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  2. This unfortunately is the truth, Payton is RBBC all day long on a whim. Last year "seemed: like a great year for Ingram too, guess who got burnt on that one . If you got a RB4 spot open and hes sitting there then I'd pull the trigger for the upside but thats about it.
  3. I like the Doug Flutie skills/style of play comparison. You're right, in the end its about football and this should cool-off quickly. The kid has flaws in his throwing motion which are amplified by his short stature so I've got concerns about his ability in the pocket right now but his unorthodox style and ability to extend plays outside the pocket makes him a true boom-or-bust player. He really is tough to try and figure out. The off-field stuff that causes concern for some are the latest that you mention but his dad threw him under the bus last summer saying their family and coaches at Texas A & M wanted John to seek counseling for alcohol and anger management which Johnny has admited to. Training camp in two week so this thread should get pretty boring unless Johnny tears it up or completely busts which I don't think happens. Preseason games are tailor made for his free lance style of play, easy reads. vanilla-D, soft coverages. and uncomplicated blitz packages. He might flash but Hoyer should be the starter. The Browns have an early BYE in week 4 but unless Hoyer's knee becomes a problem I don't think Hoyer loses the job then because once the shift gets made they won't turn back. It comes back to football and the kid still needs time. Its not just about the QB competition and Josh Gordon, the O-line is adding a rookie and the RB pecking order hasn't been settled. So on offense that is 1 new starting QB over last year, 1 new RB, 1 new OG, and at least 2 new WRs. That is a lot of change in personnel on offense. On defense adding two FA starters, SS Whitner and LB Carlos Dansby with two anticipated rookies CB Justin Gilbert and LB Christian Kirksey on defense for a grand total of 9 different starters. That's a lot. Dansby, Whitner, and Tate look like instant upgrades but their are questions with the rest begining with Hoyer's knee so I have absolutely no clue how the season plays out. You both are spot on IMO good posting.
  4. So what your saying is, they spent a 2nd round pick on a Goalline RB? Gio is not an every down NFL back, they have already began giving Hill 1st team reps alongside Gio. And I love Gio btw, I own him in many league but I know 2 RBs on this team are both capable of producing RB2 fantasy numbers... maybe more. Bringing receivers an TEs into the discussion is irrelevant outside of exceptions such as Denver, NE and GB - Cincy is far off of pass heavy.
  5. Recently gave up the 1.7 in a Dynasty Rookie Draft for Pierce. Could suck if they split down the middle for a couple seasons effectively negating each other from being viable RB1 material..
  6. Hilariously True, I think we just found the only player page bio needed.
  7. Pre-NFL (college performance, scouting reports), the name that has always stuck in my head as a comparison is Troy Williamson. Single season of explosive, but average production. Raw, but superbly talented athlete who is expected to take some time to adjust to the pro game. Now I have no reason to think he'll bust in the NFL like TW did, but that's the one guy I keep coming back to as a similiar prospect.Does Cordarelle Patterson have hands of stone?He's had a few drops from what I've seen. James Jones-esque, ugly. But the Vikings didn't draft him for his hands.He can catch short passes with ease.His hands are pretty small. I don't think that's helps him any.Love everything about his game except for the small hands..... Tavon has bigger hands than CP . His after the catch is unreal and elite though.
  8. When the dust settles I like Gillislee to win the job, probably my favorite late round rookie pick after Zac Stacy. If he can add maybe 5-10lbs of muscle he could be an every down back, hes good enough at everything and not great at one particular thing.
  9. My vote goes to Ray Rice. It was scary owning him in so many Dynasty leagues last year and watching Pierce come in and be just as effective if not better.
