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  1. Pompey is better than Bradley - not sure he gets a shot with the big club but depends on who they sign or resign
  2. Question for you guys who see the Jays broadcasts and coverage all the time - after E5's three run homer they switched to the studio for some comments from Greg Zaun and Hazel Mae ................. IS Hazel pregnant? or just eating every fatty food she can get her hands on? - looks like she had added 50 pounds since last seen on MLB network
  3. It was reported by one of the news services BUT Toronto is now saying he will be re-evaluated Saturday
  4. Lawrie to the DL - expected to be out a month So can the Blue Jays stand E5 at third again or do they use Gomes/Vizquel? Opens playing time for both Snider and Gose if they use EE at third
  5. Who its the pickup? Gose or Snider?Different players so if you need power it's Snider - if you need some SB it's Gose ......BUT the question is which one will keep playing as the other if not sent down will not be starting when Bautista is back. I think the pick is Snider - saw a quote that said he would be playing every day on LF or RF (until his play makes a decision for them)
  6. Even keeping D'Arnaud they have plenty to trade for all of those except Upton
  7. The best player the Jays gave up in this trade is now playing for Jays again.:lmao:Rasmus on pace for a 4.8 WAR season.On the other hand, the Cardinals won the World SeriesThey did, but they a) could have gotten scrub relievers for a much lower price than Rasmus and b) could have gotten a lot more for Rasmus. So you can say it was all worthwhile because they won, and to some extent it is, but it's still an awful baseball trade and horrible asset management that would never happen if not for the LaRussa nonsense.I know you guys are looking at that trade from the Blue Jays perspective, but the m
  8. They literally have more than a handful of really good pitching prospects but not sure they would want to bring them up unless they had to or late in the year for a cup of coffee.
  9. I don't believe it.BELIEVE it - Frasor and Stewart to White Sox for EJax and Teahen EJax and Rezp, Dotel, & Patterson to Cardinals for Rasmus plus three bodies ...although because of the money involved in the trade it needs MLB approval
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