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  1. Yup...and he picked Burrow top third of the 2nd round. So in my situation, it's a matter of how much profit would he be willing to take (a couple of thirds? another 2nd?) to trade away his backup. And there really isn't a market for Burrow other than my team. also, I know your scenario was about Herbert. I'd consider my 1.7 for Herbert, but pretty sure the owner wouldn't take it -- he loves him. Plus its possible Lawrence slips to 7 for me (and if he doesn't, there should be a good RB/WR/TE there). The 1.1 would be an interesting debate for him, but I wouldn't offer it. My drea
  2. I'm a young rebuilding team on the verge of being competitive (Swift, Ekeler, AJ Brown, Lamb, Diontae Johnson, Goedert) but my weakness is QB (Ben, Goff, Taysom). I have 1.1, 1.7, 2.3, and smattering of extra picks next few years. 1QB 12 team league. Burrow is a trade target, as that team also has Kyler. I have offer from him -- essentially two 2nds (including 2.3) and a 3rd for Burrow. I'm considering it, but probably will counter with one 2nd and two 3rds...with none of them in 2021. But I'm still mulling if I really want to pay that much for a QB.
  3. Andersen, Morten Baxter, Brad Blades, Brian Brien, Doug Brooks, Reggie Buffalo Bills Carlson, Cody Coates, Ben Cobb, Reggie Fryar, Irving Givins, Ernest Howard, Desmond Ingram, Mark (Dolphins) Marino, Dan Rison, Andre Russell, Leonard
  4. Yes I assume there was a subtle change, but I'm not saavy enough to figure out where and how to fix. Here is an excerpt of my code, which maybe is clunky, I don't know. It was trial and error - and it worked before. I've removed some lines and details (i.e. note in the REQURL link -- I have a loop that goes through all the teams and weeks and inside that loop it creates the correct url for that team/week.) #This URL will be the URL that your login form points to with the "action" tag. POSTURL = "https://www.rtsports.com" payload = { 'ACCOUNTID': '<ID removed>' 'PASSWORD':
  5. Argh - I self-taught myself last year to code Python in order to scrape our fantasy results from RTSports. Was brand new to Python and essentially HTML, but I managed to get code to work to pull down weekly players scores and transactions. Saved me a lot of cutting and pasting and formatting in excel. (we have a dynasty league of 28 years and I have stats and records going all the way back). Fast forward to this year, and it isnt working. And heck if I can figure out why. Some of that is just probably due to me forgetting how the heck the code works. Just getting errors and empty da
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