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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XkU3N9EE3Q It's not the full video but I am headed to bed. You seem to be taking a victory lap. I think what I take exception to is any attempt to denigrate "BLM" as a call for awareness and change because the org has corruption or not the best intentions. There is an issue here where black men and other minorities are at greater risk. Sure it would be better if the org was aligned to a noble goal But I think very few people when talking about support of BLM are talking about support of the org.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBvn5kRPVC8 You probably saw this before - but it's a little unsettling. I don't know how you can resolve a situation where the young man is afraid to get out of the car or to have his hands out of view to get out of the car for fear of his life And Windsor wasn't going to discipline the officer until the video leaked And it doesn't help the aggressive officer that the other officer was trying to deescalate So is this "BLM" moment a fake because the org is?
  3. I think you have to separate the org from the concept. Almost all orgs are going to have some corruption behind it. But its hard to watch today's news and think that elements of the police treat people consistently. And that black people are no more at risk. I still support the concept. There's something wrong. I didn't give any money to BLM.
  4. You may have a point. But what's the alternative to bring that tax money in to fund government? Is 0% done anywhere in the world?
  5. GOP and conservative media want you to cry about raising taxes in 2018 91 fortune 500 companies paid zero federal tax - they paid more tax to foreign governments - but getting them to pay their share is a bad thing. https://www.axios.com/fortune-500-companies-corporate-income-tax-7a7d3d36-0c48-4098-b352-deb93be1e4c0.html
  6. What's embarrassing is the former potus you personally support is a con man. I don't see anybody here supporting this person.
  7. Hilarious. Doesn’t compare to the former potus being a con man. 🤣
  8. Is there a metric the proves causation - or disproves?
  9. I think he might be better off making the current corporate rate a flat tax with no deductions over raising the tax rate. I think more on the right could get behind that.
  10. Mike clay of espn predicts 6.6 wins. Which is why I think they have to aggressively pursue a qb in the draft. 6-10 with no qb of the future will be a pink slip for pace
  11. People get conned everyday - just not by the former POTUS - until now
  12. thinking about it since watching it this AM - it will likely be the best 30 minutes of tv you get today
  13. Posted in the streaming thread. Very good show called Two Distant Strangers on Netflix right now 1 episode only, 30 minutes but it's very interesting how they shape the police and black lives dynamic. Let me know if you watch - some of you won't like it - others may not get it
  14. SO you are happy some others got conned like yourself
  15. I have no idea where or how this ends. Would it be possible for companies in the us to put a factory or two in Central America to help families earn some money - not that it’s all about money. or arrange a new trade agreement that incents these other countries to manage their exodus
  16. Two Distant Strangers 30 minutes, 1 episode time loop about a young black man and police violence Very well done
  17. Interesting, I think MI is struck with a variant. Those other areas doing poorly are associated with colder weather and the ones improving with warmer weather - shows we still need to learn a lot
  18. I think you are undervaluing him - when he gets the start he's usually a solid play especially ppr. Definitely a starting RB on a 2 RB league. Lot's of good spots for him - some great ones are Buffalo, Miami, NE, Pitt, Atl, TB
  19. Draft wire with new mock suggest a trade for the bears it’s a trade so take it with a grain trade with Carolina, pick up the 1.08 and draft Lance
  20. Right - to laugh at his attempt to mock my text cause he didn’t have a counter point
  21. Wow. Second attempt at this shtick - and crashed and burned each time
  22. But he posted a laughing emoji to show his superior intellect 🤣😂🤣
  23. File this under self-own they want Trump to get the credit for the development of the vaccine - and now he’s celebrating it may be short term pick a lane
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