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  1. Would have figured a big rally or big sell off but it just kinda flatlined lol.
  2. Damn, down 26%. I think they rebound but it’s going to be awhile before they get the same inflows of money. A lot of people were under the impression they only go up and Cathie Woods was some kind of investing god. The ferocity of the drop was a wake up call.
  3. Pretty clear the Fed is now controlling the long end of the yield curve.
  4. What’s that mean for brokers and buyers?
  5. What are you seeing 30 year rates at right now?
  6. What are you using for a gas price? If figuring at $2 a gallon........purchase over 36 months is around $5500, gas $1800 at 40 mpg, upkeep minimal...some oil changes. Around 21 cents a mile. Granted the insurance is a little higher as is registration.
  7. Have refi’s come to a screeching halt with rates going up so quickly?
  8. Market should never have been up yesterday. Today undid yesterday plus some. Put some cash back in.
  9. You can tell the difference between the original Jordan card and a reproduction, they aren’t exactly the same. The videos, no matter where, are the exact same thing. Only difference is Top Shot packaged and numbered them in a certain way. The same highlight is even seen across multiple “moments”. Personally think there needs to be something proprietary to it for it to have long standing value. Just can’t see anyone caring about a mediocre highlight a few years from now. JMO.
  10. But isn’t this the equivalent of the copy of that Jordan card vs being the original?
  11. Be one thing if they were a fun little thing selling for sub 100 bucks but some of the original ones are north of a 100 grand. Not sure if they have actually sold for that or if the markets manipulated to make them look more valuable than they are. I know it’s nearly impossible to cash out right now.
  12. Feel like there’s a future in something like this but this isn’t it. Maybe this will morph into that but as it currently stands it’s hard to see the value placed on them right now. 99% of the people involved are trying to turn a quick profit, not really seeing it as a collectible. Needs to be more proprietary IMO. Something that’s unique to the actual item you’re buying. Some of the “moments” aren’t even good. They wouldn’t even make the nightly sports center best plays.
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