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  1. I read somewhere that CBS already protected it against flex, so it is a 4:25 game.
  2. Too much upside, this is a championship week! Dance with who brung ya...
  3. Edelman is Brady's top weapon, take him away and the rest have been somewhat ordinary with Gronk out. It's dump it to White/Lewis for small gains (essentially running plays) or look at Hogan/Mitchell. Hogan is another OK threat, but Mitchell is showing a connection with Brady despite being new to the offense.
  4. WR is the most volatile roster spot. Moncrief can provide predictable points while I swing for the fences with a WR3 like Malcom Mitchell or Tyvek Hill or Sammy Watkins. Indy is still fighting for NFL playoffs, so will be competing unlike other mail-it-in teams.
  5. Seriously? Inmann with two other injured receivers? Landry as the preferred #1 on a strong wild card contender? Rawls as the clear #1 on a team that needs to have TOP? Think of the Patriots weekly scheming to take advantage of specific mismatches or tendencies. Gronk is out, Bennett is hobbled, Edelman is questionable but will still draw doubles. Dion or White out of the backfield can be contained. So you really think Mitchell is a PPR difference maker?
  6. Yep, I'm a Moncrief and AJ Green owner who is facing the double whammy of Tolzien and the late Moncrief injury. I saw that Stefon Diggs is likely out so grabbed Thielen as a better opportunity play than Moncrief (or Hilton). I also grabbed Eli Rogers as Steelers will likely be playing ball control with Bell and short passing game given Tolzein.
  7. Depends on Hogan, not Gronk. If Hogan is back, Mitchell is special teams at best. If not, then a great flex add. Watching the practice info on Hogan.
  8. Ssshhh...DJ runs between the tackles far better than White who is a pass catching option. Brady is rusty, and the Cleveland run D is fairly suspect. If any signs that Blount is out, Foster hits my starting lineup
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