  10. Yeah, I get that. I'll have to see if I can dig up any video of Richardson's carries as a freshman. I think that's what is kind of lost on some when they look at Yeldon. He was just a freshman. He still have plenty of time left to improve in the areas of concern (pad level for one). Considering how well he played on such a big stage week in and week out, I am just absolutely sky high on this kid. And from everything I've read about him, he has a really good head on his shoulders. Shows up, performs well, and doesn't get caught up in the limelight. Absolutely zero knucklehead factor. ETA: Found from Richardson's freshman year. Quite a few runs I see pad level issues as well. Yeldon isn't as "squatty" as Richardson, so it's much more of an issue for him. But, I'm confident the coaches will bring him along.That's good stuff and good point about him being a fresheman. We know it but we kinda dismiss those things sometimes; that he's so young.So you're higher on him than the other freshmen RB? Purely self-serving quesiton as I am trying to understand the thought process of devy-leagues more. It just fascinates me that people draft these guys so young in these types of leagues; how people see the the diamond before its finished. I am definitely higher on him than other freshman RBs (or any other RB in college for that matter). I know guys love Gurley. I drafted Yeldon in a devy league last year (I think at 1.13 in a 14 team league), so I've watched him closely to this point. I try to be subjective when evaluating him as much as possible. As for seeing a diamond in the rough, I saw the spring game where he tore it up. The coaches all talked him up. He was a 5 star recruit. His measurables were elite for a college junior, let alone an 18 yo high school senior (6'1 205-210 4.43). I also didn't see Lacy as this insurmountable obstacle to playing time. I didn't foresee such a favorable split, but didn't see it as out of the question. Add all of that to the fact that Alabama has had a good string of getting their top RBs into the 1st round of the NFL draft. Even Glen Coffee was a 3rd round pick to a team that already had Frank Gore. Taking all of that into account, he was as can't miss to me as devy players get. I knew if I hit on him, I'd have gold, as he'd be a Top 3 pick in the devy draft this year. Thing you'll notice that separates Gurley from Yeldon is the ability to stay up after first contact. They both have excellent vision, I just need to see Yeldon add some physicality to his game for me to think hes and every down / pro bowl back. Gurley's got a stiff arm this is serious and knows how to use his weight to break simple arms tackles.
  11. I heart trash-time. Glad I rolled the dice on him tonight and even more pleased he looked healthy which bodes well going forward - seems like forever since hes been in my lineups.
  12. DMac, Dez, Decker, Titus Young ...just a few guys that have the talent but are causing my otherwise talented teams to lose early on. How long can someone be patient before your behind the 8ball and your teams in jeopardy of not making the playoffs?! Maybe I'm just sensitive because guys like Dez and Bowe burnt me bad last year trying to be "patient" with them.
  13. 1st off I dont own a gun.BUT , theres a county in Georgia that requires you to have a firearm and since the rule was brought into effect the crime rate not only plummeted but its the lowest crime rate in Georgia now. The problem is gun laws only further prevent law biding citizen from gaining access and not the criminals who are predominantly getting their weapons illegally off the black market.
  14. If a family member of yours died of heart failure would you be pissed if someone at the wake said "this is what happens if you don't eat the right foods, enough steak and cheeses will do it"?Since when was it ok to kick and man when hes down? And were not even close enough to the situation to make a statement like that in the 1st place.Think before you post.
  15. I'm sure it will be a cornerstone of the Rookie Symposium going forward and will not be in vain.The keeping it real part I don't think was any longer an issue and at the point he grew up (after his child was born) hindsight was 20/20 about how it was handled.How I would handle situations in life now that I have a son and someone depending on me is 360 degrees different than how I would have handled things when I was single, I'm no longer responsible for just my own well being.
  16. My GF grabs a steak knife and keeps it by the bed when I'm gone. A weapon is a weapon is a weapon , is it really relevant? Sometimes its the shock factor , sometimes its lack of funds for others who use crude weapons. One of my friends uses a Samurai Sword as his protection , I know I'd be scared if I broke in and saw someone wielding a sword.
