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  1. That's a good squad - I think Alex Collins is your answer. Bateman is an option as well cause that offense wont support two wr's.
  2. That’s a tough one. I think you are forced to cut fields - or give it a go with no te this week
  3. It's Toney again this week - has been for the last 3 weeks. For the TE desperate: Arnold, Henry, Seals-Jones, Ertz for the week with Goed in covid (but you have to watch Goed status)
  4. If I were geno, I would take 8 rushes a game and short td runs. Gets everyone talking about you. why not.
  5. Didn’t think he would do much - and still disappointing
  6. who cares? This is a mole hill you and Fox are trying to make into a mountain.
  7. True but I expect him to keep a starting role with that performance. Jones attempted more 20 yard pass plays on Sunday than he had all year.
  8. Best guy this week was the best guy last week kadarius toney if you haven’t, go to youtube and search his highlights for game 4
  9. Don’t think Collins has the value to drop one of those
  10. My first thought was TB as well - but would you really want a multi year deal there? Expecting he doesn't just sign for remainder of this year. GB out with Rodgers uncertainty. Better options for multi year deal and shot at SB win: KC, Balt, Dal, Buf All of this is without cap considerations
  11. Sounds like there's a niche for someone to start their own pod
  12. Bidens full statement for you bottom feeder news guys: "I don’t think they’re appropriate tactics, but it happens to everybody. The only people it doesn’t happen to are people who have Secret Service standing around them. So it’s part of the process,"
  13. Gronk going to miss games with fractured ribs... is it Brate time? Howard time?
  14. My wild card waiver pick up for the week - Toney, WR, NYG - massive opportunity playing the slot and Shephard out.
  15. why don’t you try dropping knowledge in here instead of the stuff you have been dropping
  16. I would hope coaches and players are talking and saying wth? Play Tyson. not you. Ravens
  17. Don’t call us, we’ll call you
  18. My only point is that it was likely that sermon had not corrected whatever made him inactive two weeks ago - and shanty wasn’t likely to turn over the keys. so the disciplinary issue likely remains - whether it’s lack of effort, lack of knowing the playbook, or whatever.
  19. Like I said earlier Shanny was trying to prove a point by making him inactive in week one. He wasn't going to give Sermon all the carries yet as it defeats the point of making him inactive in week 1. Shanny is still trying to make his point. And I have no idea where this goes
  20. I came in here to suggest “not jake funk”
  21. Most people with 16 man rosters have some junk in roster spot 16. I like to gamble on that roster spot and pick up a wild card each week - it was Gio yesterday - but now I got the Funk - cause why not Let me know if any one has any wild card waivers to consider - I think MVS is one but a lot less funky.
  22. Considering shanty just benched him for some reason, I tend to think he won’t turn the keys over to him this week and probably top out at 50 percent of the rb touches.
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