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  1. I agree and strangely it is across different league types. I tried to grab Panthers with $7 bid (in twelve team league with 18 roster spots and only $100 budget) and wasn't close they went for $26 !
  2. Anyone have any information on teams with best Punt and Kickoff return units? I don't think there is any one great returner these days (years ago you could just draft the team Deion Sanders was on and get a plus for the punt returns and interceptions), but seems like even if there are capable returners they are being limited to their offensive/defensive position for fear of injuries. Also anyone think their a team(s) that are best bets for most interceptions? Maybe the Rams
  3. An old thread but I will join the current thoughts. I just got him at 2.01 though in a keeper league. In a redraft league last month I got him at 2.02. I still think he has first round value but that is assuming Wentz can stay healty
  4. from Matthew Berry "Justice Hill and Ty’Son Williams are the other names now on the fantasy radar behind Edwards. Hill was a preseason fantasy darling when the Ravens drafted him in the 4th round in 2019 but has failed to live up to the hype. He’s also missed the previous two games with an ankle injury, but has an exciting profile as a speedy, pass catching back. Williams is a second-year pro who has been having a great camp and preseason. Both are worth late round darts until we get more clarity."
  5. Alex Collins When has Penny ever showed up despite all our hopes
  6. I don't think Lindsay should be on this list as he is now the starter in Houston
  7. Sig - 12 team PPR - currently have McCoy and Howard at RB with Jacobs in one of the Flex spots - WHAT would it take update wise for you to replace one of those three with Hines? TIA
  8. I think it really depends on your relationship with that owner and whether you felt he was asking you because he respected your opinion or needed the help and thought he could ask you or whether you thought he had any ulterior motives. I have been asked many times and try to answer in general terms about reasons to make the trade or not and not so mu much on assessments of the particular player(s)
  9. they are on the list MOP but I think my plan will get me a better situation and time to pull it off but you are correct esp on Red
  10. I think he will be better than most of the commenters (rockaction and MOP aside) AND he is the most cost effective replacement for Brees owners, which I am not (lol was one pick away from having Roethlisberger and Brees in the 13th rd) Tougher to solve as a Big Ben owner - I don't think Mason Rudolph is terrible but he will have some struggles. Unlucky to have two owners in this league who were solo on QB both looking at the replacements this week. Going to try and find an alternate plan. Hell by later this week or next Daniel Jones might be an option. The top starting QB who are available do not have good matchups this week.
  11. I need OBJ and Crowder to be =/+ than Mayfield feels like a win but .....
  12. TIA for doing these Sig league 1 - Cobb or Crowder (no Darnold) for Flex? league 2 - Amendola or Travis Benjamin to add in case Head Case Brown not playing Sunday?
  13. Don't listen to the dark side - hang in there and run the league this year. Maybe you can try some discussions to improve the problems in your league and if not give your leaguemates enough time to let someone step up or just end the league altogether. (and I have been a commish in my league for over thirty years - some of which were tough)
  14. Sig - not sure I understand the low projections this week for Duke Johnson - Q - with 0.4 ppr for RB and 0.7 ppr for WR who would you start at Flex between Johnson, D.J. Moore, Jamison Crowder, or Justin Jackson? other league for Flex - Jordan Howard or Greg Olsen (1.5 ppr for TE)? TIA
  15. Good Luck to both Maggot Brain & Ryheaps - well done this year to be IN the Finals
  16. probably because there was nothing much to his performance on Sunday - not all his fault I thought the run plays they did call were very predictable and they didn't try and get him loose
  17. I actually had him in my lineup but decided to change that when Travis Benjamin was finally active - Not a good choice - fortunately I have Rodgers & Jordy to close on MNF
  18. from Bramel's column today A.J. GREEN | HAMSTRING STRAIN | 4+ WEEKS There is very little to like about Green's outlook. He immediately reached high on the back of his leg, was unable to bear weight and carted off the field, and multiple local and national media members are tweeting about a multiple-week absence. Every indication is that Green suffered a high-grade hamstring strain. That's an injury that usually comes with a minimum four week recovery timetable. With the Bengals falling further out of the division race and unlikely to push Green to return for late season games if eliminated, he may not return until 2017. Tomorrow's MRI will help define the timetable.
  19. when do your waivers run? should have the OUT for the season confirmed today and the week isn't even over
  20. PLEASE delete that whole post - it is clutting this entire thread
  21. I have both Rawls and Prosise - planning on playing Prosise this week because Eagles have stopped the run well but I think Prosise will get several receptions in this PPR league. Would love to see Rawls look good in whatever snaps he has and be a starter for me in coming weeks and playoffs in Weeks 15 & 16
  22. hasn't been announced yet but I would bet that Floyd starts opposite Fitz this week in Minnesota (assuming he is healthy) - made some very good catchers Sunday against SF
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