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  1. Kinda where I was at. I’m looking through some of these “moments” and underwhelming would be an understatement. They wouldn’t even make the evening highlight show.
  2. I got a couple $9 packs and that’s about it for me. I’ve never been high on it but after paying attention a bit I just don’t see the appeal. It’s not even entertaining. I looked at the clip once, most of them are just OK highlights and that’s about it.
  3. Ouch.....ARKK down 32% from its high.
  4. ARKK back to the lows of the year. Huge underlying correction going on that the broader market is masking. Question is does it spill over?
  5. I'd live in Davis if I could afford it........I can't.
  6. A lot of spouses want butts back to the office.
  7. You have to think rates are going to rise here soon. They rose so quickly it’s pretty natural to correct a bit. Consumer inflation is going through the roof. Wage inflation is next. Places are having a very hard time finding employees. When that happens the Fed will be forced to raise rates.
  8. They start opening it up to moments in the past and I really think it ends quickly. There will be sooo many moments being printed. Most of the moments now kinda suck. Several I’ve seen wouldn’t even make the nightly highlight show. Most of the present moments would become worthless. Jmo.
  9. Yeah, the packs are definitely still where it’s at. Some point every pack’s not going to be a winner though, especially as prices continue to drop. When that happens, is there anybody left? Cause it seems like 90% of the market is just flippers. I see legendary moments with an asking price of 50 grand up in some cases. Is anybody buying those, has anyone bought those? And I mean for real.....not a flip of equal cards so it seems like a transaction was made. Has anyone exchanged 50 grand in cash for one of these? You can ask whatever you want for something but the true value is what someone wil
  10. I hardly hear people, outside the people already into it, talking about topshot anymore. These pack policies are probably part of the reason. At some point it’s going to be only the whales holding all of the scarce cards with no market for them.
  11. What are the thoughts on fast pass? I mean you absolutely had to have it at anything near peak capacity or you are waiting in line for two plus hours but are the two plus hour waits because a good percentage of the line gets right through with a fast pass leaving those without standing there.
  12. Yeah, not my game either but ARKK is down 25% with markets near all time highs, so there’s blood in the streets on some names.
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