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  1. If you put a gun to my head 2 weeks ago, I am not sure I would have come up with that Wentz was #11 in Philly. Way too much is made about numbers. Wentz is not Tom Brady or an iconic NFL star. Pick a different number and play.
  2. The Steelers line has not been very good at run blocking this year. The Steelers coaching staff does not seem to be interested in making the run game a priority and Ben has the authority to change plays(he greatly prefers to pass). The combination is not good for the Steelers running game. All that being said, no, I don't see anything special when Benny Snell gets the ball. Conner is the better runner, the better blocker and the better pass catcher. Snell is the clear #2 at this point. He is adequate but does not stand out for me in any way. Assuming Conner leaves at the end of the
  3. Steelers seem to have no interest in establishing a running game and I wouldn't guess that Snell would be used in the passing game. You would pretty much be hoping for goal line TDs with Snell.
  4. Following a positive test, if the player is asymptomatic, he can return once: 10 days have passed since the initial positive test; OR Five days have passed since the initial positive test and the player receives two consecutive negative PCR virus tests at least 24 hours apart within that five-day period
  5. If he is pointing out holes as in, this player is injured but is still in your lineup, I would not mind this behavior at all. If he is however suggesting, you should start healthy player A over healthy player B... that is not welcomed feedback.
  6. Sure, and honestly, I am not here to defend Bryant because all indications are that he is likely a knucklehead. But, if I ran any sort of company or organization, where I was paying my employees millions of dollars to perform for me, I would also want to make sure that they have every advantage that they could have. If one of my million dollar plus employees said that the mental health care that we offer is not sufficient, I would certainly investigate and likely upgrade our offerings.
  7. Putting more $ into the mental health care of their players would not at all hurt the NFL's bottom line and could in fact help some guys who really need it(and help with the collective bargaining agreement that is coming up). The fact is that many of these guys end up broke and broken down. Bryant made some money but other guys in the NFL have made substantially less and their careers are extremely short in most cases. On this issue, I think he has a point. It's low hanging fruit and I see no downside to the NFL throwing some money at it.
  8. People are defending this guy like he's a hall of famer. Yes, he has talent which has flashed at times. But we are talking about a guy who has 94 catches in 3.5 seasons. In part due to the suspensions, but in part due to the fact that he doesn't have very good hands as was pointed out many times in this thread. You have to earn the right to be a diva in the NFL. #10 hasn't. You don't like how you are being used, fine. Get mad. Talk to the coaches. Play harder. Ask how you can get more involved. Don't skip workouts and whine to the media and take shots at teammates who are si
  9. If you are going to pout after your team dominated a hated rival in excellent fashion, this sport may not be what you are looking for. It's fine to want to be more involved. It's even fine to ask to be more involved. But, make sure you are putting forth the effort to be taken seriously. AB is a terrible distraction, but he is one of the hardest working guys on the team. Juju appears that he is following in those footsteps(the hard working part). I highly doubt that the Steelers would deal #10, but my guess is his snap count will continue to decline in favor of those who are coming to pra
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