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  1. In if there is a spot available, thanks
  2. I also won my 8th and 9th titles this year (2 for 2 in 2017, 9 for about 34 all-time (estimating)) Not sure where the all-time Championship threading is, not trying to brag, know I've had a lot of luck, just proud of the achievement
  3. In please if there is opening
  4. Rudy...you up in SSL2

  5. wsl....you on deck

  6. Again, the site says Phenix is unable to receive messages. Sorry Phenix, I tried to PM you.
  7. 20.14 Dwayne Harris WR Cowboys
  8. Chistine Michael ROOKIE RB was drafted by myself quite a while ago
  9. 19.03. Terrance Williams WR Baylor ROOkIEPlease pm next, getting on plane
  10. 19.03. Terrance Williams WR Baylor ROOkIE
  11. The site is not letting me send Phenix a PM.
  12. 18.14. Andre Ellington RB Clemson ROOKIE ????
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