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  1. You're right. Yours is better and more original. 🤣
  2. Taladega letting people drive their own cars around the track tomorrow - with a pace car - with new vaccination. Awesome. Supposedly a free beer in some bar in Wisconsin spiked vaccinations. heard about Ohio and the scholarship offer is genius what other fun promos are out there and for the anti- vaxers - take off, eh
  3. Meanwhile Rove hosts a summit for top candidates and the Cheeto isn’t invited or mentioned
  4. Swearing allegiance to a guy that didn’t even have a platform the last time he ran. 😂 trump has redefined the gop base by embracing the racists, the under educated, and conspiracy nuts. And the gop is reacting to that - asking who is the candidate that can appeal to that group - and there’s only one answer. the gop should spend the next three years on a platform and party reform and let their candidate arise from those efforts.
  5. I get 6 with the red rifle. Maybe they can sweep Detroit or Vikings and get one more. I probably get to seven with dalton/fields split. maybe Fields starts vs cards with the extra prep time and a 4-7 record
  6. Hilarious that the tucker/bonging/hannity/ingraham/rush crowd are questioning credibility
  7. Is this implying trump had the fire in his belly? Maybe a Taco Bell burrito grande fire.
  8. Like reeds in the wind of blowhard conservative mouth pieces
  9. I am guessing he feels it’s rigged against anti-vaxxers - and who cares. the scholarship promo is something every state should be doing
  10. I corrected you on two of your posts on odds in the last two days. Now you want to insult somebody else. get over yourself.
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