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  1. That's what I was thinking. Why stop when you're pressed up against the front of a lineman's jersey?
  2. No sightings since 2018? That makes me sad. Not suicidal or anything, just sad.

  3. This profile page used to be jumpin'. Have you considered reverting back to your old style of #####-posting at machine gun pace?

    1. mr. furley

      mr. furley

      i'm doing that via my various aliaii 

      maybe you haven't picked up on my @AAABatteries account?

    2. Despyzer


      Much respect.

    3. AAABatteries


      You sonofa.....

  4. Hey, I don't want to clog up that other thread, but that's hysterical. I've never been in there, but that political forum sounds like a real cesspool. I'm glad you guys have it so that all that nonsense doesn't bleed into the FFA.

  5. One of the best to ever do it.

  6. It was a joke. I've been hoping someone would jump into that thread and claim to be an expert on something as goofy as "democracy."

  7. FWIW, I am a white guy who teaches English in a high school where whites are a minority (primarily A/A). Almost every selection in our literature book is culturally diverse.

    1. Mohawk


      To me, that sounds great.  It didn't used to be that way.  When I was in school, I never heard anything about the diversity of the nation or the world.  US History was whitebread history, even going so far as to twist facts to suit a Manifest Destiny. As far as reading say African or Asisn writers, ha forget about it.  It was either US Lit, or British Lit.   

    2. Despyzer


      No, my education wasn't like that either, but I grew up in a state where you had to visit a reservation if you wanted to see a minority (and we did).

  8. I'm just following MoP.

    1. mr. furley

      mr. furley

      case study for grad school?



    2. Despyzer


      No, this is government-funded stalking. Do what you love; love what you do.

    3. mr. furley

      mr. furley

      i love you :unsure:

  9. god i've missed you  :swoon:

  10. I had a dream of making the profile feed the next test forum, but you, sir, are making it a reality!

    1. Doctor Detroit

      Doctor Detroit

      I like that I mix the good and bad in FBG, not just slanted into one particular feedback loop.

  11. I feel like profile shtick didn't take off the way I'd hoped.

    1. Despyzer


      You are SO right.

  12. I thought you were wonderful in Solent Green.

  13. Fecal particles transpire at random intervals with little forewarning.

  14. I heard your all time favorite song is "Lump" by TPotUS. I read it in a "Rolling Stone" article about bacteria in animal feces. Weird, huh?

  15. Any chance JJ makes a return appearance?

    1. Gr00vus


      He's still there as my profile pick, but I might bring him out for the avatar again soon. How're things? I don't see you post much anymore.

    2. Gr00vus


      Actually I guess he's not there as my profile pick - I guess with the new board your avatar and profile pick are now the same?

    3. Despyzer


      I guess I've just found different (not necessarily better) ways to fill my time. I just stopped by here on a lark when I was really bored at work.

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