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  1. @landrys hat New album from La Luz dropped tonight @Ilov80s it's a self-titled fourth album
  2. It might be better to be able to pick your spot. Manchester would be more fun than Milwaukee. ETA: or randomize a common location for each round, e.g. everybody has to pick a Boston artist
  3. Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Mixtape Draft. Side A - Up Tempo Mix for Saturday Night (dancing, workout, fist pumping) Side B - Down Tempo Mix for Sunday Morning (slower, quieter stuff) 14 rounds, 7 songs per side. Draft for both mixes at the same time. Diversity rule: Each side must include a minimum of three genres. Genre is determined by the artist not the song, e.g. "Fame" would be considered Rock because it's Bowie even though the song's style is R&B. Allmusic is the authoritative source for an artist's genre. It's a mixtape, not a playlist so make 'em flow.
  4. I like drafts that produce listenable playlists. We haven't done a mixtape draft in a long time. The downside of those are you end up drafting against yourself although that's usually the case with music drafts isn't it?
  5. Meanwhile in drafts, these are the unrolled cats from the Genrepalooza sheet I See London, I See France (Songs about London or France) Title Tracks of Albums Botany 101 (Songs about plants) "Hand of Doom" - contemporary doom, stoner, psych, and drone. The Fjords (music from Scandinavia) Artie and Paul In the Morning (Simon and/or Garfunkel) Hot 'n Cold (songs about hot, warm, cool or cold) The TBD Miles Davis concept - still needs some woodshedding Patriotic Songs (Lee Greenwood and/or Toby Keith Need Not Apply) Generation Next (daughters and sons of the music biz) Fleetwood Mac and Anybody Who Was Ever in the Band Tennessee Channel (Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and points between) need to decide whether songs about or artists from Beelze and the Bubs (Songs about the Devil) Blonde Ambition- Madonna, Brittany, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga Kidz Bop (music by or for kids of all ages) Associated Acts (Bands with members more famous for another band. Supergroups welcome but no solo material) Vocal Chords (Songs with great harmony vocals) Associated Acts (Bands with members more famous for another band. Supergroups welcome but no solo material) History Channel (songs about historical events) Eephus' Fresh Hell -- songs 15 or 12 minutes long or more The Cloud (songs about the sky and flying fauna) Music Calendar (songs with months or days in them) Squeezebox Redux (songs featuring the accordion) The Medium is the Message - songs about television/journalism/newspaper/movies Pride Mix (songs by or about LGBTQ people) The Love Channel Itchy & Scratchy Show (Songs with turntable scratching) The Remnants (Undrafted songs from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and their members) Emerald Isle (Irish Acts) Remixes not remasters Songs that make you cry Radio Radio (songs about the radio, records, cassettes or streaming services) N'awlins (The music and musicians of New Orleans) IP Theft (Samples, Samplers & Samplees) All Goth Radio
  6. I looked up the PM exchange with Joe. I'd forgotten it happened right after the Las Vegas concert shootings.
  7. It was the only time I've ever PMed with Joe Bryant. He asked me to change the title which I did but the whole thing was really deflating for me. I took a self-imposed break after that one.
  8. I shuffled through the Pitchfork 500 on my walk today. It's pretty different from the RS list, less poppy, more as you'd expect. I think some drafters might find it too obscure. I'm not crazy about doing limited pool drafts back to back but I guess that's the flavor of the month. ETA: but I don't have a better idea and would probably be in for anything
  9. COTA this weekend. Temperatures are supposed to be in the high 80s on race day which coupled with the abrasive track surface means tire deg will be critical. Cars starting the race on softs may be looking at a two stopper. Anyone who makes it through Q2 on mediums will have an advantage on Sunday.
  10. I'm not particularly interested in drafting from a different list that overlaps with the one we just did.
  11. Added Jamal Agnew - WR - Jaguars Khan Jamal - Dark Warrior The vibraphonist Khan hits the perfecta of the first name of the player, the last name of the owner and being born in Jacksonville. This song from 1982 was recorded in Copenhagen for a Danish label. Jamal lived there for many years. He's in his 70s now but I couldn't figure out whether he's still there or moved back to the US. I re-added Younghoe Koo too but I already picked a song for him.
  12. Added JaMycal Hasty - RB - Niners Donny McCaslin - Descarga The Santa Clara native McCaslin is best known for playing saxophone on Bowie's Blackstar album but his main career is in Jazz. This 2007 track rides on a fascinating bass and percussion groove with McCaslin on tenor trading solos with Dave Binney on alto.
  13. Dean Wareham of Galaxie 500 and Luna has a new solo album out. If you like those bands you'll probably like it. I really liked Holland Park by the UK band Spearmint. They've been around since the 90s so they're old enough to put out a record that's this wistful. It's sort of a concept album about a Prog Rock band that the singer's father belonged to in the 70s. The album's centerpiece is a 12 minute story of the band and the other tracks fit it loosely around that. They remind me a little of Prefab Sprout who I love to an irrational degree. Your mileage may vary.
  14. I originally voted Jaws but after reflecting on it a bit, I'd go with E.T. E.T. has more of the sentimentality that has marked Spielberg's work, especially later in his career. E.T. and Close Encounters are Science Fiction with a distinctly humanist bent almost like a Frank Capra film.
  15. I was bored so I made a sheet of the players who've moved in the four minidrafts. It tough to call winners and losers without historical context but there have been some nice pickups along with a whole bunch of non-factors. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qKB6KJH4FHFwBR1tuVmM6r1fBb4_ostFj-JT5LgcC0g/edit?usp=sharing
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