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  1. At what point have they squeezed every last nickel out of most people?
  2. Obviously injuries can happen to anyone but they seem to be adding up and he’s not bouncing back quickly.
  3. Official. I traded Michael Thomas and Mike Williams for Tyreek Hill. I traded a 2/3 for Williams over the offseason so I don’t have a lot into him and I have a deep team so I had the guys to do a 2-1 and not harm my depth too much. That was key in doing the deal for me.
  4. I figured this offer would have people on both sides since both Thomas and Mike W are polarizing in terms of value. A year ago Thomas and Tyreek were both about the same and Mike is out scoring Tyreek so far this year. That said Tyreek is by far the more secure option at this point in time. It’s still up and I’m still considering it.
  5. Was just offered Tyreek Hill for Michael Thomas and Mike Williams. Couple weeks ago I’d have jumped on that but damn Big Mike has been straight fire.
  6. Seems like a bad call to kick the FG. Even if you make it, you’re giving Brady almost a minute left.
  7. Personally think his list of demands makes perfect sense.
  8. Like I saw my ex boyfriend get married………lol bitter much?
  9. with the camera on, dude has the charisma of a doily.
  10. I wonder how many casual football fans got sucked into the hype and have turned the channel already
  11. Jesus. Imagine that jabroni showing up at your door in full Halloween garb with his entourage.
  12. Just booked a five night package at Old Key West for 4 of us. Five day Disney ticket x4. With airfare out of the Northeast it was a total of $3920. Not as bad as I thought. Got the Venture credit card with $1000 in free airline miles so airfare was basically free so net cost $2900.
  13. Guessing he’s dead and they havent found the body yet
  14. I’m so disappointed in the Biden presidency. To say he’s been anything other than an utter failure is just rooting for the home team.
  15. Seems to me if this is his sole purpose of being with the company and he can’t enter the building then he’s unable to perform his job. Shouldn’t be any questions.
  16. Unfortunately have one of these at the hospital I work at. We are on standby in the operating room in case we have to take the baby emergently.
  17. Pretty much. The travelers we have, by and large, are just a warm body. That’s why many are leaving. They see these jabronis are making 3x what they are and all anxiety about making that change is gone.
  18. Yeah. Nurses are leaving hospitals in droves. We have 1-2 a week leaving on the unit I’m on. Becomes a vicious circle. The hospitals aren’t paying the on staff nurses any kind of retention bonuses, they are working their butts off because they are short staffed and beds are full. The hospital has to hire more travelers and the current staff talks to them, knows what they are making compared to them. They see that their abilities are no better than theirs and they are like screw this, I’m traveling too.
  19. Travel nursing is crazy right now. You can pretty easily make $250,000 a year, sometimes more.
  20. Thing that would make me the most mad is there just seems to be a lot of don't give a #### at each level.
  21. Bus dropped my daughter off when she was in 1st grade to an empty house with no parent waiting. We never got word they were ending school early. She panicked and started walking down the street knocking on neighbors houses, one who let her in. Never been so mad in my life. Your situation is worse. I’d want heads to roll.
  22. Add in the thumbing of his nose at the Supreme Court regarding the eviction moratorium. I voted for him. I’d vote for him again given the other option, but saying he hasn’t been good is putting it kindly.
  23. I envy you guys who are like......yeah, I'm not going back in.......and your employer says alright, keep doing what you want.
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