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  1. Price check on Dawson Knox...semi-TE-premium dynasty. Fort Knox or Fool's Gold? I turned down a 2nd and a throw in top 12-24 TE.
  2. Lance @ ARZ or Burrow vs GB FWIW I'm probably the underdog...although Pitts this AM is making it less so.
  3. Any advice/info on how to tap into home equity at a low rate? Earlier this year refi'd the mortgate down to 2.65%. But I have $50k in student loans that is sitting at 4.35% -- would love to chop the rate on that pile of owed cash. But cursory look online tells me that equity loans are in the same range?
  4. Drafted Pitts and Lance Started 0-2 Got offer I couldn't refuse for Henry and traded him away
  5. Someone tell me why this guy doesn't get a single preseason snap through 2 games. Is he that much of a sure thing and so valuable as to not risk a few live snaps?
  6. The 17th game is cross conference and the home team will annually alternate between conferences. I believe the AFC is home this year -- so each AFC has 9 home games, NFC 8. So it is balanced within conferences. Which is really all that matters.
  7. Before tonight was already wavering on Chase in favor of Pitts at 1.1 in TE premium -- had Chase penciled in since the NFL draft.
  8. Current dynasty league (12 teams, keep 20) started in 1994 as a 8-team 8-keeper. This was my week 15 roster: QB Kosar, BernieMIA Marino, DanMIA Montana, JoeKNC RB Floyd, WilliamSNF Garner, CharliePHI Russell, LeonardNWE Warren, ChrisSEA WR Blades, BrianSEA Fryar, IrvingMIA Ingram, MarkMIA Irvin, MichaelDAL Perriman, BrettDET TE Coates, BenNWE K Brien, DougSNF Christie, SteveBUF DEF Oakland RaidersOAK
  9. ouch! 🤣 I finished 1-13 last year with this squad. Although i added Burrow and Henry through trades. and yes I know.....bzzzzzt
  10. 12 teams. qb/2rb/3wr/1te/flex/k. 6pt per passing TD. 1.01, 1.07 Joe Burrow CIN Taysom Hill NO Ben Roethlisberger PIT Austin Ekeler LAC Derrick Henry TEN D'Andre Swift DET Malcolm Brown MIA Nyheim Hines IND J.D. McKissic WAS A.J. Brown TEN Diontae Johnson PIT CeeDee Lamb DAL Mecole Hardman KC Rashard Higgins CLE Darius Slayton NYG Courtland Sutton DEN Dallas Goedert PHI Blake Jarwin DAL Dawson Knox BUF Jason Sanders MIA
  11. Because I shared a trade of Waller for three 2nds that I wasn't involved with? 😪
  12. 12 team non-ppr start 1qb/2rb/3wr/1te/1flex/1k Darren Waller 2.03 for Eric Ebron 1.12 2.07 3.09 2nd/22 2nd/23
  13. Went in our league for essentially a 2nd/25
  14. <sheepishly slips Henry into my lineup> Agree. I wouldn't have sold him for that either. But I had to buy at that price. Initial price was 2 firsts and a 2nd, hence my psuedo-asst-coach-forum post above as I was torn. But I turned it down because I'm about 2/3 of the way though a rebuild with a really young nucleus. But price came down, He really wanted to sell for some reason. Now I am for sure taking Chase 1.1.
  15. Henry traded: https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/740089-official-2021-off-season-dynasty-trades/?do=findComment&comment=23393890
  16. 12 team non-ppr start 1qb/2rb/3wr/1te/1flex/1k Derrick Henry, 3.10, 3rd/22 For 2.03, 1st/22 (likely lottery top 8), 3rd/24
  17. Thanks. Won't go into details since this is the wrong forum, but I'm having a tough time assigning value. Just dominant, looks like high floor for at least upcoming year, but dangerously close to RB cliff.
  18. So.....similar to the Zeke question.... Whats a reasonable value in future picks for Derrick Henry?
  19. My league starts 2 RB. My current depth chart is swift, ekeler, hines, mckissick. Start 3 WRs. I have AJ, lamb, Diontae, Sutton, Hardman. I have 1.1, 1.7, 2.3. Non PPR. Right now I'm going Chase.
  20. Yeah I'm trying to resist letting Pitts into my thought process for #1 overall. Seems very high risk / somewhat high reward. But, we don't draft until NFL kickoff week, so who knows what I will be thinking by then. The other thought I meant to include in my post...I'd rather take what I consider the safer bet to be a valuable asset (Chase)...and if I get to the point where I need to acquire a RB in a push for playoffs/title, then overpay a bit in a trade.
  21. 1 QB non-ppr dynasty league -- my current roster is solid at WR, and suspect at RB. RBs are hard to come by, and WR depth (both existing, and in this draft) seems deeper than ever before. I have the 1.1, 1.7, 2.3. Right now, I'm taking Chase 1.1 The only thing Najee/ETN/Williams have over Chase right now (and its a biggie) is RB scarcity. I've been down this road before. Took McGahee AND Onterrio Smith, passing on Andre Johnson. Took Mark Ingram, passing on AJ Green and Julio Jones. Both times due to RB supply/demand. Chase to me is clearly a better WR than Najee/ETN/Williams are RBs. Yes, I'll probably end up taking another WR at 7 depending how the draft falls. So be it. (although my QB depth is non-existent, so Trevor is an option for me there).
  22. Yup...and he picked Burrow top third of the 2nd round. So in my situation, it's a matter of how much profit would he be willing to take (a couple of thirds? another 2nd?) to trade away his backup. And there really isn't a market for Burrow other than my team. also, I know your scenario was about Herbert. I'd consider my 1.7 for Herbert, but pretty sure the owner wouldn't take it -- he loves him. Plus its possible Lawrence slips to 7 for me (and if he doesn't, there should be a good RB/WR/TE there). The 1.1 would be an interesting debate for him, but I wouldn't offer it. My dream scenario is that Taysom gets that starting job next year. Or if Brees returns, I trade for him for cheap. Or get Cousins from the Watson/Hurts owner. And combine one of those scenarios with Ben/Goff already on my roster and pray. So all those types of scenarios, if I am willing, drive down my willingness to trade for someone like Burrow. 1QB leagues basically boil down to -- QBs are not that valuable, and are easy to find...until you don't have one. Especially in our league where scoring is the same for passing TDs as rushing/receiving.
  23. I'm a young rebuilding team on the verge of being competitive (Swift, Ekeler, AJ Brown, Lamb, Diontae Johnson, Goedert) but my weakness is QB (Ben, Goff, Taysom). I have 1.1, 1.7, 2.3, and smattering of extra picks next few years. 1QB 12 team league. Burrow is a trade target, as that team also has Kyler. I have offer from him -- essentially two 2nds (including 2.3) and a 3rd for Burrow. I'm considering it, but probably will counter with one 2nd and two 3rds...with none of them in 2021. But I'm still mulling if I really want to pay that much for a QB.
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