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  1. THIS is the way to do it - with one difference. Called the 1-888-777-2454, said 'Cancel service at the prompt and asked to be transferred to customer loyalty. the lady in Alabama, "Donna" said she was in the loyalty department. I told her that I got my last bill, it was very high (ST, Choice, regional sports and 4 receivers, HD, DVR, so on) and was there anything she could do about it. She was able to get me $60 off per month immediately, which she noted would offset the cost of ST. Was I happy? Ehhh.... I mentioned that a couple of friends (you are all friends, right?) had gotte
  2. Johnny Rock - replying here do that others can see. I continually reviewed my drafts over the years - looking at what worked, where I got burned and what works well. I've tweaked my procedures and come up with a number of resources over the years to help with my process. The key for me is creating a customer ADP based on the past three years drafts - I can import it into DD AND (very important) I use it to calculate my own baselines. I use an EXCEL file called Draft_log that someone posted years ago. I have data in that thing going back 10+ years. It captures your draft, pro
  3. Open up the Player Pool window, type in player name at the bottom and if you hit the Find/Find Next button it should show you their spot in both the Overall and Positions.
  4. Thanks Joe! I've been a subscriber for nearly 20 years. While the online/mobile DD are good, the customization of the classic can't be beat.
  5. Apparently the NFL had the option to opt out with AT&T and didn't: https://blog.solidsignal.com/news/will-directv-lose-nfl-sunday-ticket-in-2020/ But things will change in 2022. This is the best summary of the coming negotiations: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/22/nfl-tv-rights-up-for-renewal-in-2022-and-big-media-will-pay-more.html This would also be interesting: https://9to5mac.com/2020/01/29/apple-nfl-sunday-ticket/
  6. I don't have that problem. Go to the header row and you should be able to expand the columns just like you would in EXCEL.
  7. I'll have to try this at work where I have 2 monitors, but I believe you can expand the frameset to cover two monitors and slide the draft board over to the side of the 2nd monitor.
  8. If they are in MFL, you can use the MFL Import tool and import them into DD and then use the RMT function within DD. https://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article.php?article=2019-mfl-import
  9. Have you looked at using the VBD Excel file? https://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article.php?article=2019-vbd-excel-app
  10. I am not aware that you can import your own projections into the Mobile/Online version of DD. You can go into PD and set your own projections (https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/249781-projections-dominator-master-thread/) and then import those into Classic DD. Or you can use the VDP Excel sheet and do the same and also your own notes. I think this is more toward what you want to do: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/163148-using-the-dd-and-the-vbd/ There are a couple of us old timers around here who still rely on the customization available with Clas
  11. Close DD. Go into the directory where your DD is located, delete the PlayerNotes.dat file and then reopen DD.
  12. I think RMT works automatically only through one of the draft apps... You can go here to enter it in manually: https://subscribers.footballguys.com/rate-my-team/form.php
  13. Since the APP is going to be free this year, I'll check it out on my laptop. I've still got a ton of questions and apprehension...but I know right now what I'm looking for out of it and I'll see how it stacks up.
  14. Interesting email today from AT&T. Of course it's from AT&T - someone figured out how much they were losing to pro-rated services....
  15. I have to agree with @Simon Shepherd If you have the a stable league with players who know what they are doing and a baseline of your drafts going back at least 3-5 years, you can really maximize the capability of the Classic. That said, FBG's decided a few years ago to focus on the iPad app - there were many great suggestions that were never implemented and the Classic has is more of a 'what could have been'. If you are in a redraft league with owners who don't put much effort into their draft and don't have draft tendencies, I would use the APP - it's more powerful.
  16. Not sure why it hasn't been posted, but the new tutorial is out! 43 minutes long - I'll have a go of it soon. https://sportsguys.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007772294-Learn-everything-about-the-app-in-this-full-demo-video-
  17. @jediknt4444 @Simon ShepherdYes, one of the strengths of CDD was gamebygame. It took projected points per player, incorporating SOS, and totaled them up for each team by week. The killer part was that it helped you balance BYE weeks and towards the end of the draft, you could have it look at remaining players by position, taking into account your own weakest weeks. So if you knew you needed a QB2, GBG would look at the BYE week and 5 toughest weeks of your QB1 and find the QB2 with the highest scores in those weeks.
  18. @Simon Shepherd When do you expect the tutorials to come out?
  19. Thanks Simon. Is there a tutorial somewhere that best describes a technique for understanding and entering tendencies? ADP is useful because I know owner H is going to go RB, RB, WR, QB almost every year. I also know that as a league, someone will take Gronk near his ADP every year. My data shows we hit our 8th round baselines +/- 1 every year. Understanding how to use that data with your program would be awesome.
  20. Thanks Simon. I'm went through the online version and I'm still looking for two features: 1. I use old data to create a league specific ADP and my own baselines. Is there a way for me to upload them into the APP? 2. We use a 3rd Round Flip draft in one league. I haven't set that league up yet, but I'm assuming that I can import the draft order into the draft APP without problems? Thanks!
  21. In case you missed it: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/02/19/directv-raises-price-for-nfl-sunday-ticket/ $293.94 $395.95 if you want the RZ too. Lot's of folks will be calling in for that discount.
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