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  1. I haven't seen any injury reports on Vizcaino, but certain decisions and outcomes definitely led me to believe he wasn't okay. Anyone know what's going on with him?
  2. In case you missed it on NFL Network.... Baldy Breakdowns - How LAC beat KC
  3. After posting yesterday, I realized that I substantially change my look in RL more frequently than I do on FBG.
  4. Wow! It's been over six years since you've visited these forums? I hope everything's awesome.

  5. I'm going to contend with the "obviously" part. You should only start Tatum Bell if he's properly motivated.
  6. I've actually changed my look quite a bit in the past five years. Hair - my wife underwent chemo to combat breast cancer. I shaved my head when she lost her hair, and I ended up liking it. Before I kind of had Kramer hair. Facial hair - I grew a beard and mustache once I left the teaching profession, and my wife said she really liked it, so I've kept it. Spectacles - like others, I wear my glasses less frequently now that I have to mask up so often. Fashion - About a year ago, all my clothes seemed to be wearing out simultaneously. I threw out all my old polo shirts and baggy, pleated slacks and went with lightweight, casual button-up shirts and more form-fitting slacks in a wider array of colors. Jewelry - If a FitBit counts as jewelry, then I now wear some. It took some conditioning to get used to wearing a watch again.
  7. Wow... when was the last time the Chiefs had last place in their division all by themselves? Nine years ago?
  8. Ever? Chargers got a LOT of candidates. Dan Henning? Kevin Gilbride? Mike Riley? Those three alone are so bad that you can't even make room for Anthony Lynn and Norv Turner.
  9. Chargers are trying to set an NFL record for consecutive weeks with a TD nullified by an illegal shift.
  10. The winner of this game will be in third place. The other two teams are undefeated.
  11. I took a very circuitous route to the job I have now and never really considered it prior to it being offered to me. Once I settled into it, I realized how ideal the job was suited to me. I never dreamed of it, but similar to @IvanKaramazov, if I could start over from HS I would pursue this job from the get-go.
  12. This seems like a pretty reasonable guest, but I think it might have been a Test Forum regular.
  13. I once got into a mild disagreement with a friend who was convinced the name of this magazine was pronounced "Owee." It was only a mild disagreement because after I presented my case, I had little interest in why he thought the magazine was named after the way a child might express pain.
  14. That would be a likely target, but no profile info there either. Is deleting profile info a thing people do now?
  15. Never mind... found it... just no profile description.
  16. I couldn't even find his profile. What happened to Sheik?
  17. Apparently, some people have "About Me" tabs, and some people don't. For the record, @Bob Magaw is a havenot.
  18. How do we even see other people's "About Me" profile information now?
  19. A man wakes up on the operating table, looks around, and says "I guess I'm dead. This must be the afterlife." The surgeon tries to reassure him that he just had a successful operation and that he's going to be fine, but the patient becomes more and more insistent that he must be dead. So the surgeon attempts to reason with him. "Dead people can't bleed, right?" The patient agrees that dead people don't bleed, so the surgeon pokes him on the finger and shows him the droplet of blood. The patient looks impressed and says, "Well, what do you know? I guess dead people CAN bleed."
  20. Many years ago (back in the days of Smoo and the Test Forum), profile descriptions used to be really prevalent, and I thought it would be funny to copy word-for-word another well-known poster's description. I remember getting a "what the hell?" reaction from the person I stole it from and very little else. Does anyone recognize the poster that this profile description actually belongs to? "Originally, I am a mathematician (graduated in Budapest, Hungary, in 1979), but I turned into a computer scientist after my graduation. I joined the Computing and Automation Institute (SZTAKI) of Budapest in 1979. I then left Hungary in 1986; after having spent 3 years in a private software house called “Insotech Consult GmbH” (which, unfortunately, went down the drain since…) in Munich, Germany, I joined the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Sciences (CWI) in Amsterdam in 1988, as a senior researcher. I also received a PhD in Leiden, the Netherlands, in 1989. I then spent 12 years as a “traditional” computer science researcher working mainly on Computer Graphics. I joined the staff of the World Wide Web Consortium (while maintaining my position at CWI), in January 2001, where I served as Head of Offices until June 2006. Since June 2006 I am Semantic Web Activity Lead. If you want more details on my professional life, you can look at my home page at W3C or my “professional” CV (the latter is just a boring list of projects and references…)."
  21. I'm not one to blame losses on penalties, and I won't do so today, but I do have to say that a couple of them really stood out. First, how can you call a quarterback as being in the grasp when no one is even grasping him? Second, these taunting penalties are out of control. Years ago, refs could call an out-of-bounds catch complete if it appeared that the receiver would have remained inbounds if he hadn't been shoved by the defender. The NFL changed that rule because they didn't want refs to have to exercise that much judgment in determining a play. It really seems as if taunting, the way it was called this weekend (around the league, not just this game), is entirely speculative. Keenan wasn't even celebrating. He was ticked-off that the defender got away with a helmet-to-helmet hit. Also, I'm sure that the illegal shift that negated a touchdown was legitimate, but it's definitely a little suspicious how we saw the post-TD infraction over and over again, but never got a glimpse at the penalty that was called. Once again, not saying any of this changes the outcome, just frustrated that some of these calls seemed so nutty.
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