this ride.
  5. I'd be way more confident in Darnold and Tyrod than Ben and Teddy. Good luck!
  6. While I liked my QBs coming into the year, the Russ injury is most likely going to take me out of this thing. Russ Wilson Ben Roethlisberger Teddy Bridgewater Oof
  7. Some guys just aren't meant for the NFL. I refuse to expect anything from Penny.
  8. This looks like the end for me unless Ekeler goes absolutely nuts tonight. Good luck to those still in the running.
  9. Love it when a thread reminds me why I used the ignore feature years ago.
  10. FWIW, for those of us that have been here for a long time, I find it easiest to just go to the MyFBG Classic page and jump off from there to wherever I want to go: https://www.footballguys.com/myfbg-classic There is an easy and clear way to check your contest team from that page. I also work in tech and my $.02 is, less is more. New content can be pretty and flashy but it comes with growing pains. Having that static page which just always works is priceless for me. Get well soon JB
  11. I can see a scenario where the team is trying to not further alienate the players and fans. They have already done a fair bit of damage with the Hopkins/Watt fiascos. However, forcing the NFL's hand to make a decision(that they clearly should already have been forced to make) should do nothing to harm the relations between the Texans and Watson or the Texans and the fans. I guess the part of your original post I objected to was that the NFL and Texans have some sort of wink wink deal. I just don't see how any sort of deal could benefit the Texans.
  12. Why would the Texans agree to this? Wouldn't they want him on the exempt list so they would gain a roster spot back?
  13. Remains to be seen. He caught 72 balls last year and caught TDs in 3 of the final 5 games. Julio is gone, Pitts is a rookie TE, and the game plan didn't seem to go very well this week without him being involved. He may turn out as a bust but I'm not going to let one zero push me off of him just yet(and that zero might let me acquire him for next to nothing).
  14. I'll throw in a vote for Russell Gage.
  15. QB - Russell Wilson - 17 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - 9 QB - Teddy Bridgewater - 5 $31 spent. Wanted 3 QBs, liked the relatively early bye for Ben coupled with the relatively late bye for Teddy to backup Russ. RB - Austin Ekeler - 28 RB - Antonio Gibson - 26 RB - Damien Harris - 16 RB - Gus Edwards - 11 RB - Sony Michel - 5 RB - Rhamondre Stevenson - 3 RB - Mark Ingram - 3 $92 spent, 11 dead already with Gus, but that is one of the reasons I went with 7RBs. Injuries here seem more frequent than the other positions. Liked the Stevenson handcuff with Harris to backup Ekeler and Gibson. Thought Ingram would get his share in Houston and am hoping that Sony will be useful in LA. WR - Adam Thielen - 18 WR - Julio Jones - 17 WR - Jerry Jeudy - 16 WR - Antonio Brown - 10 WR - Jakobi Meyers - 6 WR - Marquez Callaway - 5 WR - DWayne Eskridge - 3 $75 spent. Thought my top 4 were good value plays so I was willing to spend less at WR. AB is a key to that strategy. If he loses is mind again and gets kicked off the team or something, I'll be in trouble here. High ankle sprain to Jeudy in week 1 already has me worried. TE - Travis Kelce - 30 TE - Dawson Knox - 6 TE - Kyle Rudolph - 3 $39 spent. Wanted Kelce, liked Knox as a #2 and counting on Evan Engram to be Evan Engram in NY allowing Rudolph to be relevant. PK - Jason Myers - 4 PK - Josh Lambo - 3 TD - Chicago Bears - 3 TD - Cleveland Browns - 3
  16. NFL running back is a young mans game. Count me in the camp that Williams has every opportunity to earn the biggest part of the Ravens RB timeshare.
  17. And I'll reiterate that so far, neither has Watson refused to play in a real game.
  18. Houston seems like a possibility, no?
  19. Didn't show up to practices the week leading up to a game in 2018. Essentially forcing the Steelers to sit him game day. He then refused a trade to Buffalo, and ultimately concocted a helmet issue to force his way off of the Raiders.
  20. Honestly though, he's showing up to practice, the Texans are choosing not to play him at this point. If he refuses to play, he should be fined accordingly. But I don't think that is exactly what's happening here.
  21. FYI, Draft Dominator Classic still works great.
  22. Diontae is the one to have in all formats in my opinion. Claypool will likely have the highest single game scores but Diontae should get consistent numbers so long as he is healthy and catches the ball(he does have the propensity for drops). My guess is overall points goes Diontae then Claypool then Juju. I was surprised when they brought Juju back at any cost. He is a luxury for this team and I wish they would have spent the money elsewhere. He is not a player that I am targeting at any point this year.
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