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  1. Plus in your flawed objectivity, you assume the other side was wrong in their judgement Take a look at the demographics of a Trump voter vs non-Trump voter and let me know which group you would trust making a judgement
  2. oh, cmon, you’re trying to push your narrative without using any reasoning. less than half the country loved the guy and the majority despised the guy. no matter which side is right in their feelings about him, theres an overwhelming example of a large group of people misjudging him - and you can’t believe it would happen
  3. Nonsense. and how did it do it for America when 50%+ of America was against him?
  4. Which guy is the back up when both are healthy?
  5. Who is the back up when both are healthy? He’s on pace to shatter the touch record so we need to cover the injury.
  6. I may have been thinking of practice squad players being promoted
  7. Isn’t it something like three inactives and you have to release him?
  8. That's a good squad - I think Alex Collins is your answer. Bateman is an option as well cause that offense wont support two wr's.
  9. That’s a tough one. I think you are forced to cut fields - or give it a go with no te this week
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