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  1. No one can question the validity of Chicago trading up in the first for a QB.
  2. Goodell ready to fire whoever picked the Eagles' fan to sit in that chair.
  3. More people hanging out in Trevor Lawrence's house or Jaycee Horn's?
  4. I heard that the chick who sat in the chair for the Jaguars' pick was wearing it today. Nice legacy.
  5. Zach's hair looked like he just took of his yarmulke.
  6. Even more so on the footage of his pro day.
  7. Is Greeny doing a Hamilton-style rap with his commentary?
  8. Suzy's now regretting not kissing Joe Namath.
  9. Some of these analysts have really been working on their hand gestures in the offseason.
  10. Someday we're going to look back at the oddity of when a QB wasn't 1.1.
  11. That first pick shouldn't get any time. Their pick should be in as soon as we kick off.
  12. It's been 15 minutes. Shouldn't the pick be in?
  13. If any of the top three OTs or top three CBs are available at #13 and the Chargers don't pick one.... I'm gonna lose it. I don't want to hear "too early for Darrisaw." There's not that much separation between him and Sewell. No one even seems to agree who the top CB of those three is. If one of them of those six is available and they pick a WR... I might do something crazy and start rooting for the Lions.
  14. There are 25 "analysts" profiled in the latest Chargers Mock Draft Tracker. Here's how it breaks down: OT Rashawn Slater, Northwestern (8) Christian Darrisaw, VT (7) Penei Sewell, Oregon (2) *one of them involved a trade up Alijah Vera-Tucker, USC (1) CB Jaycee Horn, South Carolina (2) WR Devonta Smith, Alabama (2) Jaylen Waddle, Alabama (1) EDGE Gregory Rousseau, Miami (1) TE Kyle Pitts, Florida (1)
  15. From 2004-2009, no franchise won more regular season games than the Chargers, and they never sniffed the Super Bowl. The next year they had the #1 offense and the #1 defense in the league, and missed the playoffs entirely. Our jadedness is well-earned.
  16. That's what I was thinking. Why stop when you're pressed up against the front of a lineman's jersey?
  17. Win or lose, every Charger game seems to come down to the last play this year.
  18. Chargers are not the kind of team to go 99 yards in the final seconds to win a game.
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