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  1. Friday regulars Zero to Sixty in 375* Rounds (songs with numbers in them) - NEW Songs about New York City - NEW Go Cat Go (Rockabilly Music)
  2. Four replacement channels advance Songs about New York City Title Tracks of Albums Bring In 'Da Funk (Funky songs duh) Songs about Southern California
  3. Bringing Dayton to the people Bring In 'Da Funk (Funky songs duh) The Fjords (music from Scandinavia) Title Tracks of Albums
  4. Maybe it was because of the dedicated channel or the demographics here but tswift wasn't included in the Breakup Songs channel. She's written dozens of them and they've been analyzed by her fans as closely as the Zapruder film. I'll triple up here. 438.8 - Taylor Swift - The Way I Loved You (Taylor's version) (Tswift Channel) He can't see the smile I'm faking And my heart's not breaking 'Cause I'm not feeling anything at all And you were wild and crazy Just so frustrating, intoxicating, complicated Got away by some mistake and now I miss screaming and fighting
  5. It's time again to be hypnotized by the painted runoff at Paul Ricard
  6. 437.8 or 12 - Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer (Surf n Skate) Nitzsche is another great character of Rock 'n' Roll who contributed to lots of classic records as a musician, producer and arranger. I'm sure Pip has some stories of him and Neil Young. This grandiose surf tune was his only top 40 hit in 1963.
  7. Thursday Summerpalooza (Not the League) - Last Chance Yeah, it's really come to this - the Taylor Swift channel This is the Beginning - songs with great intros - 5th roll Surf & Skate Shop (Surf music and songs about skateboards)
  8. Thursday regulars I think this may be the closest the total has been to the current year. It's definitely the closest three dice roll. Yeah, it's really come to this - the Taylor Swift channel This is the Beginning - songs with great intros - 5th roll Surf & Skate Shop (Surf music and songs about skateboards)
  9. If Dennis DeYoung is still allergic to light, he'd have a hard time with the Close Encounters spaceship.
  10. Farewell to Harmonicapalooza with three titans of the mouth organ 436.8 - Talk Talk - Living In Another World - (Harmonica by Mark Feltham) 436.12 - Willie Nelson - Midnight Rider - (Harmonica by Mickey Raphael) 436.218 - Michael Franks - Never Satisfied - (Harmonica by Toots Thielemans)
  11. I knew @ditkaburgers was going Oasis here so I gotta go with 435.8 or 12 - Blur - Coffee And TV (Mic #2) Graham Coxon wrote and sang this.
  12. I already added them to 150 and 2/X. If I decide they suck I'll remove them. 😆 I added them to Harmonicapalooza and End of the World. There's not much that could make End of the World any worse than it already is.
  13. Wednesday regulars NASA Mission Control (Songs about space, being spacy or taking up space) Stripped -- acoustic songs from electric/electronic artists Microphone #2 (songs where someone who is not usually the lead singer takes the lead.
  14. Wednesday last chance roll Harmonicalooza (songs featuring the harmonica) - LAST CHANCE
  15. The Beta Band is still undrafted after 434 rounds. I was considering some Steve Mason for Goin' Solo though.
  16. Tuesday Bowie fourplay David Bowie - Breaking Glass (112 sec. w/ Matt Pinfield) David Bowie - Sunday (End of the World) David Bowie - Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed (Harmonicapalooza) David Bowie - Rock 'n' Roll Suicide (Side 2, song X)
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