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  1. They start opening it up to moments in the past and I really think it ends quickly. There will be sooo many moments being printed. Most of the moments now kinda suck. Several I’ve seen wouldn’t even make the nightly highlight show. Most of the present moments would become worthless. Jmo.
  2. Yeah, the packs are definitely still where it’s at. Some point every pack’s not going to be a winner though, especially as prices continue to drop. When that happens, is there anybody left? Cause it seems like 90% of the market is just flippers. I see legendary moments with an asking price of 50 grand up in some cases. Is anybody buying those, has anyone bought those? And I mean for real.....not a flip of equal cards so it seems like a transaction was made. Has anyone exchanged 50 grand in cash for one of these? You can ask whatever you want for something but the true value is what someone wil
  3. I hardly hear people, outside the people already into it, talking about topshot anymore. These pack policies are probably part of the reason. At some point it’s going to be only the whales holding all of the scarce cards with no market for them.
  4. What are the thoughts on fast pass? I mean you absolutely had to have it at anything near peak capacity or you are waiting in line for two plus hours but are the two plus hour waits because a good percentage of the line gets right through with a fast pass leaving those without standing there.
  5. Yeah, not my game either but ARKK is down 25% with markets near all time highs, so there’s blood in the streets on some names.
  6. That’s what I’m worried about. You give people free money long enough and it becomes an expectation. Businesses are having a hard time as it is right now finding employees even though unemployment is still historically high.
  7. Did you read the proposal lol. $25,000 for first time home buyer, has to also be a first generation home buyer so either of their parents can’t have owned a house in the prior three years, income can only be 120% of the median income for the area except for a few high cost areas and it’s only $20,000 unless you are a minority of some sort, in which you get an additional $5000. Personally, don’t know how they are going to police this.....ie what percentage of ethnicity you need, how they know if your parents have a house and what if you haven’t had any interaction with your parents in a long ti
  8. I’m jealous of you guys who can work remote. Impossibility for me.
  9. I don’t think this things bottoms until the common player 35,000+ cards hit $1.
  10. Lebron no look 3 down to $469, another $150 in the last two days and the huge pack dispersal hasn’t happened yet.
  11. Don’t know if I agree there. Growth has outperformed value for a long time. The move to value stocks should last a lot longer than a couple months.
  12. Think it’s mainly because higher rates are due to the expectation of higher inflation. Higher inflation reduces the value of future money. A lot of the companies getting slammed are those who don’t have much in the way of earnings now and their valuation is based solely on their future earnings......the value of which is being reduced.
  13. Rising rates discounts future earnings which is a big component of a lot of tech stocks and their future growth.
  14. With as much as rates rose this morning, I’m surprised the market is holding up as well as it is. I would have expected a full tank in the Nasdaq particularly.
  15. With that many packs coming out and the already dropping prices, you have to figure supply is going to out strip demand soon in a big way IMO.
  16. Me too. Not even sure why I watched. Pukey nostalgia fest of a company that sucked even back then.
  17. I went to the movies last weekend. Wore a mask, am fully vaccinated. I feel like I’ve done everything possible, it’s now time to get on with life.
  18. Could definitely see that if you have a lot of the ARKK type stocks. That fund is back down close to the lows.
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