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  1. probably why Zillow is halting any further purchases.
  2. Highly recommend a couple of the pro controllers
  3. At what point have they squeezed every last nickel out of most people?
  4. Obviously injuries can happen to anyone but they seem to be adding up and he’s not bouncing back quickly.
  5. Official. I traded Michael Thomas and Mike Williams for Tyreek Hill. I traded a 2/3 for Williams over the offseason so I don’t have a lot into him and I have a deep team so I had the guys to do a 2-1 and not harm my depth too much. That was key in doing the deal for me.
  6. I figured this offer would have people on both sides since both Thomas and Mike W are polarizing in terms of value. A year ago Thomas and Tyreek were both about the same and Mike is out scoring Tyreek so far this year. That said Tyreek is by far the more secure option at this point in time. It’s still up and I’m still considering it.
  7. Was just offered Tyreek Hill for Michael Thomas and Mike Williams. Couple weeks ago I’d have jumped on that but damn Big Mike has been straight fire.
  8. Seems like a bad call to kick the FG. Even if you make it, you’re giving Brady almost a minute left.
  9. Personally think his list of demands makes perfect sense.
  10. Like I saw my ex boyfriend get married………lol bitter much?
  11. with the camera on, dude has the charisma of a doily.
  12. I wonder how many casual football fans got sucked into the hype and have turned the channel already
  13. Jesus. Imagine that jabroni showing up at your door in full Halloween garb with his entourage.
  14. Just booked a five night package at Old Key West for 4 of us. Five day Disney ticket x4. With airfare out of the Northeast it was a total of $3920. Not as bad as I thought. Got the Venture credit card with $1000 in free airline miles so airfare was basically free so net cost $2900.
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