  17. Huh? I thought he was shot due to a home invasion. How is that playing with fire? Say what you will, but the guy is a known criminal, living the "thug" lifestyle. Eventually, someone is going to get hurt, regardless of the situation. I repeat, it is sad that he died.Truth is you don't know #### about his lifestyle. You just know about 1 incident that the media had spoon fed you about a kid in his 20's who got excessively angry and had bad judgment when someone stole something from him. I think every athlete with his kind of money owns a gun and it wasn't "hot" off the street with bodies on it.If we all were judged off of our life's biggest mistake (he was a 1st time offender) nobodys #### would smell like roses............ including yours.Theres only 1 judge and it sure as hell isn't you.Edit - O and before you try and , I live 5 minutes from Redskins park in Ashburn, Virginia and drink in the same bar most of the Skins do. So yeah, I hear a little more about whats going on than some tool who reads the new-papers for my final judgments.
  18. Mort (ESPN) just said one of the Doctors asked ST to squeeze his hand if he heard him and he did in fact squeeze his hand.
  19. Whats funny is all of us have probably done something we're not proud of whether or not we've been caught and obviously the severity differs BUTRegardless most of us will never know what its like to have your life under a microscope.Something like a DUI is common for alot of citizens to get and while most of us may have not killed someone else while under the influence you could have while you were impaired and things could be alot different for you as well.The guy is in his early 20's and has millions of dollars, its not as easy as it seems to stay responsible. IF most of us were judged by how we acted in our early 20's we might be frowned upon too. So think about what your judging this man on and think about some of your own skeletons before you spout off at the mouth like your the Dali lama.
  20. are you arguing that he deserved this b/c of what he did in the past?Absolutely not. The seriously comment is in regards to the lack of reading comprehension exhibited by the likes of War Eagle, southeast and sleeper that can't figure out how to decipher a timeline. Originally I posted the wiki entry because War Eagle makes it sound like ST only plays football and lashes out with the name calling of moron when the fact that ST's past is relevant info at this time, IMO. Might it be determined that this past had nothing to do with what has happened? Of course and it is likely that's what will happen, but to completely dismiss it right now is foolish. I mean do you think the Dade County police aren't taking his past into account right now? If they are, why shouldn't we? LD - My point was very simple before my post was mysteriously deleted for unknown reasons after a staffer echoes my opinions in a later post?.Anyway, You had 5-6 paragraphs that amounted to one thing: ONE previous incident , big deal. You positioned your post as if this guy is a habitual offender, get real ! If your point was to say there may be a connection with his previous incident with the people who stole his ATVs , it only takes one sentence.
  21. Taylors father in particular is a police officer and Taylor wasn't brought up in "the hood" per say BUT again when your rich you ARE a sizable target if thugs know where you live.
  22. These are the type of posts we could use a lot less of around here.On behalf of all Cowboy fans we are hoping you pull through Sean and make a full recovery.Why ?, I believe its true and I think I'm allowed to have my own opinion ? I don't wish him dead, but don't expect me to feel sorry for him either. You live by the sword you die by the sword, if you think thats cold and heartless try and join the Army for awhilePoint is your opinion is rather strong and one sided considering no-one knows more than %1 of what actually happened last night.What did he do to deserve the live by the sword die by the sword quote? You sound a little assumptive.ok how about this.. Either his past caught up with him or he is the unluckiest man alive. I'm not saying I hope he will die, far from it. Hopefully he will be back delivering crushing hits, but if he doesnt.. Well, #### happensYou gotta understand, being rich is dangerous in itself, let alone the possibility it could stem from the old incident where he got angry with the folks trying to steal his ATV's. If these thugs in Miami know who you are and where you live, whether or not you home, what do they have to lose if they try and rob you?There plenty of rich people who are robbed who have no connection with crime."The most dangerous men in the world are those who have nothing to lose"
  23. Its True , he is in fact fighting for his life. I wouldnt be suprised if it stems from the old beef he had with the thugs who tried to steel his atv's.
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