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  1. I wasn't even really saying that in praise of Thompson. I just don't believe in any of these guys and think the Chiefs will probably just go with whoever seems to be performing at the time. None of these guys are Kareem Hunt.
  2. This reeks of RBBC, despite what the coach says
  3. For real. JJAW? More like JJAG
  4. I recently traded for Gurley and then traded up to 1.09 to take Henderson.
  5. 12 team PPR 6pt pass td 1. Team 1 gave up Gurley, Todd LAR RB; Eifert, Tyler CIN TE Team 2 gave up Murray, Latavius NOS RB; Howard, O.J. TBB TE; Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.05; Year 2019 Draft Pick 4.06 2. Team 3 gave up Carr, Derek OAK QB; Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.01 Team 4 gave up Newton, Cam CAR QB; Howard, Jordan PHI RB; Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.06 3. Team 5 gave up Ballage, Kalen MIA RB; Robinson, Allen CHI WR; Year 2020 Round 1 Draft Pick (early-mid) Team 6 gave up Williams, Damien KCC RB; Humphries, Adam TEN WR; Year 2020 Round 3 Draft Pick (mid) 4. Team 7 gave up Bernard, Giovani CIN RB; Hilton, T.Y. IND WR Team 8 gave up Jackson, Justin LAC RB; Callaway, Antonio CLE WR; Washington, James PIT WR; Year 2020 Round 1 Draft Pick (mid-late) 5. Team 9 gave up Williams, Damien KCC RB; Baldwin, Doug SEA WR; Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR; Ebron, Eric IND TE Team 10 gave up Allen, Keenan LAC WR; Patrick, Tim DEN WR; Uzomah, C.J. CIN TE
  6. Washington Redskins 1. List of drafted players: Round Name Position School 1 Brandon Scherff G Iowa 2 Preston Smith DE Mississippi State 3 Matt Jones R BFlorida 4 Jamison Crowder WR Duke 4 Arie Kouandjio G Alabama 5 Martrell Spaight LB Arkansas 6 Kyshoen Jarrett DB Virginia Tech 6 Tevin Mitchel DB Arkansas 6 Evan Spencer WR Ohio State 7 Austin Reiter C South Florida 2. Players still with team: 1.5 (Scherff and Jarrett sort of) 3. Starters: 5 (Scherff, Smith, Jones, Crowder, Jarrett) 4. Potential future starters: 1 (Scherff) 5. Pro-bowls: 2 (Scherff 2017 and 2018) 6. Positives: Scherff has been a stud offensive lineman. Preston Smith left in free agency this offseason and signed a our-year, $52 million contract with the Packers after taking a step back in 2018 (only 4 sacks compared to 8 the previous year). Crowder looked like he was going to be great after a 2016 season with over 800 yards and 7 TDs, but also failed to match those numbers the last two years. He signed a three-year, $28.5 million contract with the Jets. Both of these should give the Redskins some nice compensatory picks in 2020. Kyshoen Jarrett has become an assistant coach for the team after a helmet-to-helmet hit ended his promising career at the end of his rookie season. 7. Negatives: Matt Jones bounced around the league after never cracking 500 yards in 2 injury-riddled seasons with the Skins. Arie Kouandjio was waived in 2017 and later returned to the practice squad. He spent 2018 out of the league after quad surgery. Martrell Spaight was mainly a backup/special teams contributor before being cut in 2018. He signed a reserve/future contract with the Chiefs. Tevin Mitchel and Evan Spencer were both waived/injured just months after being drafted. Austin Reiter was waived in 2016 and has bounced around the league ever since. 8. Grade´╗┐: I give this draft a B+. Brandon Scherff is likely going to be a pro bowler for the rest of his career. They got some production out of their round 2-4 picks and will get additional draft capital from two of them. It's a shame none of their later picks worked out but all in all i'd say this is an above average draft.
