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  1. Its hilarious how somebody vehemently defends a point with multiple posts and then the posts dry up when facts are introduced
  2. your analogy doesn’t work When defendants decide to commit a felonious act, they are also subjecting themselves to the possibility of being charged with first-degree murder. How? The felony murder doctrine allows for prosecutors to charge defendants with first-degree murder if someone dies during the commission of a felony. To offer more clarity on the subject, it is best to look at real case examples and the reoccurring themes that arise within the felony murder doctrine. https://www.crimlawpractitioner.org/post/2016/03/22/burglaries-heart-attacks-and-murder
  3. Actually, I believe it is in a court of law. Maybe somebody else can confirm. Without the riot, he might be alive today.
  4. Lot of names are too high brow. Got to appeal to the gop masses and go low brow reality tv. maybe Johnny knoxville 🤣
  5. I think it will come out in next weeks investigation. at the risk of going partisan, it’s being reported mike Flynn’s brother works for pentagon and was on the incoming call for assistance
  6. Need to get to the bottom of the delay in deploying the national guard. And somebody’s head might roll.
  7. I thought almost any time raven was on screen the show sputtered - and she is on a lot in season 1.
  8. If you are enjoying season 1, stick with it cause 2 is way better. the guy that plays Hawk is star material. He’s the new jack reacher and will probably crush it in that show
  9. Why not just say it rather than add a laughing emoji and taking a shot? Set a higher bar for yourself. and let me post your standard response and save you processing time ====>🤣
  10. Where’s all the aoc hate today? she’s raising millions for tax and Ted is lying about his getaway
  11. To answer the original question not enough if you wanted trump to win
  12. I think you are reaching. For instance, regarding the bolded - we still got kooks on the right that think trump is going to be sworn in on March 4. And we have no idea of any intel of emerging threats. We had an unprecedented threat last month and members of gop are still going on tv casting doubt on the election results - Scalise did it yesterday. I know you want to see several of these things through a certain filter - but you got to use some logic.
  13. But it doesn’t get to the point that Biden has had a bad presidency.
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