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  1. Exactly this… He was dropped in my league and I picked him up and put him in my IR slot. Worth holding as all I have is Carr or Darnold, with a solid core mccaffery, Swift, Patterson, Moss Ridley, Lamb, Metcalf, D.Johnson Ertz, Gronkowski
  2. Same category as rooting for more COVID turmoil...lol no not the same people dying > voter fraud Maybe Ol Joe can bring about the impossible and quiet down the rhetoric from all sides but I doubt it
  3. It’s not so much the voter fraud as I’ve said I don’t think it’s there. I’m just one who’s tired of the over the top condemnation of all things not progressive, liberal and all the “bring everyone together, but don’t forget they were Trump supporters” doesn’t seem very “bring us all together” which is fine because those same people drove the narrative for the past 4 years. I would like to see the pompous attitudes smacked down, that’s all. That would be amusing to me yes.
  4. “I made the mistake”? I didn’t mention it but my opinion is that they won’t find anything significant. thar doesn’t change my post of how awesome it would be if they did. NOT because it would mean 4 more years of Trump but it would be the most horrific thing to happen to all these people trumpeting about making lists of Trump supporters, about the Republican Party is now a marginalized party etc... would love to see the uproar
  5. LOL still with the experts and yeah I do think it’s be funny as hell...all the hypocrisy
  6. I’m at peace with the Biden win, but man oh man, it would be some kind of awesome if they actually found fraud (I know, I know, all you “experts” have concluded it’s not possible but whatever) to hear and see the uproar?? Got to get my popcorn ready just in case
  7. Great, thank you...awesome to have an inside source now
  8. Maybe he just knows that his pals in the media won’t cover it anyway
  9. I always thought it was social distance, and if you couldn’t maintain 6ft spacing then wear a mask.... now it’s both??
  10. Then it’s going to be another 4 year cycle of conspiracies and antagonistic behavior as the country continues to decline. My thought was an opportunity to bring it to an end perhaps. But yeah 🤣
  11. I’d love to hear Biden come out with something along the lines of: “clearly both of us want to be president, we have received the most votes in history. In the interest of unity I want to see these contested elections looked into thoroughly. I would not want to win the election with illegal ballots or other fraud. Then, when it’s been proven that I in fact have won this election, you Donald Trump, admit defeat and graciously work with my incoming administration”
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