  7. Yeah the TE you are probably thinking of is Dallas Clark
  8. 12 team ppr Team 1 Gets: Drew Brees, Latavius Murray, Chris Thompson, Cole Beasley, Antonio Brown, Taylor Gabriel, Jimmy Graham, 2019 2nd, 2019 4th Team 2 Gets: Carson Wentz, Phillip Lindsay, Tyler Boyd, Tim Patrick, Cordarrelle Patterson, Vernon Davis, Matt Bryant Team 1 Gets: Marvin Jones, 2019 4th Team 3 Gets: Chris Thompson, 2019 2nd Team 1 Gets: Duke Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Julio Jones Team 4 Gets: Geronimo Allison, DJ Chark, 2019 1st (Mid), 2019 1st (Mid) Team 1 Roster now: QB: Luck, Brees HB: Hunt, Bell, Murray, D Johnson, Allen WR: Brown, J Jones, M Jones, D Thomas, Fitzgerald, Gabriel (Yes the cupboard was bare before these trades) TE: Howard, Cook, Graham, Reed
  9. While I agree and would take DJ, I'm not sure everyone is taking into account getting a potential franchise qb (MT) in a superflex. A lot of people here also seem to be very high on Mixon, comparing him to Bell and DJ. Like I said I'd still take DJ but I can see why a trade like this might go down, especially if the rebuilding team didn't have a lot of other pieces to move.
  10. Maybe in a hypothetical situation Allen has a higher value, but good luck trading him straight up for 1.01 (or even 1.03). Look at it objectively: he has one good year and 3 injury shortened years. He's got an old qb and lots of mouths to feed there with a top 10 pick receiver (who I would have had to take at 1.06). I drafted him and stuck by him but I like Mccaffrey much better for my team. I know it's not the consensus but I don't regret either of my trades at all.
  11. You guys must be a lot higher on CJ Anderson and Keenan Allen than I am.
  12. Made a couple of trades this week to improve my rb situation in 12 team ppr league. My receiver depth is still good with Green, Baldwin, Pryor, Parker. Gave: Keenan Allen, 1.06 (Mike Williams) Got: 1.03 (Christian McCaffrey) Gave: CJ Anderson, 3.03 (otc), 2018 1st (mine so hopefully late) Got: DeMarco Murray, 5.03
  13. Time to trade Cousins to the Browns for Osweiler and 1.12
  14. Must be all about staying close to home and trying for a ring. Pretty early for him to agree for so little money.
  15. Marshall is signing with the Giants Marshall and Giants agree to two-year deal
  16. Two trades between the same two teams in 12-team ppr league Team A gives Adrian Peterson, 2018 2nd, 2018 3rd Team B gives 2017 5.02, 2018 1st Team A gives Terrence West, Christine Michael, Brandon Marshall, 2017 3.01 Team B gives CJ Anderson, TJ Yeldon
  17. I hope so. I took him at 3 over Lacy and Ball and I'm thrilled about it. I also got Gio at 1
  18. Despite having multiple opportunities to draft a quality QB who was sliding, the Jaguars did not draft a QB. They did pick up some undrafted free agents (Matt Scott and Jordan Rodgers) but it's likely they won't be handed the reigns any time soon. So, is this a vote of confidence in Gabbert? Do they trust in Henne? Did they just have so many needs that they didn't have time for a QB? Are they throwing in the towel for 2013 hoping to get Bridgewater or whomever in 2014? Thoughts?
  19. I think he can come in and compete, maybe make the team. If he shines, he could replace the law firm in a couple years as the goal-line/short yardage back to compliment Gio.
  20. What's not to like? Size/speed combo is pretty good. He's got all the moves, good stiffarm, spin, hurdle (this does remind me of Blount), and can power through tackles. Steelers interior o-line is among the best in the league, so it is about the best fit possible.
  21. The more interesting question for me fantasy-wise is who becomes Martin's backup? Is it Demps? Mike James (6th rounder)?
  22. I'm happy with this pick. Redskins have a much better secondary with Banks and Amerson.
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