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  1. In if there is a spot available, thanks
  2. I also won my 8th and 9th titles this year (2 for 2 in 2017, 9 for about 34 all-time (estimating)) Not sure where the all-time Championship threading is, not trying to brag, know I've had a lot of luck, just proud of the achievement
  3. In please if there is opening
  4. Again, the site says Phenix is unable to receive messages. Sorry Phenix, I tried to PM you.
  5. 20.14 Dwayne Harris WR Cowboys
  6. Chistine Michael ROOKIE RB was drafted by myself quite a while ago
  7. 19.03. Terrance Williams WR Baylor ROOkIEPlease pm next, getting on plane
  8. 19.03. Terrance Williams WR Baylor ROOkIE
  9. The site is not letting me send Phenix a PM.
  10. 18.14. Andre Ellington RB Clemson ROOKIE ????
  11. 16.14. Rob Bironas. K. Titans
  12. 15.03. Dallas Cowboys D/STPhenix, this is the second time you failed to PM me (or ask some one else to for you). Please do so in the future (and my mail box is less than 25% full). Thanks
  13. 14.14. New Orleans Saints D/STMy bad
  14. 13.03 Christine Michael RB ROOKIE Texas A&M
  15. 12.14 Stefan Taylor RB ROOKIE stanford
  16. 11.03 Tyler Eifert TE NOTRE DAME!!!
  17. SR, not sure why you were unable to send me a PM (only 4 PMs in my box). Steel Dillo sent me a link on the Disscusion Thread which I appreciate. In all the years I've done these, I was unaware that the Disscusion Thread was required reading (I don't post about my team, never have). I will monitor the Discusion Thread going forward and will refrain from posting about this on this thread anymore. I am simply frustrated, as I can now easily time out in my sleep, while on a plane, a conference call or any other activity that occupies me for a couple hours.
  18. Phenix, to my knowledge no one has won more of these than me. I check my email regularly (why sending PMs is important) but do no sit in front of a computer all day.
  19. BNB, no where in this thread was there any warning. I am not trying to be a pain, but to shorten my clock from 4 to 3 hrs, and than to cut that down to 1.5 hours when I made my pick within 4 hours is messed up. I missed a single pick while at the Super Bowl -- this is flat out weak
  20. When Did the hours get shortened? There are several places in this thread and the WSL rules thread that state we have 8 hours, and Stinking Ref posted on the 5th I am on a 4 hr clock. Now you say it was a 3 hour clock. I picked within 4 hours. I should still have a 4 hour clock
  21. I understand I timed out on Super Bowel Sunday, but should I not have a 4 hour clock?
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